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Arrest of truant.

154. In the case of the offenses set out in section one hundred and fifty-two it shall be the duty of the truant officer or other person designated, when requested by the board of education, to make a complaint thereof under oath before any magistrate having the power to commit in any city, township, incorporated town or borough where such offender resides, whereupon said magistrate shall issue his warrant directed to said truant officer or any constable to immediately apprehend such child so complained of and bring it before said magistrate, who, upon conviction of said child of the offense charged, may either direct said child so complained of to be delivered to its parents, guardian or other person entitled to its legal control, or to the teacher of the class in the school at which said child shall or ought to attend, or to parole

Commit truant said child or pupil, or sentence such child, if over eight

to institution.

and under fourteen years of age, to the State Home for Boys or to the State Home for Girls.

155. Such truant officer shall report promptly every

Report of truant officer.

Such offense shall be prosecuted upon the complaint of the board of education of said school district, through its truant officer, or other person designated by it, before any magistrate having the power to commit in any city, township, incorporated town or borough; provided, that if such parent, guardian or other person shall enter into a bond with one or more sureties in the penal sum of one hundred dollars, that said child shall attend school within five days thereafter and continue to attend as required by this act, said punishment shall be remitted, and when said magistrate is satisfied that said child regularly attends school said bond may be discharged; provided further, that such sentence may be suspended by said magistrate if he shall become satisfied that said child is regularly attending school, and properly deporting himself; provided further, that such parent, guardian or other person shall have all the rights and privileges assured to any person charged or convicted of a misdemeanor as provided in an act entitled "An act for the punishment of crimes [Revision of 1898]," approved June fourteenth, one thousand eight hundred and ninetyeight, and its supplements and amendments.

such arrest and the disposition made of such arrested child to the board of education of the school district where said child shall be lawfully required to attend school, or to such person as said board may direct.


156. The board of education of any school district Parenta may establish and maintain a school or schools, or may set apart separate rooms in a public school building for the use, restraint and instruction of children between the ages of seven and fifteen years who shall be habitual truants from school, or who shall be habitually insubordinate or incorrigibly disorderly during their attendance upon such school. Such school or room shall be known as a parental school.



157. Said board of education may compel any such Commitment to child to attend such parental school and, with the con- school. sent, in writing, of the parent, guardian or other person having legal control of such child, may cause such child to be restrained and instructed therein for such a period and under such rules and regulations as said board of education may prescribe.

ure to attend

158. If any such child shall not attend such school, Penalty for fal then he or she shall be proceeded against as a disorderly parental person as set out in sections one hundred and fifty-two and one hundred and fifty-four of this act.



159. Any parental school established under the pro- Expenses di visions of this article shall be maintained as other public school. schools shall be maintained in the district in which it shall be situate under such rules and regulations as the board of education of such district may prescribe.

160. The board of education of a school district in which there shall be no parental school, may send children who shall be residents of such school district and who shall be habitual truants or insubordinate or incorrigible as defined in this article, to a parental school in an adjoining school district, by and with the consent of the board of education of the district in which said parental school shall be situate. Any expense incurred by a board of education under the provisions of this section may be paid out of any money raised by special district tax for the current expenses of the school.

Children may

be sent to pa

rental school in adjoining district.

Trustees of school fund.

Secretary of board.

Riparian lands part of school fund.

Income from leases.

Investment of school fund.



161. The Governor, the Attorney-General, the Secretary of State, the State Comptroller and the State Treasurer are hereby constituted a Board of Trustees of the Fund for the Support of Public Schools arising from appropriations heretofore made or which may be hereafter made by law, or which may arise from gift, grant, bequest or devise, which board shall be known as "The Trustees for the Support of Public Schools."

162. The Secretary of State shall be the Secretary of said board. He shall record in a book to be kept for that purpose the proceedings of said board and the accounts to be furnished by the State Treasurer as hereinafter directed.

