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No. 5. Die Wandelnde Glocke, from Der Lahre Hinkende Bote, by Wilhelm Fischer. Elementary. 33 pages text, 24 pages notes, 38 pages vocabulary and appendix. Cloth, 25 cents.

No. 6. Der Besuch im Carcer, Humoreske, by Ernst Eckstein. Elementary. 31 pages text, 23 pages notes, 30 pages vocabulary and appendix. Cloth, 25


No. 7. Episodes from Andreas Hofer, by Otto Hoffman. Elementary. 78 pages text, 18 pages notes, Cloth, 25 cents.

No. 8. Die Werke der Barmherzigkeit, by W. H. Riehl. Elementary. 60 pages text, 34 pages notes. Cloth, 25 cents.

No. 9. Harold, Trauerspiel in fünf Akten, by Ernst von Wildenbruch. Advanced. 4 pages introduction, 115 pages text, 18 pages notes. Cloth, 40 cents.

No. 10. Kolberg, Historisches Schauspiel in fünf Akten, by Paul Heyse. Advanced. 112 pages text, 25 pages notes. Cloth, 40 cents.

No. II. Robert Blake (ein Seestück) und Cromwell, zwei ausgewählte Aufsätze, by Reinhold Pauli. Advanced. 2 pages preface, 93 pages text, 53 pages notes. Cloth, 40 cents.

No. 12. Das deutsche Ordensland Preussen, by H. von Treitschke. Advanced. With map, 77 pages

text, 62 pages notes. Cloth, 40 cents.

No. 13. Meister Martin Hildebrand, by W. H.

· Riehl. Advanced. An easy volume. duction, 53 pages text, 35 pages notes.

3 pages introCloth, 40 cents. No. 14. Die Lehrjahre eines Humanisten, by W. H. Riehl. Advanced. 55 pages text, 47 pages notes. Cloth, 40 cents.

No. 15. Aus dem Jahrhundert des Grossen Krieges, by Gustav Freytag. Advanced. 28 pages introduction, 85 pages text, 41 pages notes. Cloth, 40 cents.

Goethe's Italienische Reise. (Selected Letters.) With introduction, 16 pages, map, text, 98 pages, notes, 48 pages. Edited by H. S. BERESFORDWEBB, Examiner in German (Prelim.) to the University of Glasgow. Cloth, 50 cents.

This selection does not profess to cover entirely new ground, as only a limited portion of the letters is available for educational purposes, the remainder being beyond the reach of ordinary students; but while a few passages have been omitted which the editor deemed unsuitable or not sufficiently interesting, a large number have been added which have not appeared in previous selections.


Easy Readings in German on Familiar Subjects. Consisting of 100 Easy German Stories, 89 pages, with Exercises for re-translation, 31 pages, and English-German and German-English vocabularies, 79 pages. By A. R. LECHNER, Senior Master of Modern Languages, Modern School, Bedford, England. Cloth, 50 cents.

Most of the pieces here have been adapted from English sources, so that the probable acquaintance of most young people with the subjects will render them more interesting, and facilitate their translation into English. The language used throughout is of the simplest kind, and the author has endeavored to use only such words as occur in daily life. The same words are frequently repeated with the view of impressing them on the memory.

Beginner's German Translation Book. Consisting of German Stories and Anecdotes, 64 pages, with Exercises for re-translation, 50 pages, notes, 18 pages, and German-English and English-German vocabularies, 99 pages. By H. S. BERESFORD-WEBB, Examiner in German (Prelim.) to the University of Glasgow. Cloth, 50 cents.

The object of this book is, first, to provide a Reading Book for beginners, and for this purpose the passages in Part I. (pp. 1-9) have been adapted and arranged in such a manner as to introduce the reader gradually to the various forms and constructions of the language, and secondly, to train the learner to utilize his stock of knowledge, acquired in translating from the German, by reproducing sentences similar to those he has read; in other words, to encourage imitation and adaptation. A learner hears or reads a construction or phrase, understands it, but is unable, from want of practice or confidence, to use it himself. Very often this difficulty arises from the necessity of changing slightly the construction, and adapting it to what he is desirous of saying. The Exercises have therefore been compiled with a view to give constant practice in the development of this faculty, and though, of course, this is not all that is required when learning a language, it will go a long way towards overcoming the difficulties which present themselves to the intelligent learner.

