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I HAVE to thank the following authors and owners of copyright for permission to use the hymns written or owned by them: Professor Felix Adler, Rev. Dendy Agate, Mrs. Alexander, Rev. S. BaringGould, Professor Blackie, Rev. A. G. W. Blunt, Rev H. Bonar, Miss Jane Borthwick, Rev. S. A. Brooke, Rev. Phillips Brooks, Rev. T. W. Chignell, Rev. S. Childs-Clarke, Miss Cobbe, Rev. J Ellerton, the Bishop of Exeter, Rev. T. W. Freckelton, Canon Furse, for hymns of the late Dr. Monsell; Mr. T. H. Gill, Rev. E. Hatch, Miss Havergal, for hymns of the late Miss F. R. Havergal; Mr. J. T. Hayes, for hymns of the late Dr. Neale; Mr. O. W. Holmes, Rev. J. Page Hopps, Mr. T. Hughes, Rev. E. Husband, Mr. A. C. Jewitt, Rev. R. F. Littledale, Mrs. Lynch, for hymns of the late Rev. T. T. Lynch; Mr. H. C. Maxwell Lyte, for hymns of the late Rev. H. F. Lyte; Mr. W. Maccall, Rev. W. T. Matson, Miss Edith Miles, Rev. H. Austin Mills, for hymns of the late Rev. E. Caswall; Cardinal Newman, Mr. F. T. Palgrave, Very Rev. E. H. Plumptre, Mr. C. Smith, Rev. W. C. Smith, Rev. S. J. Stone, Rev. Godfrey Thring, Rev. L. Tuttiett, Miss A. L. Waring, Mr. G. Watson, and Miss Wiglesworth.

The right of publishing some of Miss Procter's hymns has been purchased from Messrs. George Bell and Sons, and of publishing Hymn 53 from Mr. W. Chatterton Dix.

Special thanks must be given to Rev. J. V. Blake, of Chicago, Rev. J. W. Chadwick, of Brooklyn, Rev. J. F. Clarke, of Boston, Mass., Rev. W. C. Gannett, of Chicago, Rev. F. L. Hosmer, of Chicago, Rev. S. Longfellow, of Cambridge, Mass., Rev. M. J. Savage, of Boston, Mass., who have given me free permission to use their hymns. Mr. Longfellow has also given me permission to use the hymns of the late Rev. S. Johnson, and any others from "Hymns of the Spirit."

I have also to thank the Rev. W. Garrett Horder for much valuable assistance in preparing both editions of the Hymnal.

I hope that any involuntary infringement of copyright may be forgiven.

This hymn-book has been prepared solely for the use of my own congregation. It includes therefore no hymns for children, for whose use another book has already been compiled.




HAIL, sacred day of earthly rest,
From toil and trouble free ;
Hail, day of light, that bringest light
And joy to me.

A holy stillness, breathing calm
On all the world around,
Uplifts my soul, O God, to Thee,
Where rest is found.

No sound of jarring strife is heard,
As weekly labours cease;

No voice, but those that sweetly sing
Sweet songs of peace.

I hear the organ loudly peal,
And soaring voices raise
To Thee, their great Creator, hymns
Of deathless praise.

All earthly things appear to fade,
As, rising high and higher,
The yearning voices strive to join
The heavenly choir.

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