Annual Report of the Railroad Commissioners of the State of New Hampshire, Volumen40

Edward A. Jenks, state printer, 1884

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Página 55 - Until Congress acts in reference to the relations of this company to inter-State commerce, it is certainly within the power of Wisconsin to regulate its fares, etc., so far as they are of domestic concern. With the people of Wisconsin this company has domestic relations. Incidentally, these may reach beyond the State. But certainly, until Congress undertakes to legislate for those who are without the State, Wisconsin may provide for those within, even though it may indirectly affect those without.
Página 110 - Agents and station service Station supplies , Total operating expenses Taxes Total operating expenses and taxes ASSETS AND LIABILITIES.
Página 3 - ... the actual working of the system of railroad transportation in its bearing upon the business and prosperity of the state...
Página 44 - Every railroad corporation shall give to all persons or companies reasonable and equal terms, facilities, and accommodations for the transportation of themselves, their agents, and servants, and of any merchandise and other property, upon its railroad, and for the use of its depot and other buildings and grounds, and, at any point where its railroad connects with another railroad, reasonable and equal terms and facilities of interchange.
Página 47 - The very definition of a common carrier excludes the idea of the right to grant monopolies, or to give special and unequal preferences. It implies indifference as to whom they may serve, and an equal readiness to serve all who may apply, and in the order of their application.
Página 28 - No expenditure shall be charged to property accounts, except it be for actual increase in construction, equipments, or other property, unless it is made on old work in such a way as to clearly increase the value of the property over and above the cost of renewing the original structures, etc.
Página 113 - Lowest rate, of fare per mile, for any distance, (single tare), . Average rate of fare per mile (not including season tickets) received from passengers on roads operated by this company, . Average rate of fare per mile received from passengers to and from other roads,* . Average rate of fare per mile for season-ticket passengers, reckoning one round trip per day to each ticket,!
Página 89 - Total miles of road operated by this company . Total miles of road operated by this company in New Hampshire Number of stations in New Hampshire, on all roads operated by this company Number of telegraph offices in same Number of stations on all roads owned by this company Same in New Hampshire 1.36 miles.
Página 135 - Average rate of freight per ton per mile received from freight to and from other roads .... Average rate of freight per ton per mile received from all freight CAPITAL STOCK.
Página 211 - Present or contingent liabilities not included in the balance sheet. Bonds guaranteed by this company or a lien on its road (specifying same) . Overdue interest on same.

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