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[What, what? A curtain o'er the world at once! Crickets stop hissing; not a bird-or, yes,

There scuds His raven that hath told Him all!

It was fool's play, this prattling! Ha! The wind
Shoulders the pillared dust, death's house o' the move,
And fast invading fires begin! White blaze—
A tree's head snaps—and there, there, there, there, there,
His thunder follows! Fool to gibe at Him!
Lo! 'Lieth flat and loveth Setebos!

'Maketh his teeth meet through his upper lip,
Will let those quails fly, will not eat this month
One little mess of whelks, so he may 'scape!]




WHAT is he buzzing in my ears?

"Now that I come to die,

Do I view the world as a vale of tears?'

Ah, reverend sir, not I!


What I viewed there once, what I view again,

Where the physic bottles stand

On the table's edge,-is a suburb lane,

With a wall to my bedside hand.

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