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Dec. 1-Germans break through Russian wing near Lodz, capturing 12,000 prisoners and 25 guns; Russians claim they have taken 50,600 Austrian prisoners in two weeks in Galicia; Austrians claim victories and capture of 35,000 Russians in Poland; Russians seize German ammunition barges on the Vistula; Servians capture 1,500 Austrians on the River Djid; Germans are suffering from the cold in Poland.

Dec. 2-Austrians take Belgrade; both sides claim victories in Poland; Russians win at Szczercow, enter Wieliczka, and occupy strong positions on the Vistula; Montenegrins repulse Austrians trying to cut them off from Servians.

Dec. 3-Germans claim capture of 100,000 Russians in battles in Poland; they attempt to flank Russian right wing; Austrians repulse assaults on Przemysl ; Russians take Bartfeld; Austrians report continued victories and say that Belgrade was taken at the bayonet's point. Dec. 4-Russians win at Lodz; Germans have suffered heavy losses in Poland; Allies land troops in Montenegro.

Dec. 5-Germans, reinforced, form new battle line and move on Piotrkow, after losing heavily at Lodz.

Dec. 6-Germans occupy Lodz and


wedge into Russian centre; one Przemysl fort falls; Russians shell Cracow. Dec. 7-Russians bombard Cracow suburbs; new battle on in Poland; Russians besiege fortress of Lotzen; Germans abandon Zgier; Servians check Austrian ad


Dec. 8-Germans again in Cracow. Dec. 9-Servians recapture towns of Valjevo and Ushirza, and take many Austrian prisoners; Germans lose heavily in attack on Lowicz; Austrians defeated near Cracow; Russians claim that they have 750,000 Austrian and German prisoners in Russia. Dec. 10-Servians capture many Austrians and large stores of supplies.

Dec. 11-Three German columns repulsed in Poland; Austrians defeated north of Kesmaj and Parovnitza.

Dec. 12-Servians repulse Austrians at Kosmai; Germans occupy Przanysz, but their front line is pierced; Lodz has been evacuated by the Russians.

Dec. 13-Germans are defeated in Mlawa region; Posen prepares for a siege; Austrian right wing, driven into Bosnia by the Servians, is attacked by Montenegrins.

Dec. 14-Servians reoccupy Belgrade; Austrians reoccupy Dukla in the Carpathians and capture 9,000 Russians; Germans gain in Northern Poland.

Dec. 15-Austrians abandon Belgrade without a battle; Germans rush fresh troops to the Vistula; Austrians recross Carpathians into Galicia and drive Russian left back toward the San River.

Dec. 16-King Peter enters Belgrade at head of an army; Servian General Staff announces that country is free of invaders; Russians have new army in Warsaw. Dec. 17-Germans report Russian offensive against Silesia and Posen to be completely broken; battle at Sochaczew; Austrians have success in West Galicia.

Dec. 18-Russians admit falling back and shifting battle lines, but they deny defeat; Russians win in Galicia between Sanok and Lisko; Austrians announce capture of Piotrkow and Przedborz.

Dec. 19-Germans capture Lowicz; battle on the Bzura; fighting in Galicia; Russians hold lines on Dunajec River against spirited attacks; Austria claims to hold all West Galicia.

Dec. 20-Von Hindenburg follows up his success at Lowicz; German wedge driven further toward Warsaw; Russians cross the Bzura and destroy bridges behind them; Death's Head Hussars reported as having been caught in a Russian trap and almost annihilated; Servians and Montenegrins again invade Bosnia.

Dec. 21-Russians claim that Germans are being pursued into German territory; both sides claim advantages in Poland. Dec. 22-Russian Army menaces Thorn-Allenstein-Insterburg railroad; Germans reform to protect it; von Hindenburg's left threatened by a new invasion of Germany; Germans cross branches of Bzura and Rawka Rivers; Austrians are defeated in the Carpathians.

Dec. 23-Austrians defeated in Carpathians and Southern Galicia.

Dec. 25-Movement of civilians to interior of East Prussia.

