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JUL 1 1914



Bible Studies,.

Book Review,
Book of Mormon and The Spaulding Manuscript, The

..Seymour B. Young, 648


Book of The Revelation of Abraham, The A Translation,.
.E. H. Anderson, R. T. Haag, 705, 793
.207, 282, 427, 608
.Prof. J. M. Tanner, 881

Best Thoughts, Symposium of,

Book of The Revelation of Abraham, Comments on The, The Editors, 896

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Events of the Month,..

... Thomas Hull, 140, 221, 301, 381, 462, 541, 622, 703, 783, 862 943
European Diplomacy,
Prof. J. M. Tanner, 165
England and Germany,
.Prof. J. M. Tanner, 237
..John Thorgeirson, 689

Fragment Truths Through Northern Mists,.

Gifts of the Gospel—“They Shall Speak with New Tongues,'

Indian Wit and Gratitude..
Ingersoll's "Best Argument Ever Advanced

Importance of the Choice of a Profession or
In Lighter Mood,.

Jubilee Review, A..

Leaf From Northern Mythology, A,


Macgregor and Lamont...
Moors in Spain, The,.
Midnight Sun, Seeing the,

Charles S. Smith, 725

"And He will Show you Things to Come, ".. Samuel C. Adams, 726
Hawaiian Islands and Annexation, The,.
How Do We Think?..

Past of Mutual Improvement, The,
Plea for Fiction, A,.

Purpose in Fiction,
Passion Week,..



Bishop O. F. Whitney, 625

Frogress of the War...

Present War and the Coming Struggle, The,
Personal Appearance of Jesus,.

Benjamin Cluff, Jr., 435
W. H. Lamaster, 545


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The Late General Conference, 61; Change in Stake Superintenden-
cies, 63; The Improvement Fund, 63; Errata, 64; The Best
Books on the Life of Jesus, 135; Age of Membership, 137; Our
Missionary Work, 138; Napoleon on the Character of Christ, 217;
Uses of the Improvement Fund, 219; M. I. A. Mission Work, 220,
294; A Word with Officers, 299; The General Secretary's Request,
300; M. I. A. Manual Work, 377; The M. I. A. General Conference
for 1898, 378; The Question of Enrollment, 379: The Summer Ad-
journment, 458; An Improvement Association Reading Rcom, 459;
Of Interest to Missionaries, 460; M. I. A. Annual Conference, 460;
Report of M. I. A. Missionary Labor, 532; To Missionaries, 540;
Suggestions of a President, 618; Y. M. M. I. A. Annual Con-
ference, 620; A Correction, 621; Encouragement for Busy Men,
618; Minutes of the General Annual Conference of Mutual Improve-
ment Associations, 698, 777; Manual for 1898-99, 728; A Word to
Missionaries, 782; To Officers of Associations, 857; The New
Manual, 857; The Lake Conferences, 857; An Improvement Asso-
ciation in the Philippines, 859; A Summer Program, 859; Import-
ant Items from the Late Conference, 941.


.Edward H. Anderson, 1, 85

..Nephi Anderson, 186
Nephi Anderson, 269
.391, 489, 582, 654, 735
.584, 685, 741, 836
• John Nicholson, 785


Is it Worth While, 33; November Thoughts, 53; December, 76; On

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