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Prem'is-ës, antecedent matter.
Pre-para-tor-y, introductory.
Pre-sage', to forbode.

Pre-scribe', to order; to appoint.
Pre-ten'sion, claim.

Pre-sump'tu-ous, arrogant; insolent.
Prev'a-lent, powerful; superior.
Pre'vi-ous, going before.
Prin'ci-pal, chief.

Prin'ci-ple, original cause; element.

Rap'ture, ecstasy; transport.
Rash, hasty; precipitate.
Rat'i-fy, to confirm.
Rati'on-al, reasonable.
Rav'age, to lay waste.
Rav'en-ous, devouring furiously.
Ra-vine', (en') a deep hollow.
Re-al'i-ty, truth; certainty.
Re-ca-pit'u-late, to repeat again dis-

Priv'i-lege, right; peculiar advan- Re-cede', to go back; to retire.


Pro-fess', to avow.

Pro-fici'en-cy, improvement.

Prof li-ga-cy, wickedness.

Prog'e-ny, offspring.
Progress, advancement.
Pro-gressive, advancing.
Pro-long', to lengthen out.
Prompt, quick; ready.
Pro-mulgate, to publish.
Proof, evidence; test.

Prop'a-gate, to generate; to breed.
Prop'er-ty, a quality; right of pos-

Re'cent, new; fresh.

Re-cess', a retired place.

Re-cluse', a hermit; eremite; anchorite.

Re-coil', to rush back.

Rec ́og-nise, to know; to acknow-

Rec-om-mend', to speak well of.
Rec'om-pense, to requite.

lec'on-cile, to make things or per
sons agree.

Re-count', to relate distinctly.
Re-cruit', a raw soldier.
Rec'ti-tude, uprightness.

Prophet, one who fortells future Re-doubt'ed, feared; formidable.


Pro-pōr'tion, ratio.

Prop-o-siti'on, proposal; something
set forth.

Pros'e-cute, to follow, to sue.
Pros'e-lyte, a convert.

Pros-per'i-ty, success; good fortune.
Pros'trate, lying flat.

Pro-tu ber-ance, a swelling out;


Prow ́ess, bravery; valour.
Prox-im'i-ty, nearness.
Pub'lish, to make known.

Pu'is-sant, powerful; potent.
Pulp, a soft mass.

Ref'er-ence, relation.

Re-fine'ment, improvement in ele-

Re-flect', to consider; to cast back.
Refuge, shelter.

Re-fraction, a variation of a ray of

Re-ga'li-a, ensigns of royalty.
tu-Regent, one ruling for another.
Reg'i-men, prescribed diet.
Reg'i-ment, a body of soldiers.
Region, a district of country.

Pu-sil-lan'i-mous, mean spirited.
Mag-nan'i-mous, great in mind.
U-nan'i-mous, of one mind.
E-qua-nim'i-ty, evenness of mind.
Pu'trid, rotten.

Quad'ru-ped, an animal with four

Quest, search.

Qui-es'cent, at rest.

Ra'di-ate, to emit rays.

Reg'is-ter, a list; record.
Reg'u-late, to adjust by rule.
Reign, to rule as a king.

Re-em-bark', to take shipping again.
Re-in-force', to strengthen with new

Rel'a-tive, a kinsman.

Re-lax', to slacken; to remit.
Re-li'ance, trust; dependence.
Re-ligion, a system of faith and

Re-lin'quish, to leave; to forsake
Re-luc'tant, unwilling.

Ram'part, the wall round fortified Re-mind', to put one in mind.


Ran'cid, strong-scented.

Ran'som, a price paid for liberty.
Rap'ine, the act of plundering.

Re-mit', to forgive; to send away.
Re-mission, abatement; forgiveness.
Re-mon'strate, to show strong rea-
sons; to expostulate.

Re-morse', anguish of a guilty con- Sa'vour, taste or scent.


Ren-coun'ter, a hostile meeting;

Rep-e-tition, a repeating.
Re-plen'ish, to stock; to furnish.
Rep-re-sent', to exhibit; to describe;
to appear or act for another.
Re-press', to crush.

Re-proach', to censure; upbraid.
Rep'tile, a creeping animal.
Req'ui-site, necessary.
Re-sent'ment, anger; strong sense
of wrong.

