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Norwood Press

J. S. Cushing & Co. - Berwick & Smith

Norwood Mass. U.S.A.

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THE SILVER SERIES OF ENGLISH CLASSICs is designed to furnish editions of many of the standard classics in English and American literature, in the best possible form for reading and study. While planned to meet the requirements for entrance examinations to college, as formulated by the Commission of American Colleges, it serves a no less important purpose in providing valuable and attractive reading for the use of the higher grades of public and private schools.

It is now generally recognized that to familiarize students with the masterpieces of literature is the best means of developing true literary taste, and of establishing a love of good reading which will be a permanent delight. The habit of cultured original expression is also established through the influence of such study.

To these ends, carefully edited and annotated editions of the Classics, which shall direct pupils in making intelligent and appreciative study of each work as a whole, and, specifically, of its individual features, are essential in the classroom.

The SILVER SERIES notably meets this need, through the editing of its volumes by scholars of high literary ability and educational experience. It unfolds the treasures of literary art, and shows the power and beauty of our language in the various forms of English composition, as the oration, the essay, the argument, the biography, the poem, etc.

Thus, the first volume contains Webster's oration at the laying of the corner stone of Bunker Hill monument; and, after a brief sketch of the orator's life, the oration is defined, — the speech itself furnishing a practical example of what a masterpiece in oratory should be.

Next follows the essay, as exemplified by Macaulay's "Essay on Milton." The story of the life of the great essayist creates an interest in his work, and the student, before he proceeds to study



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