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understand and act upon this principle. If you wish a child to be well in health and to grow vigorously, you do not load its stomach with great quantities of food, but prepare a healthy appetite by inspiriting exercise. It is the same with the intellect. If you fill the child's mind with food which it cannot digest, you will never make it clever. You do not give the child time to reflect and carry out its own ideas. Read the biographies of great men, and you will find that they were often considered dull and naughty boys at school; their individual faculties had no space for development; but after they left and became free, they soon made up for lost time and distanced others.

The toys at present given to children are completed things, so that the child soon tires of them, and as it must have something to do, it breaks its toys to pieces. The best toys are those which provide labour for the hands and head. The Kinder Garten, gives children materials to enable them to make their own toys. Take, for example, a piece of modelling clay, which exercises the constructiveness of children. We all have experienced how fond children are of a piece of putty, because they can mould it so as to please their own invention. Therefore, the Kinder Garten forms modelling classes for children, from three up to fifteen years of age. The teacher provides the models, as a little bird's nest, a pear, a basket of fruit, a shell, which the children imitate. Gradually they produce very beautiful objects, as you will find on visiting the school, and all according to their own taste and inventive talent. They

take copies of natural leaves and flowers, and learn thereby the love of Nature, which is an important feature in education. Of what use is a beautiful painting, the best music, the loveliest poem, to an uncultivated mind? What is the order and beauty of Nature to those who cannot understand the divine language in which she is teaching us? Children ought to learn and observe early the beauties which surround them.

There is a particular talent in some children for modelling, which you may discover very early. In the upper classes of the school, they have modelled hands and feet. In the spring, they have often brought in a leaf and modelled it, thus preparing for themselves in winter a pleasant object to refer to. This has a double advantage, as children who live in large towns, are, to a great extent, deprived of Nature, the love of which is so elevating.

We think now, we have said enough, to give a general idea of Froebel's System, at least theoretically. The nursery toys of the Kinder Garten, and other school apparatus can be obtained, at Messrs. Myres & Co., 144, Leadenhall Street, London, also a practical Guide for teaching the System, by Johan and Bertha Ronge, to whom we are much indebted.

We now close our little work of suggestive instruction to the Mothers of England. Let them learn of their Divine Teacher how to adapt it to their infant charge. Let them train youth to be happy, then to be useful and good. Let them ever keep in view the eternal reward

of well-doing; and present heaven to their little ones, as their final homes of never-failing enjoyment. This will tend to convince them of the folly of life; and lead them to seek purer and nobler joys in one that is to come.


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