The Seraphim, and Other Poems

Saunders and Otley, 1838 - 360 páginas

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Página 285 - For me, my heart that erst did go Most like a tired child at a show, That sees through tears the mummers leap, "Would now its wearied vision close, Would childlike on His love repose, Who giveth His beloved, sleep.
Página 283 - OF all the thoughts of God that are Borne inward unto souls afar, Along the Psalmist's music deep, Now tell me if that any is, For gift or grace, surpassing this — • He giveth His beloved, sleep ? ' What would we give to our beloved ? The hero's heart, to be unmoved, The poet's star-tuned harp, to sweep, The patriot's voice, to teach and rouse, The monarch's crown, to light the brows ?He giveth His beloved, sleep.
Página 336 - ALL are not taken ; there are left behind Living Beloveds, tender looks to bring And make the daylight still a happy thing, And tender voices, to make soft the wind : But if it were not so — if I could find No love in all the world for comforting, Nor any path but hollowly did ring Where "dust to dust...
Página 352 - Deserted ! who hath dreamt that when the cross in darkness rested, Upon the victim's hidden face no love was manifested ! What frantic hands outstretched have e'er the atoning drops averted, What tears have washed them from the soul, that one should be deserted...
Página 285 - His dews drop mutely on the hill, His cloud above it saileth still, Though on its slope men sow and reap : More softly than the dew is shed, Or cloud is floated overhead, He giveth His beloved, sleep.
Página 349 - With quiet sadness and no gloom I learn to think upon him ; With meekness that is gratefulness to God whose heaven hath won him, Who suffered once the madness-cloud to His own love to blind him, But gently led the blind along where breath and bird could find him ; And wrought within his shattered brain such quick poetic senses As hills have language for, and stars, harmonious influences.
Página 348 - And now, what time ye all may read through dimming tears his story, How discord on the music fell and darkness on the glory, And how when, one by one, sweet sounds and wandering lights departed, He wore no less a loving face because so brokenhearted, — He shall be strong to sanctify the poet's high vocation, And bow the meekest Christian down in meeker adoration ; Nor ever shall he be, in praise, by wise or good forsaken, Named softly as the household name of one whom God hath taken.
Página 285 - O earth, so full of dreary noises ! O men, with wailing in your voices ! O delved gold, the wailers heap! O strife, O curse, that o'er it fall ! God strikes a silence through you all, And giveth His beloved, sleep.
Página xv - Contemplative piety, or the intercourse between God and the human soul, cannot be poetical. Man admitted to implore the mercy of his Creator and plead the merits of his Redeemer is already in a higher state than poetry can confer.
Página 331 - Whose Sovereign wept — Yea ! wept, to wear its crown ! God bless thee, weeping Queen, With blessing more divine! And fill with happier love than earth's, That tender heart of thine ! That when the thrones of earth shall be As low as graves brought down, A pierced Hand may give to thee The crown which angels shout to see! Thou wilt not weep, To wear that heavenly crown ! VANITIES.

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