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And yet one other thing helps us, and that is what we call justice. Justice is that by which we test the truth of the inner word. No word can be true that is not good in its results, when applied to the actions of men. There is not a single thought that ever came from the Infinite Mind that was not meant to help us to do our duty in life to-day or to-morrow; to adjust ourselves in our relations to our fellowmen. Therefore a man must always ask this question, What is the effect of my thought and my act upon my fellowman? If it presses him down, hinders his development, hurts him in any way, that man has not got the truth, no matter what the source. Though a thousand churches for a thousand ages should affirm it, it would not be God's truth; for God's truth shows always how a man may live in happy, helpful relations with his fellowman. Justice is the golden rule.

No husband can live in a family and have his own way. He must always ask, How does that affect my wife? How does it affect my children? From the very moment that he takes upon himself the marriage vow, by so much he has limited himself. Justice in the family says, of every cent of expenditure, of every simple act, what is the effect here? And we study our liberty by the rights of another. So it is in friendship. So it is in political relationships. We judge of a society by the condition of the lowest man that is there. If there is one little child under the wheel of a railroad car, then that must stop. If there is one little life that is being hindered in its development by our ideas of economy, by our commercial ideas, if there is one anywhere that is not getting his rights, then we must adjust it. In partnerships

We have not got all the truth yet. of business we see the same thing. No man stands alone. His partner is an equal partner with himself. Every man must ask, wherever he is, Does the light

that shines upon me and the thing that seems right to me in any way interfere with my neighbor, my friend, my wife, my child, my partner, anybody else in the world? He must be sensitive to this. It is a very delicate instrument; like that across which the surveyor draws the spider web in order to get his line. It is a chemical test, more fine than any chemist has yet been able to discover; the sense of justice in a man.

It is light coming down from God and revealing his will, but often misinterpreted by us. We can not read God's handwriting, and we say, this seems to me the right thing to do, what I ought to do. This is my plan, my thought, my wish, I will do this. But, my friend, that revelation may not be of God. You can not tell how it is until you test it by the delicate instrument of justice. How will this thing I do affect my wife and her interest, my child, my neighbor, my partner, my friend? When the truth that comes to you helps also this one that is next to you, then be sure the seal of God is on it. That is what I call sealed orders; the inspirational character and quality of life. Schemes of education, good as they are, are but the coarse media by which we lead a soul, to be continually readjusted and studied out in practical life. The ideas of political economy and commerce to-day are continually changing because they are studied in the interests of the individual man; and the ideas of religion are being brought to the test of men everywhere-how does it affect them?

And now, of our own life; it is no varying wandering as of a chance-blown seed. God knows the path we take and we do but follow a spiritual impulsion. The experiences of life we can not miss. There we bend over a grave, but by and by we do not know whether we dare wish it had been otherwise; there the shadow of darkness of a great wrong done, but we

pass through that, and here it is sunlight; here the winds blow and the tempests howl, there it is fair sailing all these are the different experiences we come through in this much variegated world of God's. But the question is not what experiences you have had, but what use you have made of them; whether you have read them aright and learned wisdom by the things that you have suffered, whether you went on and on, still trying to find God's star which was your one guide, still trying to read aright the sealed order which was continually being opened up to you, still testing your course to-day by your sense of justice, the effect it has upon your neighbor.


We come to Thee, God, our Father in Heaven, thankful for another day of rest, asking Thee that in the quiet and stillness may come that needed rest, not only of the body, but also of the mind, much troubled and preplexed with the questions it has to solve and the burdens it has to carry. Thou canst meet every one at the threshold with a welcome; Thou canst give comfort to all that sorrow, joy to all that mourn, and patience to all that must needs carry burdens. Oh God, give a glad welcome to the little children, as he who said, "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Be with them all to-day. And be with all young men, who come with questions on their lips, as he who came to Jesus saying, "What shall I do to inherit eternal life?" Be with all troubled, anxious, and burdened souls. Be with those who come in the gladness and fullness of their strength. Help us to throw off all our burdens; and let songs come to our lips to take the place of sadness; and strength to take the place of weakness. Give us all our daily bread, our daily sufficiency of light and hope and strength, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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