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1886. Education in Louisiana. W. P. JOHNSTON, La.

1889. The First Schools in the Ohio Valley. W. H. VENABLE, Ohio.

1889. The Training of the Teacher in the South. A. D. MAYO.

1889. Educational Progress of the Colored People in the South. JOHN H. BURRUS, Rodney, Miss.

1889. Educational History of the Ohio Valley. W. H. VENABLE, Cincinnati, O.

1889. Educational Progress in the South since 1865. W. A. CANDLER, Oxford, Ga.

1839. The Higher Education of the Colored Race-What has been done-What can be done. SCARBOROUGH and A. OWEN, Nashville, Tenn.

W. S.


1874. System of Public Instruction in Ontario. J. GEO. HODGINS, Ontario.

1875. Families-Past and Present. LEWIS FELMERI, Hungary.

1876. Education in Argentine Confederation. SEÑOR DORNA.

1876. Education in Brazil. Dr. DA MOTTA.

1876. Education in Sweden. Dr. MEJENBERG.

1876 Education in Japan. Dr. DAVID MURRAY.

1876. Newspapers in Japan. FUJIMARO TANAKA.

1881. The Lessons of the International Educational Congress at Brussels. W. T. HARRIS. 1882. Education in Alaska. Rev. SHELDON JACKSON,

1891. The Educational System of Ontario. Hon. GEO. W. Ross, Minister of Education.

1891. A Year in a German Model School. JULIA S. TUTWILER, Ala.

1893. The Present Situation of Education in France. M. GABRIEL COMPAYRÉ, France.

1893. Joseph Peter Varela and the Progress of Education in Uruguay. ALBERTO GOMEZ RUANO, Uruguay.

1893. Present Condition of the Public Schools of Uruguay. ALBERTO GOMEZ RUANO.

1893. Training of Teachers in High Schools in Sweden. EDWARD OSTERBERG, Sweden.

1893. The Study of English Literature in French Universities. ANDRÉ L. CHEVRILLON, France.

1893. The Secondary Education of Girls in France. Mlle. MARIE DUGARD, France.

1893. High Schools for Girls in England. MARY GURNEY and ROSE KINGSLEY, England.

1893. What should Be the Curriculum in Public Schools? Some Aspects of the Question in France. B. BUISSON.

1893. School Savings Banks in France. GUSTAVE LERRURIER, France.

1893. The Public Educational System of Sweden. N. G. W. LAGERSTEDT, Sweden.

1893. Froebel's Educational Principles in England. EMILY A. E. SHIRREFF, London.

1893. The Kindergarten in Austria. Mrs. OTTILIA BONDY, Vienna.

1893. Methods of Training Teachers at the Westminster Training College, England. Jos. H. CowHAM, England, with Discussion.

1893. Historical Development of Normal and Training Schools in France. EUGENE MARTIN, Paris. 1893. The French System of Industrial and Manual Instruction. C. M. WOODWARD, St. Louis. (Dis


1893. English Experience in Providing the Poor of Cities with Parks, Gardens, Gymnasia, and Playgrounds. The EARL OF MEATH, London.

1893. The Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics in Stockholm. L. M. TÖRNGREN, Sweden.

1893. History of Physical Education in Denmark. JOAKIM LARSEN, Copenhagen.

1893. Gymnastics in the Kingdom of Saxony. MORITZ ZETTLER, Saxony.

1893. Educational Journalism in France. GABRIEL COMPAYRÉ.

1893. University Education for Women in England. Mrs. HENRY FAWCETT,

1893. Elementary Education in England. ROSAMOND DAVENPORT HILL, London.

1893. National Education in Scotland. FLORA C. STEVENSON, Edinburgh.

1893. Women Students in the Scottish Universities. LoUISA STEVENSON, Edinburgh. 1893. Convent Education (in the British Isles).