Re-serve', something kept back.
·Res-er-voir', (vwor) place where any
thing is kept in store.
Re-sort', to frequent.
Re-source', an expedient.
Re-spec'ta-ble, deserving of respect.
Re-spec'tive, particular; each their


Res-pi-ra'tion, a breathing.
Re-splen'dent, shining; effulgent.
Re-sult', to arise from; n. a


Re-tal'iate, to requite evil.

Scep'tre, (er) ensign of royalty.
Scheme', plan; project.
Scope, aim; intention; room.
Sco'ri-æ, dross.

Screen, a shade; a shelter.
Scrû'ple, to doubt; to hesitate.
Se-crete', to hide; to separate.
Se-cre'tion, a separation of juice.
Sec'u-lar, worldly; mundane.
Sed'i-ment, what settles at the bot-
tom of liquor.

Se-diti'ous, factious; turbulent.
Se-duce', to lead astray.
Segment, a piece cut off.
Se-lect', to choose.

Sen-sa'tion, perception by the senses.
Sen'si-ble, that may be perceived by

the senses.

Sen'si-tive, having perception.
Sen'su-al, (sh) addicted to the pleas-
ures of sense; carnal.
Sen'ti-nel, a soldier on guard.
Sep'ul-chre, (er) a grave; a tomb.

conse-Ser ́aph, an angel.

Se'ri-ës, order; course.

Se'ri-ous, grave; solemn.

Rev-e-la'tion, a disclosing of what is Si-er'ra, a chain of mountains.


Rev'el-ry, festive mirth.

Rev'er-ie, irregular musing.

Re-ver'sion, a right of succession.

[blocks in formation]

Riv'en, split; torn with violence.
Riv'u-let, a rill; a small stream.
Ro-bust', strong; vigorous.
Ro-man'tic, wild; improbable.
Ro'tat-ing, whirling round.
Roy'al-ist, an adherent to the king.
Rud'der, the instrument by which
the ship is steered; a helm.
Rup ́ture, a breach.
Rus'set, reddishly brown;
Sa'bre, (er) a short sword;
a scimitar.

¡Signal, n. a sign that gives notice; a.


Si-mil'i-tude, likeness.

Sim-plic'i-ty, artlessness.

Sin-cere', honest.

Sin'gu-lar, particular; rare.

Skirmish, a slight encounter.
Slen'der, thin; small.

Slough, (slow) a deep miry place;
(sluff) skin cast off.

Sneak, to creep off meanly; to crouch,
Smoulder-ing, burning and smoking
without vent.
So'cial, fond of society.

So'journ, to dwell anywhere for a time.
Sol'der, to cement; to join.
Sol'emn, grave; serious.
a falchion; So-lic'i-tude, anxiety.
[of sugar. Sol'i-ta-ry, lonely.


properties Sol'i-tude, state of being alone; a

Sac'cha-rine, having the
Sa-gac'i-ty, acuteness.
Sa-line', salt.
Sa-lu'bri-ous, healthful.
Sal'u-ta-ry, wholesome.
Sa-lute', to greet; to hail.
San'gui-na-ry, bloody; cruel.
Sa'ti-ate, to satisfy; to glut.
Sa-van'nah, an open meadow.


Som'bre, (er) gloomy.

Source, origin; spring; fountain.
Spec-u-la'tion, mental view; scheine.
Sphere, a globe; an orb.

Spine, the backbone.
Spi'ral, winding.
Spi'ry, like a pyramid.

Spir'it-u-al, incorporeal.

Spirit-u-ous, pertaining to distilled spirits.

Spon-ta'ne-ous, voluntary.
Squâ'dron, a troop.


Squall, sudden gust of wind.
Stag-na'tion, a standing still.
Stam'in-a, first principles;
threads growing up in the flowers
of plants.
Stanch, to stop blood.
Steppe, a barren waste.
Ster'ile, unfruitful.

Stim'u-late, to prick; to urge on.
Stip-u-la'tion, bargain; contract.
Story, a tale; part of a house.
Strat'a-gem, a trick; artifice.
Structure, a building; edifice.
Stud'ded, set with studs or knobs.
Stunt'ed, stopped in growth.
Stu-pen'dous, amazing; large.
Suav'i-ty, sweetness.