Dec. 26-Russians gain in south. Dec. 28-Russians have raised the siege of Cracow to shatter Austrian armies attempting flank movement; Russians believe German attack on Warsaw has been checked.

Dec. 30-Germans retreat over the Bzura; Russians advance in South Poland. Dec. 31-Germans claim to have taken 136,000 prisoners, 100 cannon, and 300 machine guns in Poland since November; reports from Petrograd state that the Germans lost 200,000 men at the Bzura.

Jan. 1-Russians invade Hungary; Germans in Poland move south; Austrian Army split by Russian operations in Carpathian region.

Jan. 2-Germans commence offensive movement against Kielce; Germans fortify captured Polish towns.

Jan. 3-Germans capture Bolimow; German advance on Kielce fails, as well as German advance between Bzura and Rawka Rivers; Russians take thousands of Austrian prisoners and sweep through Bukowina; Germans rush to defend Cracow. Jan. 4-Russians occupy Suczawa; Cracow again threatened.

Jan. 5-Russians defeat Austrians in Uzsok Pass and prepare to invade Transylvania; Germans renew activities along the Vistula.

Jan. 6-New Russian army to take offensive against Germans at Mlawa; rain is interfering with many field operations; Germans help Austrians check advance against Cracow.

Jan. 7-Mud is hampering Germans. CAMPAIGN IN WESTERN EUROPE Oct. 16-Germans occupy Ostend; battle line reaches the sea; Allies gain near Lille; French are near Metz; Allies check Germans in attempt to reach Dunkirk. Oct. 17-Germans advancing again on Dunkirk; sharp fighting in Alsace; British take Fromelles; Allies take Fleurbaix and claim gains on line from Ypres Canal to the sea.

Oct. 18-Announcmeent that Allles' left has pushed forward thirty miles; they retake Armentières; battle near Nieuport; Belgians repulse German attacks at River Yser; French repulse attack on St. Die and cut railroad in Alsace; Germans evacuate Courtrai; German forces in Bruges move toward French frontier,

Oct. 19-Allies advance between Nieuport and Dixmude; fighting from Ostend to Lille.

Oct. 20-Germans gain near Lille; Allies report recapture of Bruges.

Oct. 21-Allies repulse German attacks at Nieuport, Dixmude, and La Bassée; heavy fighting on the Yser; Germans gain near Lille,

Oct. 22 Baffling on the coast; Allies helped by their fleets, cavalry battle at Lille. Oct, 23 German right wing reinforced and gains ground at La Bassée; Allies gain near Armentières; French retake Altkirch; heavy fighting between the Ghent-Bruges line and Roulers,

Oct, 24 French gain at Nieuport, but lose ground near Dixmude and La Bassée; desperate fighting along Yser Canal. Oct, 25 Germans cross Yser Canal near Dixmude; Allies press Germans at Ostend; French gain near Lille and they claim command of German line of communication near St. Mihiel; battle at Nieuport. Oct. 26 German advance checked on the Yser; fighting at Nieuport.

Oct. 27--Allies capture Thourout; fierce fighting on the Yser Canal; Allies claim that Germans have been driven across the eastern frontier near Nancy. Oct. 28-Allies repulse night attack


[blocks in formation]

Oct. 30-Belgians flood lower valley of the
Yser River and compel Germans to with-
draw; Germans gain in Argonne region.
Oct. 31-Allies yield ground in Belgium;
Germans take two towns south of Ypres;
they have success near Soissons; fighting
around Verdun.

Nov. 1-Germans reinforced in Belgium;
their advance made difficult by floods
along the Yser; Allies take Mariakerke
and are near Ostend; Allies cross the
Yperlee and occupy Bixschoote.
Nov. 2-Germans, reinforced, capture Mes-
sines; French gain at several points in
advance to Ostend; Allies take Ramsca-
pelle with the bayonet.

Nov. 3-Germans are being flooded out of
the Yser region; they capture men and
guns east of Soissons and gain ground
east of Vailly; Allies check Germans in
Argonne region; Belgians trap Germans
by ruse at Furnes.

