Economic Reconstruction: A Further Development of "A National System of Economics,"

Longmans, Green and Company, 1918 - 242 páginas

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Página 113 - Secondly, the advantage which is gained by saving the time commonly lost in passing from one sort of work to another, is much greater than we should at first view be apt to imagine it. It is impossible to pass very quickly from one kind of work to another, that is carried on in a different place, and with quite different tools.
Página 203 - Smith expresses it) to ascertain " the general principles which " ought to run through and be the foundation of the laws of
Página 118 - As IT IS THE power of exchanging that gives occasion to the division of labour, so the extent of this division must always be limited by the extent of that power, or, in other words, by the extent of the market.
Página 217 - Now Roman is to Roman More hateful than a foe, And the Tribunes beard the high. And the Fathers grind the low. As we wax hot in faction, In battle we wax cold ; Wherefore men fight not as they fought In the brave days of old.
Página 117 - The difference of natural talents in different men is, in reality, much less than we are aware of; and the very different genius which appears to distinguish men of different professions, when grown up to maturity, is not upon many occasions BO much the cause as the effect of the division of labor.
Página 113 - The habit of sauntering and of indolent careless application, which is naturally, or rather necessarily ac-quired by every country workman who is obliged to change his work and his tools every half hour and to apply his hand in twenty different ways almost every day of his life, renders him almost always slothful and lazy and incapable of any vigorous application even on the most pressing occasions.
Página 99 - If the rod be bent too much one way, says the proverb, in order to make it straight you must bend it as much the other. The French philosophers, who have proposed the system which represents agriculture as the sole source of the revenue and wealth of every country, seem to have adopted this proverbial maxim; and as in the plan of Mr.
Página 112 - I am assured, be able to make above two or three hundred in a day, and those, too, very bad ones. A smith who has been accustomed to make nails, but whose sole or principal business has not been that of a nailer, can seldom with his utmost diligence make more than eight hundred or a thousand nails in a day.
Página 111 - This great increase of the quantity of work, which, in consequence of the division of labour, the same number of people are capable of performing, is owing to three different circumstances : first, to the increase of dexterity in every particular workman ; secondly, to the saving of the time which is commonly lost in passing from one species of work to another ; and lastly, to the invention of a great number of machines which facilitate and abridge labour, and enable one man to do the work of many.
Página 116 - Many improvements have been made by the ingenuity of the makers of the machines, when to make them became the business of a peculiar trade ; and some by that of those who are called philosophers or men of speculation, whose trade it is, not to do anything, but to observe everything ; and who, upon that account, are often capable of combining together the powers of the most distant and dissimilar objects.

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