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What's here, this gold-we cannot meet again,
Consider and the money was but meant
For two years' travel, which is over now,
All chance, or hope, or care, or need of it!
This—and what comes from selling these, my casts
And books, and medals, except ... let them go
Together, so the produce keeps you safe,

Out of Natalia's clutches!-If by chance

(For all's chance here) I should survive the gang At Venice, root out all fifteen of them,

We might meet somewhere, since the world is wide(From without is heard the voice of PIPPA, singing -

Give her but a least excuse to love me!


How can this arm establish her above me,

If fortune fixed her as my lady there,
There already, to eternally reprove me?
("Hist" said Kate the queen;

But "Oh-" cried the maiden, binding her tresses,

"Tis only a page that carols unseen

"Crumbling your hounds their messes !”)

Is she wronged?—To the rescue of her honour,
My heart!

Is she poor?-What costs it to be styled a donour?
Merely an earth's to cleave, a sea's to part!

But that fortune should have thrust all this upon her
("Nay, list,"-bade Kate the queen;

And still cried the maiden, binding her tresses,

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What name was that the little girl sang forth?
Kate? The Cornaro, doubtless, who renounced
The crown of Cyprus to be lady here

At Asolo, where still the peasants keep

Her memory; and songs tell how many a page
Pined for the grace of one so far above

His power of doing good to, as a queen—

"She never could be wronged, be poor," he sighed For him to help her!"

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Yes, a bitter thing

To see our lady above all need of us;
Yet so we look ere we will love; not I,
But the world looks so. If whoever loves
Must be, in some sort, god or worshipper,
The blessing or the blest one, queen or page,
Why should we always choose the page's part?
Here is a woman with utter need of me,-

I find myself queen here, it seems!

How strange

Look at the woman here with the new soul,
Like my own Psyche's,—fresh upon her lips
Alit, the visionary butterfly,

Waiting my word to enter and make bright,
Or flutter off and leave all blank as first.
This body had no soul before, but slept

Or stirred, was beauteous or ungainly, free
From taint or foul with stain, as outward things
Fastened their image on its passiveness:

Now, it will wake, feel, live-or die again!
Shall to produce form out of unshaped stuff
Be art-and, further, to evoke a soul

From form, be nothing? This new soul is mine!

Now, to kill Lutwyche, what would that do ?—save
A wretched dauber, men will hoot to death
Without me, from their laughter!—Oh, to hear
God's voice plain as I heard it first, before
They broke in with that laughter! I heard them
Henceforth, not God!

To Ancona-Greece-some isle

I wanted silence only-there is clay

Everywhere. One may do whate'er one likes
In Art-the only thing is, to make sure

That one

does like it—which takes pains to know.
Scatter all this, my Phene-this mad dream!
Who-what is Lutwyche-what Natalia's friends,
What the whole world except our love-my own,
Own Phene? But I told you, did I not,
Ere night we travel for your land-some isle
With the sea's silence on it? Stand aside-
I do but break these paltry models up
To begin art afresh. Shall I meet Lutwyche,
And save him from my statue's meeting him?
Some unsuspected isle in the far seas !

Like a god going thro' his world there stands
One mountain for a moment in the dusk,
Whole brotherhoods of cedars on its brow-
And you are ever by me while I gaze
—Are in my arms as now-as now—as now!
Some unsuspected isle in the far seas!

Some unsuspected isle in far off seas!

Talk by the way, while PIPPA is passing from Orcana to the Turret. Two or three of the Austrian Police loitering with BLUPHOCKS, an English vagabond, just in view of the Turret.

Bluphocks. So, that is your Pippa, the little girl who passed us singing? Well, your Bishop's Intendant's money shall be honestly earned :-now, don't make me that sour face because I bring the Bishop's name into the business-we know he can have nothing to do with such horrors-we know that he is a saint and all that a Bishop should be, who is a great man besides. Oh! were but every worm a maggot, Every fly a grig, Every bough a christmas faggot, Every tune a jig! In fact, I have abjured all religions; but the last I inclined to, was the Armenian-for I have travelled, do you see, and at Koenigsberg, Prussia Improper (so styled because there's a sort of bleak hungry sun there,) you might remark over a venerable house-porch, a certain Chaldee inscription; and brief

"He maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust."


as it is, a mere glance at it used absolutely to change the mood of every bearded passenger. In they turned, one and all; the young and lightsome, with no irreverent pause, the aged and decrepit, with a sensible alacrity,'twas the Grand Rabbi's abode, in short. Struck with curiosity, I lost no time in learning Syriac―(these are vowels, you dogs,-follow my stick's end in the mudCelarent, Darii, Ferio !) and one morning presented myself spelling-book in hand, a, b, c,-I picked it out letter by letter, and what was the purport of this miraculous posy ? Some cherished legend of the past you'll say, "How Moses hocus-pocust Egypt's land with fly and locust,”—or "How to Jonah sounded harshish, Get thee up and go to Tarshish," or, "How the angel meeting Balaam, Straight his ass returned a salaam ;"—in no wise! "Shackabrach-Boach-somebody or other— Isaach, Re-cei-ver, Pur-cha-ser, and Ex-chan-ger of— Stolen goods!" So talk to me of the religion of a bishop! I have renounced all bishops save Bishop Beveridge-mean to live so-and die-As some Greek dog-sage, dead and merry, Hellward bound in Charon's wherry-With food for both worlds, under and upper, Lupine-seed and Hecate's supper, and never an obolus... (Though, thanks to you, or this Intendant thro' you, or this Bishop thro' his Intendant-I possess a burning pocket-full of zwanzigers). . To pay the Stygian ferry!

1st Pol. There is the girl, then; go and deserve them the moment you have pointed out to us Signor Luigi and his mother. (To the rest) I have been noticing s

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