Nov. 4-Germans lose along the Yser and shift their line for a new attack; they repulse Allies south of Verdun and in the Vosges; they gain near Vailly; British and Germans have battled for three days in Ypres region; Germans suffer much in flooded trenches.

Nov. 5-Germans repulsed at Arras; Allies
lose, then retake trenches; Germans, stat-
ed to have been watched by the Kaiser,
beaten at Armentières; Germans gain in
Argonne region and in the Vosges; Bel-
gians report progress.

Nov. 6-Allies retake Soupir; they capture
German trenches on the Meuse and east
of Verdun; battle raging around Ypres ;
French trap Germans in Arras.

Nov. 7-Battling from the sea to Alsace;

Allies recapture lost trenches in centre
and take St. Remi; Germans gain south-
west of Ypres; Germans set up guns at

Nov. 8-Allies gain plateau of Vregny; fighting centres at Ypres; Germans continue attacks between North Sea and the Lys; they gain in Argonne region; Belgians gain at Dixmude and Ypres.

Nov. 9-Germans renew attacks at Ypres and Dixmude; Ypres in flames; fighting on the Aisne.

Nov. 10-Allies advance between Ypres and Armentières and between Rheims and Berry-au-Bac.

Nov. 11-Germans capture Dixmude, cross Yser Canal, capture first line of Allies position west of Langemarck, and drive them out of St. Eloi; Allies reoccupy Lombaertzyde and repulse attacks near the coast.

Nov. 12-Both sides claim successes on the

[blocks in formation]

Nov. 14-Allies check German assaults near Ypres; fighting at Dixmude; Germans win in centre and take Berry-au-Bac; Germans gain in forest of Argonne. Nov. 15-Allies drive Germans across the Yser; German gains in Argonne region; they prepare defensive lines from the North Sea to the Rhine.

Nov. 16-Snow and floods check fighting; artillery duels in progress from Yser Canal to Dixmude; British Press Bureau report of operations up to Nov. 10 praises bravery of Germans.

Nov. 17-Allies gain ground on the Yser between Armentières and Arras; Germans resume bombardment of Rheims. Nov. 18-Zouaves take forest near Bixschoote; Germans mine and blow up west part of Chauvoncourt, occupied by the French; fighting continues in West Flanders; Germans have successes in Argonne region and near Cirey; pneumonia is in the trenches.

Nov. 19-Fighting in Flanders slackens; French retake Tracy-le-Val; they are repulsed in the Argonne region; British bombard Dixmude; many cities in West Flanders are in ruins.

Nov. 20-French abandon


artillery duel south of Ypres; British gain at Bixschoote; new big gun of Allies is doing effective work; French wreck German earthworks and supply trains near Rheims.

Nov. 21-French artillery stops German attacks in Woevre district; French capture heights at Ornes and advance in Argonne region.

Nov. 22-Cold halts fighting on the Yser;

Ypres is bombarded; artillery fighting near Soissons and Vailly; Germans trapped by floods at Dixmude; Germans fortify Belgian coast.

Nov. 23-Fierce fighting in the Argonne; Ypres again bombarded; German operations in Belgium checked by bad weather. Nov. 24-Germans attack Allies from Ypres to La Bassée.

Nov. 25-French bombard Arnaville and claim general gains; Germans gain at Arras; Indian troops retake lost trenches in Flanders.

Nov. 26-Allies' armored train wrecks bridge across the Yser.

Nov. 27-Rheims again bombarded; French gain in Alsace.

Nov. 28-Germans mass near Arras; new British army has landed in France. Nov. 29-Allies capture important positions near Ypres; health of Germans on the Yser endangered by flooded trenches. Nov. 30-German losses on the Yser are found to have been very heavy. Dec. 1-Germans prepare for new dash toward the sea; cold is depleting the British ranks; Germans on the Belgian coast are suffering from famine, disease, and

cold; battle on the Yser renewed; Germans are active north of Arras. Dec. 2-British, reinforced, take over the command of the Yser region,

Dec. 3-Germans take offensive between Ypres and Dixmude; they lose heavily in trying to cross the Yser on rafts; French occupy Lesmenils; they take Tête de Faux in the Vosges, and Burnhaupt in Alsace. Dec. 4-Allies repeatedly attack the German lines in Flanders; fresh reserves are waiting behind Allies' lines.