163. All lands belonging to this state now or formerly lying under water are appropriated for the support of public schools, and all moneys hereafter received from the sales of such lands shall be paid to "The Trustees for the Support of Public Schools," and shall be invested by said board, and shall constitute a part of the permanent school fund of the state.

164. All leases which have been heretofore made, or which shall be hereafter made of such lands, shall be held by "The Trustees for the Support of Public Schools" as a part of the principal of the school fund, and the income arising from said leases shall be a part of the income of said school fund.

165. Moneys belonging to the school fund shall be invested by said board in the bonds of the several school districts of this state, or in the bonds of the United States, or of this state, or in the bonds of any county, city, incorporated town, township or borough of this state the total indebtedness of which shall not exceed in the aggregate fifteen per centum of the total assessable valuation of all taxable property therein, and the interest thereof shall be a part of the income of said

from school

school fund. The income of said school fund shall be Appropriations used for the support of public schools, the payment of fund. the salaries of the County Superintendents of Schools, the payment of premiums and accrued interest on bonds. purchased by the "Board of Trustees of the Fund for the Support of the Public Schools," and for no other use or purpose whatsoever. An account of the management Annual report. of said fund shall be laid before the Legislature with the annual statement of the State Treasurer's accounts. No compensation shall be paid to said trustees or treasurer for any services performed in pursuance of this article.

166. Said board shall not invest any part of the prin- Loans on mortcipal or interest of said fund in bonds secured by mort- ited. gage on lands except as hereinafter provided.

gage prohib


167. Said board shall cause foreclosure proceedings Foreclosure of to be commenced without delay whenever the interest on bonds secured by mortgage held by said board as part of the school fund shall remain unpaid for the space of six months; provided, that whenever foreclosure Proviso. proceedings shall have been commenced, said board may, in its discretion, discontinue the same upon the payment of accrued interest and the cost of such proceedings.

erty at fore

168. Said board may bid for and purchase any lands Purchase propand premises exposed to sale under the order and decree closure sale. of any court for the payment and satisfaction of any mortgage incumbrance thereon held by said board, and may take and hold title to the lands and premises so purchased in and by its official name as a part of the principal of the school fund; provided, that said board Proviso. shall not bid a higher price for such lands and premises than shall be sufficient to produce the amount due upon said mortgage incumbrance and costs. The taxed costs Payment of attending such proceedings and sale, if any, shall be paid by the State Treasurer on the warrant of the State Comptroller.

taxed costs.


169. All real estate now held by "The Trustees for Sale of real the Support of Public Schools," and all real estate that may be hereafter acquired by them under foreclosure proceedings shall be sold, either at private or public sale,

Annual report.

Appropriations from school fund.

from state

at such times and at such prices as will, in the judgment of said board, be for the best interest of the state. Said board may advertise such properties, either at private or public sale, in such manner as to it shall seem judicious, and the proceeds of such sale shall be paid into the school fund, and shall be invested by said board as other moneys of said fund shall be invested. Said board may loan to the purchaser of any said real estate, onehalf of the amount of purchase-money, the same to besecured by bond and mortgage on the premises so purchased.

170. The State Treasurer shall make annually to said board on the first day of the annual meeting of the Legislature, and at such other times as said board shall require, a statement of the school fund, containing an account of the securities belonging thereto with the dates of investment, their values, and the interest arising from each class of securities, together with an account of the moneys in the treasury belonging to said fund.

171. There shall be annually apportioned and paid from the income of the school fund for the support of public schools two hundred thousand dollars. If the income of said fund shall not have been received in full, or shall be insufficient for such appropriation, the sum necessary to make up the deficiency shall be drawn from the State Treasury on the warrant of the State Comptroller, which sum so drawn as aforesaid shall be replaced from the income of said school fund as soon as the same shall have been received.



172. For the purpose of maintaining free public schools there shall be appropriated each year from any moneys in the State Treasury not otherwise appropriated such sum, not less than one hundred thousand dollars, as may be determined by the Legislature in the annual appropriation act; which sum shall be apportioned among and paid to the several counties in the proportion

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