International Law Situations with Solutions and Notes. 1902

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1903 - 106 páginas

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Página 39 - Upon the conclusion and signing of this protocol, hostilities between the two countries shall be suspended, and notice to that effect shall be given as soon as possible by each Government to the commanders of its military and naval forces.
Página 37 - ... nearest port of her own country, or to some nearer destination, and no coal shall again be supplied to any such ship of war in the same or any other port, roadstead, or waters subject to the territorial jurisdiction of Her Majesty, without special permission, until after the expiration of three months from the time when such coal may have been last supplied to her within British waters as aforesaid.
Página 42 - The usage of the world is, if a nation be not entirely subdued, to consider the holding of conquered territory as a mere military occupation, until its fate shall be determined at the treaty of peace. If it be ceded by the treaty, the acquisition is confirmed, and the ceded territory becomes a part of the nation to which it is annexed ; either on the terms stipulated in the treaty of cession, or on such as its new master shall impose.
Página 42 - An Act temporarily to provide for the administration of the affairs of civil government in the Philippine Islands, and for other purposes...
Página 40 - But the boundaries of the United States, as they existed when war was declared against Mexico, were not extended by the conquest ; nor could they be regulated by the varying incidents of war, and be enlarged or diminished as the armies on either side advanced or retreated. They remained unchanged. And every place which was out of the limits of the United States, as previously established by the political authorities of the government, was still foreign ; nor did our laws extend over it.
Página 40 - Philippine islands becomes immediately necessary, and the military government heretofore maintained by the United States in the city, harbor and bay of Manila is to be extended with all possible dispatch to the whole of the ceded territory.
Página 37 - The United States is not only a Government, but it is a National Government, and the only government in this country that has the character of nationality.
Página 11 - The practice has been, accordingly, that it is in considerable quantities only that the offense of contraband is contemplated. The case of dispatches is very different ; it is impossible to limit a letter to so small a size as not to be capable of producing the most important consequences in the operations of the enemy. It is a service, therefore, which, in whatever degree it exists, can only be considered in one character, as an act of the most noxious and hostile nature.
Página 43 - It may do anything necessary to strengthen itself and weaken the enemy. There is no limit to the powers that may be exerted in such cases save those which are found in the laws and usages of war.
Página 38 - The United States will occupy and hold the city, bay and harbor of Manila pending the conclusion of a treaty of peace which shall determine the control disposition and government of the Philippine».

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