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a prominent citizen of New Hampshire, 91.

June 5.-Rev. Henry Latham, Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, England, 81....Sir Daniel Cooper, formerly acting agent general for New South Wales in England, 81.... Dr. William Armistead Nelson, a New York physician, 85.... Prof. Lewis J. Weichman, one of the leading witnesses in the trial of the fellow-conspirators with John Wilkes Booth in the assassination of Lincoln, 60.

June 7.-Rev. Dr. George H. Hepworth, of the staff of the New York Herald, 69........ Prof. Ferdinand Bocher, of Harvard University, 70.

June 8.-Dr. Otis Freeman, of Freehold, N. J., believed to have been the oldest practicing physician in America, 92....Elder Hiram Munger, a leader in the "Adventist" movement, 95.

June 9.-Commodore Albert G. Clary, U. S. N., retired, veteran of the Mexican and Civil wars, 80.

June 11.-Sidi Ali, Bey of Tunis, 85....Dr. Georg von Bleichroeder, German banker and sportsman.... Charles Hebard, of Philadelphia, a prominent lumberman, 71.

June 12.-Judge N. M. Hubbard, a distinguished lawyer of Iowa, 73.

June 14.-Rev. John S. Spurgeon, of London, father of Charles Spurgeon, 92.

June 15.-Rev. Dr. Anson Judd Upson, Chancellor of the University of the State of New York, 82.......... Genio M. Lambertson, of Lincoln, Neb., former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, 52....Dr. Selden H. Talcott, for twenty-five years head of the State Homœopathic Hospital at Middletown, N. Y., 60.... James Edgerton Learned, journalist, 64.... Ex-Congressman Robert J. Vance, of New Britain, Conn.


(President of Oberlin College, Ohio.)

June 17.-Very Rev. Eugene Augustus Hoffman, D.D., LL.D., D.C.L., Dean of the General Theological Seminary of New York, 74.... Judge Levant M. Reed, of Bellows Falls, Vt., Civil War Veteran, 59.

June 18.-Right Rev. Francis M. Whittle, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, 78.

June 19.-King Albert of Saxony, 74.....ExChancellor Thomas Cobbs, of Alabama.... Baron Acton, 68.... James Macauley, M.D., the British author, 85. ....Samuel Butler, author and composer, 67.



HE following conventions have been announced for this month: National Educational Association, at Minneapolis, Minn., on July 7-11; American Institute of Instruction, at Burlington, Vt., on July 1-3; American Philological Association, at Schenectady, N. Y., on July 8-10; American Ophthalmological Society, at New London, Conn., on July 16; International French Societies, at Montreal, Quebec, on July 7; Y. M. C. A's of the East, at Silver Bay, Lake George, N. Y., on July 10-September 30; Y. M. C. A. Secretaries' and Physical Directors' Conference, at Lake Geneva, Wis., on July 1-31; Baptist Young People's Union, at Providence, R. I., on July 10-13; Young People's Union of the United Brethren in Christ, at Canton, Ohio, on July 10-13; Young People's Christian Union of the Universalist Church, at Portland, Maine, on July 9-16; Young People's Christian Union of the United Presbyterian Church, at Tacoma, Wash., on July 23-27; Christian and Missionary Alliance, at Old Orchard, Maine, on July 30-August 30; Luther League of America, at

Minneapolis, and St. Paul, Minn., on July 8-10; Cincinnati Camp Meeting Association, Bible Conference, at Epworth Heights, Ohio, on July 28-31; Summer Bible School, at East Northfield, Mass., on July 1-31; National Music Teachers' Association, at Put-in-Bay, Ohio, on July 1-4; National Summer School of Music, at San Francisco, June 30-July 12; National Dental Association, at Niagara Falls, on July 28-31; Catholic Colleges' Association of America, at Chicago, on July 8; National Federation of Catholic Societies, at Chicago, on July 15; National Turnerbund Convention, at Dayenport, Iowa, on July 5-9; National Turn Teachers' Association, at Detroit, Mich., on July 5; National Regatta, at Worcester, Mass., July 18-19; League of American Wheelmen, at Atlantic City, N. J., on July 16–19; United States League of Local Building and Loan Associations, at Put in-Bay, Ohio, on July 23-24; National Dairy and Food Commissioners, at Portland, Ore., on July 8; Southern Negro Congress, at Galveston, Texas, on July 1-6.

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