Sub-ma-rine', (e') under the sea.
Sub-merge', to put under water.
Sub'se-quent, following.
Sub-side', to sink; to cease.
Sub-sis'tence, means of support.
Sub-stan ́tial, real; corporeal.
Sub'sti-tute, to put in the place


[blocks in formation]

Syn'chro-nous, happening at the
same time; contemporaneous.
Sy-non'y-mous, of the same meaning.
A-non'y-nous, wanting a name.
Tam'per, to meddle with unfitly.
Ta'per, growing small regularly.
Teem, to bring forth; to be full.
Teg'u-ment, a covering.
Tem'per-ate, moderate.
Tem'per-a-ture, degree of any qua-
Tem'po-ra-ry, only for a time.
Ten'ant, an occupant.
Tend, to move towards.
Ten'den-cy, course towards.
Ten'don, a sinew.

Ten'or, course; purport.
Ter'race, a raised walk.

Ter-ra'que-ous, of land and water. Ter-res tri-al, of or belonging to the earth.

Tes'ta-ment, a will.

Tes'ti-mon-y, evidence.

Tex'ture, a thing woven.

Ther-mom'e-ter, an instrument to

[blocks in formation]

of Tinc'ture, a hue; a dye; a vegeta-
Toc'sin, an alarum-bell.
Tor'pid, sluggish; benumbed.
Tor rent, a rapid stream.
Tor'rid, scorching.

Tor'tu-ous, twisted.

[blocks in formation]

Sus-pend', to hang up.
Sus-pici'on, mistrust.
Sus'te-nance, support.
Swoop, to fall suddenly upon.
Sym'me-try, due proportion of parts.
Syc'o-phant, a flatterer; parasite.

Trac'ta-ble, easily managed.

Trag'i-cal, mournful.

Tran-quil'li-ty, calmness.

Trans-action, anything done.
Tran-scribe', to copy.

Trans-late', to remove from one place to another; to explain. Trans-mit', to send from one to an[through.


Trans-pa'rent, that may be seen

Trans-port', to banish; to delight. Treach'er-y, breach of faith.

Traverse, to cross; to wander over.

Trea'son, offence against the sove reign.

Tre-men'dous, dreadful.
Tri'umph, joy for victory.
Triv'ial, trifling.

Trow'el, a tool to make up mortar.
Trun'cat-ed, cut; maimed.

Tu'bu-lar, long and hollow.
Tur'bid, muddy.
Tur'bu-lent, tumultuous.
Ty-pog'ra-phy, the art of printing.
To-pog'ra-phy, description of a

Ul'ti-mate, last; final.

Vi-cin'i-ty, neighbourhood.
Vi-cis'si-tude, a change. [destroyed.
Vic'tim, a sacrifice; something
Vig'il-lant, watchful.
Vig'or-ous, strong.

Vi'nous, having the quality of wine.
Vin'tage, the time of making wine.
Vi'o-lent, outrageous; forcible.
Vir'tu-ous, morally good.
Viru-lence, malignity.
Vis'age, the face.
Vis'cid, clammy.
Visi'on, (zh) sight.
Vis-i-ta'tion, act of visiting.
[wicked. Vis'ta, prospect through trees.

Un-der-mine', to sap. [taken away.
Un-a ́li-en-a-ble, that cannot be
Un'du-late, to roll as waves. [heirs.
Un-en-tailed', not fixed to certain
Un-e-quiv'o-cal-ly, not doubtfully.
U'ni-verse, the whole creation.
U-ni-ver'sal, all; embracing the

Un-prin ci-pled, devoid of principle; Vis'u-al (zh) pertaining to sight.

Un-ri'valled, unequalled.

Un-wiel'dy, not easily moved.
U-til'i-ty, usefulness.

Va'grant, wandering; vagabond.
Van, front of an army.
Van'i-ty, emptiness: folly.
Va'ri-e-gate, to stain with
Vaunt, to boast.

Viv'id, lively.

Viv'i-fy, to make alive.

Viz'ier, the Ottoman prime minister.
Vo-cif'er-ous, bawling; clamorous.
Void, empty.

