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A Recent Photograph of the Head of the British Admiralty.



Germany's Official War News Is Issued Through the Office of the

Quartermaster General

(Photo from Brown Bros.)

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The Most Recent Photograph of the German Empress. (Photo from American Press Association.)


A WAR-TIME PICTURE OF THE KAISER The Effects of the Stress of War Are Noticeable in This Photograph of the War Lord, Taken in His Winter Campaign Uniform. (Photo from Underwood & Underwood.)


The British Retreat from Mons-Fall of Antwerp- Battles of the Marne and the Aisne-The Devastation of Belgium-On the French Firing Line The Slaughter in Alsace-Attack on Tsing-tao-The Heligoland Fight-Sinking of the Cressy, Hogue, and Aboukir-Paris in October-Helpless Victims-The Emden's Last Fight.

Sir John French's Own Story

The Famous Dispatches of the British Commander in Chief to Lord Kitchener, Secretary of State for War



First Report from the Front

7th September, 1914.

Y LORD: I have the honor to report the proceedings of the field force under my command up to the time of rendering this


1. The transport of the troops from England both by sea and by rail was effected in the best order and without a check. Each unit arrived at its destination in this country well within the scheduled time.

The concentration was practically complete on the evening of Friday, the 21st ultimo, and I was able to make dispositions to move the force during Saturday, the 22d, to positions I considered most favorable from which to commence operations which the French Commander in Chief, Gen. Joffre, requested me to undertake in pursuance of his plans in prosecution of the campaign.

The line taken up extended along the line of the canal from Condé on the west,

through Mons and Binche on the east. This line was taken up as follows:

From Condé to Mons inclusive was assigned to the Second Corps, and to the right of the Second Corps from Mons the First Corps was posted. The Fifth Cavalry Brigade was placed at Binche.

In the absence of my Third Army Corps I desired to keep the cavalry division as much as possible as a reserve to act on my outer flank, or move in support of any threatened part of the line. The forward reconnoissance was intrusted to Brig. Gen. Sir Philip Chetwode with the Fifth Cavalry Brigade, but I directed Gen. Allenby to send forward a few squadrons to assist in this work.

During the 22d and 23d these advanced squadrons did some excellent work, some of them penetrating as far as Soignies, and several encounters took place in which our troops showed to great advantage.

2. At 6 A. M. on Aug. 23 I assembled

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