1893. Women's Education in New Zealand. Mrs. STEADMAN ALDIS.

1893. Educational Work for Women in Australia. LOUISA MACDONALD, Sydney.

1893. Recent Developments of Education for the Women and Girls of India. E. A. MANNING.

1893. English Orphanage and Training School in Bosnia. Miss A. T. IRBY.

1893. Elementary and Secondary Education in Cape Colony, Africa. MAY BENGOUGH.

1893. Public Instruction in Italy. EGISTO ROSSI, Rome.

1893. Needlework in the Public Schools of Stockholm. Mrs. HULDA LUNDIN, Sweden.


1875. Relation and Duties of Educators to Crime. Rev. J. B. BITTINGER, Pa.

1881. Education and Crime. J. P. WICKERSHAM.

1892. The School and the Criminal. L. H. JONES, Ind.

1893. Prevention of Criminal Idleness. 1893. Physical Training of Criminals.



1884. Educational Exposition at Madison, Wis. General Report of Committees on the Exhibition of: I. Industrial and Manual Training; II. Art; III. Kindergarten; IV. Special Exhibits; V. State Exhibits. W. T. HARRIS.

Report of Special Committees: On the Kindergarten Exhibit; on State Exhibits; on Art and Industrial Education; on Special Exhibits.

1885. Reports on Educational Exhibits at the World's Cotton Centennial Exposition, in New Orleans: U.S. Bureau of Education; Industrial Education; Schools of Christian Brothers; Colored People; Foreign Educational Exhibit; Kindergarten Exhibit; Educational.

1889. Report of Committee on Exhibits at the Meeting in Nashville, Tenn.

1890. The American Educational Exhibit at the International Exposition of 1893. JOHN EATON and others.

1890. Report of the Committee on Exhibits at the Meeting in St. Paul, Minn.; School Exhibits; Manual Training; Form and Color; Drawing; Kindergarten.

1891. Reports of Committee on Exhibits at Toronto, Can.: Kindergarten; Catalogue of Exhibits; Drawing; Color.

1892. Report on the World's Educational Congress. W. T. HARRIS, Chairman.

1892. Representation of Educational Systems at the World's Exposition. ALBERT G. LANE, Ill.

1832. The World's Congresses of 1893. C. C. BONNEY, Chicago (2).

1892. What should Secondary Schools do to Promote their Interests at the World's Fair? J. L. HALLOWAY.

1892. The Educational Exhibit of the World's Columbian Exposition. SELIM H. PEABODY. 1892. The World's Educational Congress. W. T. HARRIS, D. C.


1890. Definition of Educational Literature. W. H. PAYNE, Tenn.

1890. Value of Educational Literature to Teacher and Student. F. LOUIS SOLDAN, MO.
1890. The Value of Educational Literature to the Student and to the Professional Teacher.

W. E.

1890. The Value of Educational Literature, and its Direct and Indirect Influence upon American Systems of Education. W. R. GARRETT, Tenn.

1890. The Teachers' Reading Circle in Education. Mrs. D. LATHROP WILLIAMS, Ohio. 1890. Educational Ideas in Dickens's Novels. F. LorIS SOLDAN, Mo.

1892. Literature for Children. GEO. E. HARDY, N. Y.

1892. Literature for Teachers. HAMILTON W. MABIE.

1892. The Relations of the Public Library to the Public Schools. W. H. BRETT, Ohio.

1892. The Uses of Literature in Elementary Education. Report of Committee of National Council. L. H. JONES, Chairman.

1892 Same Subject. Round Table Discussion.

1893. Present Ideals in Educational Journalism. C. C. ROUNDS, N. H.

1893. Educational Journalism in New England. W. A. MOWRY, Mass.

1893. Dr. Barnard's American Journal of Education. WILL S. MONROE, Cal.

1893. The Purpose and Reward of Educational Journals. AMOS M. KELLOGG, N. Y., with discussion. 1893. Educational Journals in New York. C. W. BARDEEN, N. Y.