Dec. 5-French gain in Upper Alsace; they try to drive Germans from St. Mihiel. Dec. 6-Allies make advances in France. Dec. 7-Allies begin a general offensive move

ment; Belgians repulse a German boat attack along Yser Canal; Germans are leaving Alsace.

Dec. 8-German headquarters moved from Roulers; Germans make new attack on Dixmude.

Dec. 9-Belgians capture German trenches on the Yser by a ruse; Germans shell Ypres and Furnes.

Dec. 10-Germans evacuate Roulers and Armentières; French win victory at Vermelles.

Dec. 11-Allies push forward; Germans rush guns to Ostend.

Dec. 12-Allies drive Germans across the Yser Canal.

Dec. 13-Allies have repulsed persistent German attacks in a three-day battle on the Lys; French gain in St. Mihiel region. Dec. 14-French continue aggressive movements in Alsace and Lorraine.

Dec. 15-Allies advance on the whole front in movement to drive Germans from Belglum; German attacks south of Ypres repulsed and way to Roulers opened. Dec. 16-Germans evacuate Dixmude; German defenses near Arras mined; Allies maintain offensive; Germans force the fighting in Argonne region; Allies make gains from Arras to the sea; Germans repulsed in Woevre region and in Alsace. Dec. 17-Allies enter Westende; Germans rush more troops to Belgium. Dec. 18-Allies take Roulers; fighting in Lille and near Arras.

Dec. 19-Allies gain at several points from the North Sea to the Oise; they lose near La Bassée.

Dec. 21-Allies extend offensive operations; they report progress in the centre. Dec. 22-Allies press offensive; Germans shell hospital at Ypres; they claim that Allies' advance has failed.

Dec. 23-Allies make slight gains. Dec. 24-British are using new howitzers; some German trenches have been torn to bits by French guns.

Dec. 25-Reported that the French are shelling the outer forts of Metz; unofficial truce along much of the battle front; sol

diers feast and get many gifts from home; in some instances Allies and Germans exchange gifts and visits.

Dec. 26-Fog halts fighting in Flanders. Dec. 27-Germans pushing preparations for defense of Antwerp.

Dec. 28-New Paris defenses are completed; the Rhine is being additionally fortified. Dec. 29-Germans reinforce line in Belgium. Dec. 31-Lull in the fighting on most of the front in Flanders and France; French take half of the village of Steinbach, Upper Alsace, which is of strategic importance.

Jan. 3-French gain near Rheims and St.
Mihiel, but are repulsed near St. Mene-
hould; floods hinder fighting; conditions
in Yser trenches are very bad.
Jan. 4-Germans admit loss of Steinbach.
Jan. 5-Germans are moving big guns from
Ostend; French press on toward Cernay.
Jan. 6-French make further progress at St.
Mihiel; bombardment of Furnes necessi-
tates shifting of Belgian headquarters.
Jan. 7-French make progress in direction of


Oct. 30-Japanese attack Germans at Tsingtau; Indian troops aid Japanese. Nov. 1-Desperate fighting at Tsing-tau; city is in flames.

Nov. 4-Japanese capture German guns and 800 prisoners at Tsing-tau.

Nov. 6-Germans surrender Tsing-tau fortress.

Nov. 7-Formal capitaulation of Tsing-tau; Japanese will administer city.


Oct. 28-Belgians defeat Germans on Lake Tanganyika.

Oct. 29-Allies take Edoa.

Nov. 4-Germans defeat British in German East Africa.

Nov. 7-Belgians aid British forces in the


Nov. 23-British defeated in attack on German railway terminus in East Africa. Nov. 27-Maritz, Union of South Africa revolutionist, defeated.

