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Being a Year-Book of Selections from the Earlier
Works of Mr. Rudyard Kipling


"It's all in the day's work"

Kipling: "Thrown Away"





January 11.


HERE was a delightful sense of irresponsibility upon him, such as they feel who walking among their fellowmen know that the death-sentence of disease is upon them, and, since fear is but waste of the little time left, are riotously happy. The Light that Failed.

January 12.


IS friends were thankful when he said good-bye, and went out to this mysterious "tea" business near Darjiling. They said: "God bless you, dear boy! Let us never see your face again," -or at least that was what Phil was given to understand. Yoked with an Unbeliever.

E was clever

January 13.

but his cleverness

- brilliantly clever worked the wrong way. Instead of keeping to the study of the vernaculars, he had read some books written by a man called Comte, I think, and a man called Spencer, and a Professor Clifford. [You will find these books in the Library.] They deal with people's insides from the point of view of men who have no stomachs. There was no order against his reading them; but his Mamma should have smacked him. They fermented in his head, and he came out to India with a rarefied religion over and above his work. It was not much of a creed. It only proved that men had no souls, and there was no God and no hereafter, and that you must worry along somehow for the good of Humanity. The Conversion of Aurelian McGoggin.


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January 14.


DO not say a word against this creed. It was made up in Town, where there is nothing but machinery and asphalt and building—all shut in by the fog. Naturally, a man grows to think that there is no one higher than himself, and that the Metropolitan Board of Works made everything, But in this country, where you really see humanity — raw, brown, naked humanity — with nothing between it and the blazing sky, and only the used-up, over-handled earth underfoot, the notion somehow dies away, and most folk come back to simpler theories. Life, in India, is not long enough to waste in proving that there is no one in particular at the head of affairs. The Conversion of Aurelian McGoggin

January 15.

"LIE still, dear lamb, lie still;

The child is passed from harm,

'Tis the ache in your breast that broke your rest,
And the feel of an empty arm.”

The Gift of the Sea.

January 16.

EN are licensed to stumble, but a clever woman's mis

Providence; since all good people know that a woman is the only infallible thing in the world, except Government Paper of the '79 issue, bearing interest at four and a half The Education of Otis Yeere.

per cent.

January 17.

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"SHTRIP, bhoys!' sez I.

Shtrip to the buff, an'

shwim in where glory waits!' 'But I can't shwim !' sez two av thim. To think I should live to hear that from a bhoy wid a board-school edukashin!' sez I. Take a lump av thimber, an' me an' Conolly here will ferry ye over, ye young ladies !'"' The Taking of Lungtungpen.

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January 18.

HE had eyes like the brown av a buttherfly's wing whin

ut, an a waist no arm,

an' a little sof' button av a mouth I wud ha' gone through all Asia bristlin' wid bay'nits to get the kiss av. An' her hair was as long as the tail av the Colonel's charger — forgive me mintionin' that blunderin' baste in the same mouthful with Annie Bragin — but 't was all shpun gold, an' time was whin a lock av ut was more than di'monds to me." The Solid Muldoon.

January 19.


O wise man has a policy," said the Viceroy. "A Policy is the blackmail levied on the Fool by the Unforeseen. I am not the former, and I do not believe in the latter."

I do not quite see what this means, unless it refers to an Insurance Policy. Perhaps it was the Viceroy's way of saying, "Lie low." A Germ Destroyer.

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