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[This Index constitutes a Table of Contents and an Analytical Index of Authors,
Subject Matter, and Titles.]

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Baptism of Fire, 977.

Barnardiston (Col.), 1104, 1105, 1110.
BARRY, Beatrice, poems, 948, 988.

BASS, J. F., on visit to Russian trench, 963
BAVARIA, Crown Prince Rupprecht's army
orders, 884.

Belgian Battleground, 1199.

Belgian Cities Germanized, 79),

Belgian Boy Telle Story of Aerschot, 945.

Belgian Buin, 78.

Belgian Soldier, 1215.

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BENEDICT XV., Pope, letter to Cardinal
Mercier, 923.

BETHMANN Hollweg, (Dr.) Theobald von,

full text of speech in Reichstag, RD; on

Belgian neutrality, 1113; "A Berap of

Paper," 1120,

BEVIS (Dr.), work among the wounded in

Belgium, 714.

Big and the Great, 1114,

Bloodless Capture of Namoa, 749.

BODKINSON, H. W., on refugees In War-
Baw, 957.

BOEHN, (Gen.) von, 1117.

BONN, (Prof.) M. J., "Tools of the Rus-
sian Juggernaut," 851.

BOON, John, on German entry Into Brussels,

BOSPORUS, Strait of, 1027.

BOURTZEFF (Russian revolutionist), A2H.

BRANDES, Georg, "Fate of the Jews in
Poland," 854.

BREZIZINY, Battle of, 740.

BRIDGES (Col), 1102, 1107.

BRIGGS, C. C. D., poem, 1198.

BRITISH Navy, achievements of, 849.

Broken Rose, 1210.

BROQUEVILLE, (Lieut.) de, 714.

BROWN, Cyril, dispatches, 718, 780, 925 0.

BRUSSELS, 679, 780, 1118.

BRYAN, (Bec.) W. J., letter to Sen. Stone

disclaiming bias against Germany and

Austria, 1175; "Seizures of American

Cargoes," 1183.

BUELOW, (Gen.) Karl von, 1115.
BULGARIA, England's overtures,
Serbs' view, 1086-1040.

Bulgaria and Kultur, 1040,
Bulgaria's Attitude, 1044.

Bee also BALKÁN States,

BURGESS, William, letter, 973.

BUXTON, Noel, 1021.

BYNG, (Maj. Gen.) Julian, $49.


CABLE Censorship, 1175.

Caldrom of the Balkans, 17

CARTOONS, 1073-1100.

CARUTHERS, M. V., poem, 864.

CASE of Belgium, 1101.

CASTELNAU (Gen.), 643, 1170-1173. CAUSES of the War, views of M. J. Bonn, 852; H. Belloc, 993.

"Chant of Hate Against England," 984; answer, 988.

CHARLES, King of Rumania, death, career, 1056.

CHARTRES, Annie, poem, 1210.

CHRONOLOGY of the War, 793, 1007, 1224. Civil Life in Berlin, 943.

COBB, Irvin S., on effects of war in four countries, 765.

Commercial Treaties after the War, 863.
Confiscation of German Patents, 849.
CONNAUGHT, (Prince) Arthur of, 646.
CONTRABAND, 1176, 1183, 1188.

COWEN, F. H., music for hymn to Belgium, 1126.

COX, John H., on fighting in Alsace, 736.
CRESSY, 753, 755, 761.

Crowds See the Niger Sink, 760.

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Fate of the Jews in Poland, 854.

FERDINAND, King of Rumania, 1057. FERDINAND, Tsar of Bulgaria, speech from the throne, 1044.

FERGUSSON, (Sir) Charles, 641.

FERRIMAN, Z. D., on Serbians' re-entry into Belgrade, 969.

FIELDING, (Lady) Dorothie, 1714.
Fifteen Minutes on the Yser, 949.

FILIPESCU, N., on Rumanians in Hungary, 1061.

First Fight at Lodz, 740.

First German Prisoners, 974.
First Invasion of Serbia, 742.

FITZ CLARENCE (Brig. Gen.), 649; tribute from Sir J. French, 649.

FLANDERS, Fighting in, 646, 1167.
Flight Into Switzerland, 966.

FOCH (Gen.), 647.

FOSBENDER, (Gen.) von, 1148.

Four Months of War, 1169.
FOWLER, (Col.) J. S., 645.
FOX, Frank, 685, 686.

FRANCE, general conditions, 765, 767, 770, 772, 982.

See also CAMPAIGN in Western Europe. France and England as Seen in Wartime, 772. FREDERICK William, see GERMANY

Crown Prince.

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GEORGE V., King of England, address, 1035;

visit to troops, 1035.

German Airmen, 932.

German Attack on Tahiti, 748.

German Entry Into Brussels, 679.

German Generals Talk of the War, 934.
GERMAN Samoa, 749.

German Story of the Heligoland Fight, 754.
Germans as Seen from a Convent, 981.

Army, reports of correspondents, 718, 731,
925-934; prisoners, 974; commanders'
proclamations, 1116.

Crown Prince's message to America, 1187.
Empress, birthday celebration, 722.

General conditions, 765, 943.

Germany vs. Belgium, 1102.

Germany's Strategic Railways, 1000.

GIBBONS, Perceval, dispatches, 777, 961, 964,


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MARNE, Battle of, 627, 1169.

MASLOV, P., "Commercial Treaties After

the War," 863.

MAUNOURY (Gen.), 1170-1173.

MAYERHOFF (Prof.), writes music for
"Chant of Hate," 985.

MEHMED-RESHAD, Sultan of Turkey, proc-
lamations, 1033, 1034.

"MEN of the Emden," 816.

MERCIER, (Cardinal) Desideratus, pastoral

letter, 913.

MEUSE, Battle of, 691, 731.

MEYNELL, Alice, poem, 1216.

MICKIEWICZ, Adam, 857.
MIGOULIN (Prof.), on
on Russian loans, 837.

MILLE, Constantin, on Rumania, 1058.

MOHAMMEDANS, holy war, 1034.

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'Long Live the Allies!"

MONS, Battle of, 619, 971.

See also BALKAN States.

MUNRO (Dr.), 714.

MURRAY, (Lieut. Gen.) Archibald, 624, 645.
MUZZAFER Bey, 1029.

New Russia Meets Germany, 777.

New Russia Speaks, 817.

New Source of Revenue Needed, 839.

New Year's Day, Battle of, 961.

NEW ZEALAND, work of expeditionary
force, 749.

NEWS Censorship, 791, 1175.

NICHOLAS, Czar of Russia, tribute from P.
Vinogradoff, 821; interview on prohibition,


NICHOLSON, (Commander) B. W. L., on
Cressy, 755.

NIEBER, (Gen.) von, letter, 1115.

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