Sunset, Volumen11

Passenger Department, Southern Pacific Company, 1903
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Página 177 - The year's at the spring And day's at the morn; Morning's at seven; The hill-side's dew-pearled; The lark's on the wing; The snail's on the thorn: God's in his heaven — All's right with the world!
Página 254 - My native country, thee, Land of the noble free, Thy name I love; I love thy rocks and rills, Thy woods and templed hills; My heart with rapture thrills Like that above.
Página 59 - HAVE you had a kindness shown ? Pass it on. 'Twas not given for you alone — Pass it on. Let it travel down the years, Let it wipe another's tears, Till in heaven the deed appears — Pass it on.
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Página 102 - Hawaii and the Philippines, holds an extent of coast line which makes it of necessity a power of the first class in the Pacific. The extension in the area of our domain has been immense, the extension in the area of our influence even greater. America's geographical position on the Pacific is such as to insure our peaceful domination of its waters in the future if only we grasp with sufficient resolution the advantages of that position.
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Página 106 - That you may say is not looking at the matter from the practical standpoint. There is nothing more practical in the end than the preservation of beauty, than the preservation of anything that appeals to the higher emotions in mankind.
Página 37 - Nah-chee's gun struck Skin-yea square in the forehead, piercing his brain. The towering frame of the brave, bad warrior swayed a moment in the darkness and then fell prone upon the mountain side. Skin-yea had fought his last fight. Scarcely had Pi-on-se-nay realized his brother's death when he was himself completely disabled by a bullet fired by Tah-zay which crashed through his right shoulder. The die was cast. The fortunes of war no longer favored these veteran fighters. Wounded, defeated and disheartened...
Página 230 - A primrose by the river's brim, A yellow primrose was to him, And it was nothing more.
Página 90 - A Shortstory deals with a single character, a single event, a single emotion, or the series of emotions called forth by a single situation.

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