1893. Educational Journalism in Ohio. SAMUEL FINDLEY.

GEORGE F. BASS, Indianapolis.
HENRY A. FORD, Detroit.

1893. Educational Journalism in Indiana. 1893. School Journalism in Michigan. 1893. Educational Journals in Illinois. 1893. Educational Journalism in Iowa.

1893. The Educational Papers of Missouri. H. A. GASS, Mo.

1893. Educational Journalism in Utah, Colorado, and Kansas. JOHN MACDONALD, Kans. 1893. Educational Journalism in France.



1872. Educational Lessons of Statistics. JOHN EATON.


1887. Points for Constant Consideration in the Statistics of Education. JOHN EATON.

1889. What Statistics are to be Collected? J. M. GREENWOOD, Mo.

1890. School Statistics as a Basis of Legislative or Official Action-What Should be Collected, and

How? H. M. LA FOLLETTE, Ind.

1891. School Statistics. (Discussion.) REPORT OF COMMITTEE OF NATIONAL COUNCIL. 1892. Report on School Statistics. W. T. HARRIS, Chairman.


1870. Object Lessons-their Value and Place. DELIA A. LATHROP, Cincinnati, O.

1870. What is the Proper Work of a Primary School. E. A. SHELDON, N. Y.

1871. First Steps in Teaching Reading. E. E. WHITE, Ohio.

1872. Objective Teaching-its Value and the Extent of its Adaptation to School Instruction. N. A. CALKINS, New York.

1873. Leigh's Method of Teaching Reading. WM. M. BRYANT, Burlington, Iowa.

1873. Elementary Reading-the Phonetic Method, with Pronouncing Orthography, in its Relation to other Methods. Dr. EDWIN LEIGH, N. Y.

1873. Primary Reading-the Thought and Sentence Method. GEO. L. FARNHAM, N. Y.

1874. Language Lessons in Elementary Schools. Miss H. A. KEELER, Ohio.

1874. What shall we Attempt in Elementary Schools? Mrs. A. C. MARTIN, N. Y.

1879. The First School Days. Mrs. R. D. RICKOFF, Yonkers, N. Y.

1882. Obstacles in the Way of Better Primary Education. H. S. JONES, Erie, Pa.

1883. Primary Education-What and How? Hon. HENRY A. RAAB, Ill.

1884. Form, Color and Design. FANNIE S. COMINGS, Brooklyn, N. Y.

1884. What Children Know. J. M. GREENWOOD, Kansas City, Mo. 1884. English Instruction for Children. O. T. BRIGHT, Ill.

1885. Language as an Educator. Z. RICHARDS, Washington, D. C. 1885. True Object of Early School Training. C. E. MELENEY, N. J.