Dec. 10-Governor General Lord Buxton says that the revolution in the Union of South Africa is ended and reports capture of 7,000 rebels.

Dec. 23-Portuguese retreat before Germans in Angola.


Oct. 29-Turkey begins war with Russia by bombarding Odessa from the sea. Nov. 2-Russians and Turks are fighting near Trebizond.

Nov. 3-Turks claim victory over Russians in Armenia; German officers are with camel corps on Turkish-Egyptian f 1tier; Suez Canal threatened.

Nov. 4-Russia begins invasion of Armenia. Nov. 5-England and France declare war on Turkey; Russians seize Armenian towns; Turks have successes in Kara-Killissa and Tehan districts; England annexes the Island of Cyprus; German officer sentenced to life imprisonment by Egyptian police for having plans to dynamite Suez Canal.

Nov. 6-Armenians besiege town of Van.
Nov. 7-Russians have successes northeast
of Kara-Killissa.

Nov. 8-Russians take Keprekioi in Armenia
and hold road to Erzerum.
Nov. 9-Russians take Turkish fort near
Erzerum and pursue Kurdish cavalry;
Russians win at Kohrikoi on River Ar-

Nov. 10-France, England, Russia, Belgium,
and Servia issue a formal declaration of
war against Turkey; both sides claim
victories in Erzerum region.

Nov. 13-Russians advance on Erzerum from three directions; Turks fail in flank attack.

Nov. 14-Russians rout Kurds in cavalry battle in Armenia; Turks have success on Caucasian border.

Nov. 15-Turks occupy Persian town of Ko-
tur; British troops land in Basra Prov-
ince; Indian troops, aided by British
cruiser, occupy Turba, Arabia.

Nov. 16-Russians defeated near Koprukeui;
British take Turkish camp at Fao.
Nov. 17-Russians checked near Fao; Turks
Occupy Duzkeuy.

Nov. 19-Russians defeat Kurds in Persian
Armenia; fighting near Urumiah; British
success in Arabia.

Nov. 22-Turks win near Port Said and
reach Suez Canal; Russians gain near

Nov 23-British defeat Turks near Persian

Nov. 24-Russians defeat Turks in Armenia.
Nov. 26-Turkish advance checked in Arme-

Nov. 28-Fierce fighting in the Caucasus;
Enver Bey starts for Egypt.

Dec. 6-Turks occupy Keda.

Dec. 8-Turks defeated near Batum.

Dec. 9-Turks at Kurna surrender to Indian troops.

Dec. 10-British take 1,100 Turkish prisoners and nine guns.

Dec. 11-Sheik Kiazim, Chief of the Shiites, proclaims a holy war; Turks report occupation of Geda.

Dec. 15-Senussi tribesmen threaten Egypt.
Dec. 18-Turks reinforced in Asia Minor.
Dec. 20-Turks gain near Lake Urumiah.
Dec. 21-Russians win in Armenia; Turks
lose equipment.

Dec. 22-Arabs menace Christians in Hodeida; French Consul is seized.


Dec. 23-Turkish Army leaves Damascus and marches toward Suez Canal. Dec. 25-Russo-Turkish operations stopped by cold.

Jan. 1-Turks invade Russia but fail to envelop Russian forces.

Jan. 2-Turks penetrate into the Russian
Caucasus and occupy Ardahan.

Jan. 4-Turks ravage Persian territory.
Jan. 5-Russians rout Turkish columns at
Ardahan and Sari-Kamysh; Russians cap-
ture Izzet Pasha.

Jan. 7-Turks occupy Urumiah.


Oct. 16-British cruiser Hawke sunk by German submarine U-9; British tramp steamship Induna sunk by Germans; British steamer Guendolen fires on German ship on Lake Nyassa; British and Japanese warships bombard fort near Tsing-tau. Oct. 17-British squadron, led by the Undaunted, sinks four German torpedo-boat destroyers off Dutch coast; allied fleets bombard Cattaro.