[colours. Vol-can'ic, produced by fire.
different Vol'ume, a book; something rolled.
Vo-ra'cious, (shus) ravenous.
Vor'tex, a whirlpool.

Veg'e-tate, to grow as plants.
Ve'he-ment, violent; eager.
Ve'hi-cle, a carriage.

Ven-er-a'tion, reverent regard.

[blocks in formation]

Vo'ta-ry, a devotee.

Ward, watch; one under a guardian. War'rant, a writ of caption; authority.

Wa'ver, to fluctuate.

Win'now, to fan; to separate hy
means of the wind.
Wit'ness, one who gives evidence
Wres'tle, to struggle.
Writhe, to distort.

Words similar in Sound, but different in Spelling and Signification.

Ail, to be sick.

Ale, malt liquor.
Air, atmosphere.
E'er, ever
Ere, before.

[by law.

Heir, one who inherits
All, the whole.
Awl, shoemaker's tool.
Altar, for sacrifice.
Alter, to change.
Bacon, swine's flesh.
Baken, in an oven.
Bail, surety.
Bale, a bundle of goods.
Baize, coarse woollen

Bays, garland of leaves.
Base, a. mean; n. foun-
Bass, in music. [dation.
Ball, a globe.
Bawl, to cry out.
Bare, uncovered.

Bear, v. to carry; n. a
wild beast.
Beech, a tree.
Beach, the shore.
Beau, a fop.
Bow, to shoot with.
Beer, malt liquor.
Bier, for the dead.
Bell, for ringing.
Belle, a gay lady.
Berry, a small fruit.

Bury, to inter.

Boar, the male swine.

Bore, to make a hole; carried.

Bole, trunk or body of a

Sight, something seen.
Site, a situation.
Clause, an article.
Claws, of a bird or beast.
Climb, to go up.
Clime, climate.
Coarse, not fine.
Course, a race; passage.
Council, assembly.
Counsel, advice.
Cousin, a relation.
Cozen, to cheat.
Cygnet, a young swan.
Signet, a seal.
Dear, valuable.
Deer, a stag.
Dew, moisture.
Due, owing.
Doe, female deer.
Dough, paste.
Done, performed.
Dun, a colour.

Ear, organ of hearing.
Year, twelve months.
Eye, organ of sight.
I, myself.

Fain, desirous.
Fane, a temple.
Feign, to dissemble.
Faint, weak; feeble.
Feint, a pretence.
Fair, beautiful.

Fare, food.

Feat, exploit,
Feet, to walk with.
Flour, ground corn.
Flower, blossom.


Fool, an idiot.

Full, complete.

Foul, filthy.

Boll, a measure. Bowl, a round vessel.

Bough, a branch.

Bow, to bend.

Brake, a thicket.

Break, to part by force.

Cannon, a great gun.
Canon, a rule; law.
Ceiling, of a room.
Sealing, using a seal.
Cellar, a vault.
Seller, one who sells.
Cent, a hundred.
Sent, despatched.
Scent, a smell.
Cite, to summon.

Fowl, a bird.
Frays, quarrels.

Phrase, mode of speech.
Gait, walk.
Gate, entrance.
Gall, bitter substance.
Gaul, a Frenchman.
Gilt, gilded.

Guilt, sin; crime.
Grate, for coals.
Great, large.

Grater, file for nutmeg.
Greater, larger.
Groan, a moan.

[blocks in formation]

Hie, to hasten.

High, lofty..

Him, that man.

Hymn, a divine song.
Hole, a hollow place.
Whole, all.

Hour, 60 minutes.
Our, our own.
Idle, unemployed.
Idol, an image.

Idyl, a pastoral poem.
I'll, I will.

Isle, an island.
Aisle, of a church.
In, within.

Inn, a public-house.
Indict, to accuse.
Indite, to compose.
Jam, conserve of fruit.
Jamb, post of a door.
Kill, to put to death.
Kiln, for drying grain.
Knave, a rogue.
Nave, of a wheel.
Knead, to work dough.
Need, want.

Knew, did know.
New, not old.

Knight, title of honour.
Night, darkness.
Knot, what is tied.
Not, negative.

Knows, does know.

Nose, of the face.

Lade, to load.

[blocks in formation]
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