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ceremonies if necessary in order that we may carry to them God's love and help.

The same thought rests upon us in our social life. Why is it we are in this turmoil and agitation. Because we feel this appeal that comes to us. There are men that are broken down with much work. A human being lacks liberty; can not find his development. We are looking at them as Jesus Christ looked at them. That is the basis of all modern movements in industry, in society, in reform, in religion. Men are seeing, as they never saw before, the imprisoned spirits, children that can not read and write, men everywhere lacking the development which we feel every man is entitled to. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ. This we learn from his great heart, whose sun shines upon the evil and upon the good. Little by little we are learning that Jesus Christ is the center of society, the center of religion, the center of reform, the center of industry; that no wheel can turn unless he stands by the machine; that no loom can weave and no shuttle move unless it is thrown in the spirit of his humanity.

Every teacher must look at a little child and say, that is the only child in the world to me. It is imprisoned, shut up in ignorance, its soul is there, it can not get out unless I lead it out. All that genius, insight, love, patience and skill can do I will do to lead that little child out into its possible heritage of life and light. Every one of us must feel wherever there is an insane, a defective, a neglected child of the street, it is my child, and no man can pass an alley where a little child moans in pain or cries in anguish, without feeling his own child possibly there or coming to such a condition at some time. When I make every child in the world my child, then every one in the world will treat my child as if it were his child, and the happiness

and the security of all becomes assured, because of the common claim which all children have upon us.

And every man of you that employs men has got to study this industrial movement from this point of view. You have got to look at every man that is in your employ as if he were your child, your brother, your self, as being, in a certain sense, an imprisoned soul. You can not tell why he is there. It may be you can not help him, but let me tell you that your boy will be there unless you treat him in kindness and in love as Jesus Christ would treat him. Every one that is below the level of what he might be is there because of the consent and indifference of those that are here. Jesus Christ had it in his heart to give to every one his fullest development. To him there was nothing hopeless, there was nothing beyond recall.

This is the test of christianity. Christianity is the attitude we take toward every man and woman. A man is a christian who treats every other man or woman in the world as Jesus treated them, and as he himself would like to be treated. It makes infinite difference to the God we worship how we treat or how we neglect the little broken, troubled, disfigured or deformed ones that are here.

Jesus Christ was the first man who ever made a woman forget that she was a sinner; who ever made a publican forget that he was a dishonest man; who ever made a man deformed and disfigured forget that he was crouched. Soul appealed to soul. He met him on the plane of humanity and he said, "My brother, let us walk together toward life; let us share God's bounty and enjoy his beauty, and extend our common helpfulness to those who need it."


Now let a quiet and peaceful spirit come to us, our Heavenly Father, all the thoughts of the daily life be dismissed for the moment, and only such as shall come from the touch of the Infinite Spirit on our own be in our minds.

Let the voice of him who prays but guide or suggest the unuttered prayers of the hearts of those here met together-all kinds and conditions, all children of the Father above.

We thank Thee that great and noble thoughts come to us and stir our minds; that we are not left to grope in this world, to struggle with petty cares and vexing difficulties alone, but are sustained by mighty principles and ennobled by great ideals that come into the heart from Thee, and which teach us to live according to the thoughts of Jesus Christ, the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven. We pray Thee to make it evident to us that there is always a battle to be fought and always need for earnest effort. May every boy be firm and true to do that which is right; help him to hate and scorn all mean, ignoble and unworthy things.

Lift life up from where it grovels to where it shall be seen as the great working out of God's plan. Make all to see that they sustain in their souls the great principles of righteousness; that they carry there the seeds of the future civilization. And now bless those that mourn, and comfort them; bless those whose arms are empty, and fill their hearts with the comforting thought that it is well with those who are with the Lord. Bless

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