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clusa ipso absente servi cujusdam indicio, furto surrepta atque sublata sunt," says Valentius. These have been the study of a host of commentators, among whose labours are most notable, Petri Severini, Idea Medicinæ Philosophiæ. Bas. 1571; Mic. Toxetis,Onomastica. Arg. 1574; Dornei, Dict. Parac. Franc. 1584; and Pi. Philosæ. Compendium cum scholiis auctore Leone Suavio. Paris. (This last, a good book.),

(5) A disgraceful affair. One Liechtenfels, a canon, having been rescued in extremis by the "laudanum" of Paracelsus, refused to come down with the stipulated fee, and was supported in his meanness by the authorities, whose interference Paracelsus would not brook. His own liberality was allowed by his bitterest foes, who found a ready solution of his indifference to profit in the aforesaid sword-handle nd its guest. His freedom from the besetting sin of a profession he abhorred (as he curiously says somewhere, "Quis quæso deinceps houorem deferat professione tali, quæ a tam facinorosis nebulonibus obitur et administratur?") is recorded in his epitaph, which affirms—" Bona sua in pauperes distribuenda collocandaque erogavit" honoravit, or ordinavit—for accounts differ.

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