1885. Avenues to the Mind. WM. M. GIFFIN, N. J.

1885. A New Departure in the Study of Geography. L. R. KLEMM, Ohio.

1885. Physics in Common Schools. CHARLES K. WEAD, Mich.

1885. The Child's Environment. CLARA CONWAY, Tenn.

1886. Effects of Alcohol on the Human System. A. C. BOYDEN, Mass.

1887. Evening Schools. A. P. MARBLE, Mass.

1887. What shall bo Taught the Children? MARY M. HUNT.

1887. The School and the Library. THOS. J. MORGAN, R. I.

1888. A Short and Rational Method of Number Work. F. B. GINN, Cal.

1889. Literature for Children to the Front. MARY E. BURT, Ill.

1889. Discipline in Elementary Schools. BETTIE A. DUTTON, Cleveland, O.

1890. Essentials in Elementary Education. N. A. CALKINS, N. Y.

1890. The Correlation of Subjects in Elementary Programs. J. W. STEARNS, Wis.

1890. The Teacher and the Parent. Mrs. JENNIE S. M'LAUCHLAN, Ill.

1891. Kindergarten and the Primary School. W. T. HARRIS, D. C.

1891. Kindergarten Methods in Intellectual Training. MRS. J. L. HUGHES, Toronto, Ont.

1891. The Organic Connection between the Kindergarten and the Primary School. Miss N. CROPSEY, Ind.

1891. Theory Tested by Experience. Miss ANNA E. FREDERICKSON, Ind.

1891. Magicians that make a Child's Life Happy or Miserable. Mrs. LOUISE POLLOCK, D. C.

1891. Some Things a Kindergartner Should Know. WM. E. SHELDON, Mass.

1891. The Synthetic Sound System of Teaching Reading. F. B. GAULT, Wash.

1891. The Educational Burdens upon the Lower Grades. Miss ABBIE Low, Pa.

1891. Voice Culture in Primary and Elementary Schools. Z. RICHARDS, D. C.

1892. Shortening and Enriching the Grammar School Course. CHAS. W. ELIOT, Mass.

1892. What can be Done to Bring Pupils further on in their Studies before they Leave School to Go to Work? CHAS. W. HILL, Mass.

1893. Address on Elementary Education. JOHN EATON.

1893. Essentials in a Course of Study for Children, with discussion. JOSEPH L. PICKARD, Iowa. 1893. What should be Added to the Elementary Branches? A. P. MARBLE, Mass.

1893. Why Special Work should be Undertaken in the Elementary School to Prepare the Pupils for the Duties of Citizenship. WM. A. MOWRY, Mass.

1893. The Value of the Elementary School for the Social Virtues and for Training for the Right Exercise of the Duties of Citizens. Miss C. H. SPENCE, Australia.


1871. Superior Education as Related to Universal Education. Gen. JOHN EATON. 1871. Modern Mathematics in the College Course. T. H. SAFFORD, Ill.

1872. Methods of Teaching English in the High School. Prof. F. A. MARCH, Penn. 1873. Western University Education. W. G. ELIOT, MO.

1873. Upper Schools. JAMES MCCOSH, President Princeton College, New Jersey.

1873. National University. Pres. CHARLES W. ELIOT, Harvard College.

1873. Liberal Education of the Nineteenth Century. Prof. W. P. ATKINSON, Mass.

1873. Classical Studies. Prof. EDWARD S. JOYNES, Virginia.

1874. The Defense of Classical Studies. J. D. BUTLER, Wis.

1874. Preparatory Schools for College and University Life. Pres. NOAH PORTER.

1874. Intermediate (or Upper) Schools. Report by GEO. P. HAYS, Penn. 1874. The Elective System in Colleges. A. P. PEABODY.

1874. The Plan of the University of Virginia. C. S. VENABLE.

1874. Four Years in Vassar College. Prof. JAMES ORTON.

1874. Co-Education of the Sexes in Universities. Prof. J. K. HOSMER.

1875. Military Science and Tactics in our Universities and Colleges. Lieut. A. D. SCHENK, Iowa. 1876. A Notice of the History of the South Carolina College. Prof. W. J. RIVERS, Md.