Maynard, Merrill, & Co. publish also the following standard German books:

Neuer Leitfaden. By EDWIN F. BACON, Ph.B., Professor of Modern Languages at the Oneonta State Normal School. This book meets a real want by its skillful employment of the natural or conversational method without the sacrifice of the grammatical thoroughness essential to a complete knowledge of the language. It is divided into two parts: the first a conversation grammar arranged in concise single-page lessons, remarkably convenient for reference; the second a choice, collection of short stories, dialogues, and songs with music, to which is added a complete German-English vocabulary.

It is believed that this book, being free from all the objections so often urged against the natural method, will contribute greatly to the popularity and spread of that method. It teaches the grammar; but it is grammar by practice, not by rule. The twelve introductory lessons are a rare example of ingenuity in the conversational presentation of the elements of the language, and, in the hands of a skillful teacher, are calculated to prepare for rapid and intelligent progress through the admirable single-page lessons that follow. These lessons contain a clear outline, the essentials, of the grammar without that minuteness of detail which renders so many text-books in language too bulky for ordinary use or convenient reference. Cloth, $1.25.

Kostyak and Ader's Deutschland und die Deutschen. The land where German is spoken and the people who speak it. An excellent German reader. Cloth, 75 cents.

Neue Anekdoten: Leichte und heitere Stücke. A collection of amusing and instructive anecdotes which furnish excellent material for reading and conversation. Boards, 40 cents.

MAYNARD, MERRILL, & Co., Publishers,



A Series of French School Texts

This Series of French Texts is intended principally for beginners, although it will contain some volumes suitable for students who have attained some proficiency in reading. Each volume is carefully edited by an experienced teacher with notes or vocabulary or both, as the case may be. The type is large and clear and the volumes are tastefully bound in cloth.

Specimen copies sent by mail on receipt of the price

No. 1. La Belle au Bois Dormant. Le Chat Botté. Elementary. 24 pages text, 29 pages vocabulary. Cloth, price 20 cents.

No. 2. Mêle -toi de ton Métier, by Mlle. L. Bruneau. Elementary. 18 pages text, 34 pages vocabulary. Cloth, price 20 cents.

No. 3. Huit Contes, by Mlle. Marie Minssen. Elementary. 25 pages text, 36 pages vocabulary. Cloth, price 20 cents.

No. 4. Historiettes. From the English. Elementary. 24 pages text, 35 pages vocabulary. Cloth, price 20 cents.

No. 5. Ce qu'on voit, by Mlle. E. de Pompéry. Elementary. 23 pages text, 36 pages vocabulary. Cloth, price 20 cents.

No. 6. Petites Histoires Enfantines, by Mlle. E. de Pompéry. Elementary. 22 pages text, 37 pages vocabulary. Cloth, price 20 cents.

No. 7. Petit Livre d'Instruction et de Divertissement. Elementary. 27 pages text, 37 pages

vocabulary. Cloth, price 20 cents.

No. 8. Un Mariage d'Amour, by Ludovic Halévy. Advanced. 57 pages text, 5 pages appendix, 8 pages notes. Cloth, price 25 cents.

Maynard, Merrill, & Co. publish also the following standard French books:

La France. By A. de Rougemont, Professor of French at the Adelphi Academy, Brooklyn, N. Y., and in charge of the French course at Chautauqua. An entertaining and instructive reading book for French classes. Of special value for stimulating learners to speak. Used at Harvard College. Cloth, 188 pages, 75 cents.

"In seventeen short chapters we are told (in French) all about the soil, climate, population, industries, social classes, and principal cities of France; and in twenty-two chapters more the educational system, the language and universities, the literature, the arts, the sciences, religion, and domestic life of France are discussed."-The Critic, New York.

From Yale College: "I shali take every opportunity that may present itself to recommend its use."-Prof. W. D. WHITNEY.

From Amherst College: "It is almost the ideal book for which I have been looking."-Prof. W. L. MONTAgue.


Nouvelles, Lectures faciles et

amusantes et Récitations. Boards, 30 cents.

Elwall's English-French and FrenchEnglish Dictionary. Compact, and beautifully printed. 18mo, 1300 pages, cloth, $2.00.


I. A Child's Illustrated First Book in French. 167 pages, 12mo, 75 cents.

The aim of this book is to teach children to speak French as they learn their mother tongue. It contains sufficient matter for a two years' course of instruction, and is intended for children from eight or ten years of age to twelve or fourteen years of age.

II. An Elementary French Grammar. 350 pages, Price 95 cents.


This book is designed for students in high schools and academies who are beginning the study of French. Its purpose is to train them in the principles of French

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