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For the woman it is always the God, whether crowned with thorns or roses-the bleeding feet of Christ or the burning pinions of Eros. God or Demigod, he is embraced; the sacrifice is to his altar, the incense to his nostril.-The Column.


The publishers, Doubleday, Page & Co., have just issued a unique poster for Kipling's forthcoming novel. Inserted in the centre is an actual book -in every respect, save in the number and the printing of the pages, a volume of "Kim"; the leaves are blank and unprinted, but the cover is the same that will appear on the regular edition. The poster itself is in symbolism of the River of the Arrow, and in the centre is the Bow, that drew the Arrow, over a Shadow map of India. Below in quaint silhouette is "The Little Friend of all the World"-Kim-and the old Tibetan Lama, journeying together toward the snows of the Himalayas. William L. Alden, the London critic, says of this book: "If Kipling should die to-day it would be the story, more than any other, on whica his fame would rest."

Another successful author has been discovered in the person of Adeline M. Teskey, a Canadian. Her first book now in press is entitled, "Where the Sugar-Maple Grows," being idylls of a Canadian village. The book is is said to be as striking and original as the work of Ian Maclaren.



"THE DARLINGTONS," by Elmore Elliott Peake.
"DAYS LIKE THESE," by Edward W. Townsend.
"THE WHIRLIGIG," by Mayne Lindsay.

"THE CIRCULAR STUDY," by Anna Katharine Green.
"QUINCY ADAMS SAWYER," by Charles Felton Pidgin.






Here is the story of Maxim Gorky in his own words. The now famous author of "Foma Gordyeeff" had, as the world knows now, a bitter struggle in his younger days for bare existence. Many and differing versions of it have seen print in England and America, for Gorky and his tremendous realism and his sensational success are now the world's talk, and it is important to have the facts at first hand. It was written by him at the request of a Russian newspaper, and here it is :

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"My real name is therefore Alexei Maximowitsch Pjeschkow.

"My father died in Astrachan when I was five years old. After the death of my mother my grandfather placed me in a shoe store. I was then nine years old, and my grandfather had taught me to read in the Psalter and Prayer Book. I ran away from my studies and became a draughtsman's apprentice; ran away from him and entered the workshop of a painter of saints' images; then I served on a steamer as a coɔk's boy; then I became a gardener's assistant.

"Here I remained till my fifteenth year, spending all my time in zealously reading the productions of known authors, such as Guak; or, Unshakable Fidelity,' 'Andreas Fearnaught,' 'Jaschka the Cutthroat,' etc.

"While I was serving as cook's boy on the steamboat, the cook, Smury, had gained a powerful influence over my development. He persuaded me to read the 'Legends of the Saints,' Eccarthausen, Gogol, Gljeb Uspenski, Dumas Pere, and various books on Freemasonry.


"Up to that time I had been a sworn enemy of all books and of all printed paper, even including my passport. After my fifteenth year I felt a passionate wish to learn, in of which I betook mypursuance self to Kasan, under the impression that

knowledge would be imparted free to all STANDARD COMMERCIAL WORKS.

who desired it. It turned out, however, that this was not the case; so I went to work in a pretzel bakery, at a salary of three rubles a month.

"Of all the kinds of work I have tried this was the hardest. In Kasan I came into relations with the 'Lost People' and lived long with them. I worked in the villages on the Volga, now as a woodchopper, now as a porter, and during this time read every book I could lay my hands on, which various kind people supplied me with. I got along very badly, and in 1888 even tried to kill myself by shooting a bullet into my body.


"I lay a long time in the hospital, but finally recovered and went into the apple trade. I finally turned my back on inhospit able Kassan, to try my luck in Zarizyn, where I got a job as a railroad attendant. Then I returned to Nijni, where I had to go up for the army. But since they could not make use of fellows with holes in their bodies, I escaped the fate of becoming a soldier, and instead became a Munich beer seller. I soon exchanged this calling for that of a clerk in the office of Lanin, a lawyer of Nijni Novgrod.

"That was a turning point of my life. Lanin's influence on my development was immeasurably great. I owe to this cultivated and great hearted man more than to any one else. But, however agreeable I found life with Lanin, where my soul could at last find room to breathe, I was again impelled to the life of a tramp. And I have tramped all over Rus ia. Where have I not been! What have I not seen and suffered! What kind of work have I not done!"

A Russian friend named Alexander Mesodjewitsch Kaluschni was the first to suggest to him the idea of writing, and it took a powerful hold upon him. His first attempts were crude, but notwithstanding he succeeded in getting a story entitled "Makar Tschudra" published in a newspaper as early as 1893. He was then at Tiflis working in a machine shop. He gave up his place and tramped home, where he wrote occasional stories and sketches for the papers of his neighborhood.


It was then that he adoped the pen name of "Gorky," meaning "bitter," intended to

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Book, News and Colored



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express his then attitude toward life, for Ribbons for all Typewriter Machines

Gorky was of the down-trodden and his was the under dog's point of view.

It was then, too, that he met Vladimer Korolenko, one of the most progressive men of Russian letters and was by him introduced to real literature. Right here begins Gorky's literary career, now so well known to the world.

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The EVENING POST'S endorsement:

'The Inn of the Silver Moon' is as merry a little
extravaganza as a bored reader could wish. It relates
the adventures of two young French persons, who have
surreptitiously imbibed the "American idea through
American romances. Chance throwing these emanci-
pated spirits together into a tangle of predicament, it
requires the cleverness of both to bring them to a
safe harbor, which is accomplished in a delightfully
comic fashion. One agreeable innovation, among many,
upon the usual scheme of such stories is the refreshing
recklessness with which embarrassments are sloughed,
never to re-appear.

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Head Physician of the Stockholm Hospital, Professor of Psyebratry, late Royal Swedish Medical Councillor.
Authorized translation from the Second Swedish Edition

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Sometime Professor Extraordinarius of Psychology and Nature-Philosophy in the University of Lemburg.

With a Preface by Charles Richet.

Translated from the French by J. Fitzgerald, M.A. Of the thirty-five books mentioned by Björnström in his "Bibliography of Hypnotism," the greatest and best is Mental Suggestion.

Cloth, Extra, $2.00.


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