1876. Position of Modern Languages in Higher Education. Prof. EDW. S. JOYNES.

1876. Position of Modern Mathematical Theories in our Higher Course of Mathematics. Prof. WM. M. THORNTON, Va.

1877. The Relation of the Preparatory and Grammar Schools to College and University. W. R. WEBB, Tenn.

1877. The Place of English in the Higher Education. A. B. STARK, Ky.

1877. The Limit of Education. W. R. GARRETT, Tenn.

1877. The Elective System. WM. LEROY BROUN, Tenn.

1877. The Class System. NOAH PORTER, Yale College.

1877. The Study of English as Introductory to Latin and Greek. THOS. R. PRICE.

1879. The High School Question. J. W. DICKINSON, Mass.

1879. College Dormitories. CHARLES KENDALL, Mich.

1879. Orthography in High Schools, etc. F. A. MARCH, Lafayette College.

1880. Equivalents in a Liberal Course of Study. WM. T. HARRIS.

1880. Scholarships. J. L. PICKARD, Iowa City.

1880. The Importance of Harmonizing the Primary, Secondary, and Collegiate Systems of Education. Dr. JAMES McCosн.

1881. The Advancement of Higher Education. H. H. TUCKER, Ga.

1881. The Study of Political Science in Colleges. I. W. ANDREWS, Ohio.

1882. The Place of Original Research in College Education. JOHN H. WRIGHT.

1882. The University-its Place and Work in the American System of Education. ELI T. TAPPAN, Gambier, Ohio.

1882. Is the Prize System, on the whole, the best for Colleges? J. H. CARLISLE, S. C.

1883. The University-How and What (abstract). WILLIAM W. FOLWELL.

1884. The Part which the Study of Language Plays in a Liberal Education. Pres. JOHN BASCOM, Madison, Wis.

1885. The Place and Function of the Academy. REPORT OF COMM.

1885. English in American Schools. E. S. Cox, Ohio.

1885. The High Schools and the State. J. E. SEAMAN, La.

1885. The Relation of Secondary Education to the American University Problem. ANDREW F. WEST, N. J.

1885. The Practical Value of a College Education. S. N. FELLOWS, Iowa.

1885. The Higher Education of Women.


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1887. Union of Oral and Book Teaching in the Several Grades. Mrs. S. N. WILLIAMS, Ky.
1887. The Order and Relation of Studies in the High School Course. SAMUEL THURBER, Mass.

1887. The Claims of the Classics. A. F. NIGHTINGALE, Ill.

1887. Relations of the University to Public Education. JAMES B. ANGEL, Mich.

1887. The Relation of the Christian College. Rev. JAMES W. STRONG, Minn.

1887. Relations of Higher Technological Schools to the Public System of Instruction. Rev. JAMES L. HOPKINS, Ga.

1887. Relation of University, College, and Higher Schools to the Public System of Instruction. T. H. MCBRIDE, Iowa.

1887. The Means and Ends of Culture to be Provided for the American Public beyond the Ordinary School Period. Dr. J. H. VINCENT, N. Y.

1887. The Place of Literature in the College Course. HOMER B. SPRAGUE.

1888. Greek Philosophy and Modern Education. LEROY D. BROWN.

1888. Philosophy in Colleges and Universities. W. T. HARRIS.

1888. Historical Sketch of Higher Education on the Pacific Coast. WM. CAREY JONES.

1888. Higher Education. HORATIO STEBBINS.

1888. The State University and Public High Schools. A. L. COOK, Cal.

1888. Higher Instruction on the Pacific Coast. C. C. STRATTON, Cal.

1888. The Place of Literature in Common School Education. HORACE E. SCUDder.

1888. The Application of Arithmetic to Physical Science. WALTER MCNAB MILLER.

1888. Scientific Methods in Teaching Geography. C. F. PALMER.

1888. Teaching English. J. B. MCCHESNEY, Oakland, Cal.

1888. Educating the Whole Boy. J. W. MACDONALD, Mass.

ED 93-96

1889. Literature for High Schools. MINNIE C. CLARK, Kansas City, Mo.

1889. Honorary Degrees as Conferred by American Colleges. CHARLES F. SMITH, Tenn.

1889. A National University. WM. A. MOWRY, Boston, Mass.

1889. The Opportunities of the Rural Population for Higher Education. J. H. CANFIELD, Lawrence, Kans.

1889. The High School and the Citizen. H. C. MISSIMER, Erie, Pa.

1889. Uniform Course of Study for High Schools. E. W. Cor, Cincinnati, O.; HENRY C. KING, Oberlin, O. 1889. The High School. A. F. NIGHTINGALE, Ill.

1890. The Gap between Elementary Schools and the Colleges. CHAS. W. ELIOT, Mass.

1890. Effect of the College Preparatory High School upon Attendance and Scholarship in the Lower Grades. C. W. BARDEEN, N. Y.