Oct. 19-British battleship Triumph damaged at Tsing-tau; Japanese cruiser Takachiho sunk by German submarine S-90 in KiaoChau Bay; British fleet helps to repel German land attacks between Nieuport and Dixmude; Austrian submarine sunk in Adriatic by French cruiser. Oct. 20-German warships sink British submarine E-3; British gunboats fight German submarines and coast batteries; Japanese fleet takes islands of Marianne group; two German ships sunk at Jaluit; British steamer Giltera sunk by German submarine off Norwegian coast. Oct. 21-British monitors Severn and Mersey

shell German right flank; Cattaro again bombarded by French fleet, attack of Austrian submarines being repulsed; German cruiser Emdem sinks five British steamships and captures a sixth in Indian Ocean; British steamer Cormorant sunk.

Oct. 22-British torpedo boat damaged by German artillery fire off Nieuport; French ships aid British in bombardment near Ostend; British auxiliary cruiser Carmania damaged.

Oct. 23-Allies' squadrons seeking German cruisers Emden and Karlsruhe; Emden's activity is having a bad effect on Indian shipping; French ships aid British in shelling Belgian coast towns.

Oct. 24-British destroyer Badger sinks German submarine; Ostend bombarded by French warships.

Oct. 25-Japanese sink German cruiser Aeolius off Honolulu.

Oct. 26-Vessel containing French and Belgian refugees sunk near Calais, probably by a mine, the passengers being rescued by a British ship; Germans claim that the British ships have been driven back from the Belgian coast.

Oct. 27-Germans lay mines off Irish coast; British freighter Manchester Commerce sunk; Germany demands that China release shipwrecked sailors of submarine S-90, which was destroyed by the Germans when being pursued by Japanese. Oct. 28-Emden sinks Japanese steamer; Japanese cruiser Chitose repulses attack by two German warships.

Oct. 29-Emden, flying the Japanese flag, enters Penang Harbor and sinks Russian cruiser Jemtchug and a French destroyer; Turkish warships shell Theodosia and sink two Russian steamers; British vessels slightly damaged off Belgian coast, with ten men killed; Swedish steamer Ornen and two British fishing boats sunk by mine in North Sea; British sink German steamer in the Adriatic.

Oct. 30-Russian and Turkish fleets in battle in the Black Sea; Turkish torpedo boats bombard Odessa, sinking Russian gunboat Donets, three Russian liners, and French steamer Portugal.

Oct. 31-Japanese and British warships attack Tsing-tau; German gubmarine sinks British cruiser Hermes in Strait of Dover; Turkish cruiser bombards Sebastopol; Russian fleet attacks Turkish fleet near Sebastopol.

Nov. 1-German squadron under Admiral von Spee defeats British squadron under Rear Admiral Cradock off Coronel, Chile; British flagship Good Hope and the cruiser Monmouth go down with all on board; Germans suffer but slightly; shelling of allied fleets sets fire to Tsingtau.

Nov. 2-Turkish (formerly German) cruiser Goeben damaged by fire from Russian forts; British ship scuttled in Black Sea; Turkish commander sinks his ship to prevent capture; Germans blockade coast of Asiatic Turkey with mines; Karlsruhe captures British steamers Vandyck, Hurtsdale, and Glanton. Nov. 3-Anglo-French squadron bombards the Dardanelles forts; British cruiser Minerva bombards Akabah, Arabia, and sailors occupy the town; British submarine D-5 sunk by mine in North Sea. Nov. 4-Austrian cruiser Kaiserin Elizabeth sunk by Germans to prevent seizure; Anglo-French fleet continues bombardment of Dardanelles forts; German warships seen off coast of England; German cruiser Yorck sunk by mine in Jade Bay.

Nov. 5-British tow German sailing ship into Queenstown, the Captain not having heard of the war; British mine sweeper Mary sunk in North Sea. Nov. 6-British ships shell Belgian coast; Turks bombard Batum; British warship damaged while shelling Dardanelles forts. Nov. 7-Japanese squadron searches for German squadron in the Pacific: Russians bombard Turkish Black Sea ports.

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