1890. High School as a Fitting School. A. F. BECHDOLT, Minn.

1890. The Place and Function of the Agricultural College. D. L. KIEHLE, Minn.

1890. The Place and Function of the Agricultural College. LEWIS MCLOUTH, S. Dak.

1890. Co-Education of the Sexes. JOHN HANCOCK, Ohio.

1890. What have the People a Right to Ask from the Colleges? CHARLES A. BLANCHARD, Ill.

1890. The Demands of the High Schools for Severance from the College and the University. J. W. JOHNSON, Miss.

1890. The High School as a Finishing School. JAMES H. BAKER, Col.

1890. Art Instruction in the High School: its Utility and Value. Miss CHRISTINE SULLIVAN, Ohio.

1890. The High School as a Factor in Mass Education. E. A. STEERE, Mont.

1890. The Purpose and Scope of History in the High School. W. M. WEST, Minn.

1890. High School Work in Drawing. Miss RHODA E. SELLECK, Ind.

1890. College Education and Professional Life. J. C. HUTCHINSON, Ill.

1890. Uniform Requirements for Admission. H. A. FISCHER, Ill.

1890. Shorter College Courses to Meet a Popular Demand. H. L. STETSON, Iowa.

1890. Defects in College Discipline. RUFUS C. BURLESON, Texas.

1890. The Relation of the College to the Morals of the Student. M. D. HORNBECK, Ill.

1890. College Fraternities: Their Influence and Control. J. T. MCFARLAND, Iowa.

1890. Co-operative Government. M. C. FERNALD, Me.

1899. University and School Extension. W. T. HARRIS, D. C.

1891. Military Education in the United States. ALLEN ALLENSWORTH, N. Mex.

1891. Uniformity in Requirements for Admission to College. (Discussion.) REPORT OF COMMITTEE OF NATIONAL COUNCIL.

1891. Universities and Schools.

1891. The Future High School.

OSCAR H. COOPER, Texas. (Discussion.)


1891. How English is Taught in one High School. RAY GREENE HULING, Mass. 1891. Geometry in Our Schools. Miss MATILDA T. KARNES, N. Y.

1891. The Province of the Western High School. L. H. AUSTIN, Nebr. 1891. Should the College Course be Shortened? JOHN M. COULTER, Ind. 1892. Relation of Undergraduate to Postgraduate Curricula.

1892. University Education. RICHARD II. JESSE, MO.


1892. High School Extension, or Supplementary Work. F. E. PLUMMER.

1892. Rhetoric and Public Speaking in the American College. HENRY ALLYN FRINK, Mass.

1892. The University in its Relation to the People. ELMER E. BROWN, Mich.

1893. Legal Education in the United States. L. DIMSCHA, Russia.

1893. Higher Education. Address by D. C. GILMAN, Baltimore.

1893. How far is it Desirable that Universities should be of One Type? MARTIN KELLOGO, Cal. 1893. The Division of Labor in the University. GIUSEPPE ALLIEVO, Italy.

1893. Should an Antecedent Liberal Education be Required of Students in Law, Medicine, and Theology? WOODROW WILSON, N. J.

1893. Should Greek be Required for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts? W. G. HALE, Chicago, with letters from prominent educators and discussion.

1893. What Signs of Improvement are Visible in the Undergraduate Life of American Students? BRADFORD PAUL RAYMOND, Conn.

1893. The Relation of Professional Schools to the University. SETH LOW, N. Y.

1893. The Evolution of Liberal Education. ANDREW F. WEST, N. J.

1893. On What Conditions should the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy be Given? WM. O. SPROULL, Cincinnati.

1893. The Relation of Our Colleges and Universities to the Advancement of Our Civilization. JOHN J. KEANE, D. C.

1893. The Course of Study in Secondary Schools. G. N. CARMAN, Chicago.

1893. The Secondary Education of Girls in France. MARIE DUGARD.

1893. High Schools for Girls in England. MARY GURNEY and ROSE KINGSLEY.

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