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Beatrice Harraden, the author of "Ships That Pass in the Night," has written a new story entitled "Katherine Frensham." The hero is a man of thirty-five who has been thwarted in his life work by the incompatibility of his wife, whose influence follows and nearly wrecks his sensitive nature even after her death. Fortunately for him and his son, a boy of twelve, Katherine Frenshani comes into their lives, and not only brings them into harmony with each other, but with her love rounds out and completes a life that was dangerously near to ship wreck. The Copp, Clark Company will publish this book early this season.

"Barbe of Grand Bayou," by John Oxenham, is a story of unusual power, beginning with a terrible tragedy which occurred on one Christmas Eve. Barbe was the daughter of the keeper of the Light on Grand Bayou, whose tall white shaft was her world. Here she grew up to glorious young womanhood with no friends but the sun, the moon, and the stars. At the end of a fearful storm she rescued a shipwrecked mariner from certain death by her own ex ertions, and then a new world opened to her. (Copp, Clark).

"The Ploughshare and the Sword," by Ernest Henham, is a story of the first French occupation of the country which is now called Quebec. The book will be published early this month by the Copp, Clark Company.

Sir Gilbert Parker's book "Old Quebec: the Fortress of New France" will be a reve

lation to nearly all readers of the amount of stirring and bloody history which is centred around the famous old city. This picturesque chronicle is not all one of battle,

murder and sudden death; but from the founding of the city by Champlain through the heroic age of New France, the long wars between France and England, down even to the war of 1812, the story is one of almost continual fighting and siege and defence against the Indians and border warfare and attacks on the New England colonists. The volume is a handsome one. It is illustrated with 25 plates in photogravure, and over 100 drawings in the text. It is published by the Copp, Clark Company.

Many thousands will be interested in the news that Mr. F. Hopkinson Smith has at last given to the public some further details in the career of the celebrated Colonel Carter of Carterville. The new story, the title of which is "Colonel Carter's Christmas," will be published early in October in a dress fitting its importance and great interest. Mr. F. C. Yohn has drawn eight illustrations which will be reproduced in color. The book will appear with the Copp, Clark Company's imprint.

"Helianthus" (Sunflower), the new novel by Ouida, will undoubtedly be one of the most eagerly discussed books of the season, and thousands of people, to whom Ouida is one of the fixed constellations in the literary heavens, look forward to it with particular pleasure. (Copp, Clark).

The Copp, Clark Company will publish this fall a new book of stories by Mr. W. W. Jacobs entitled "Odd Craft." They depict the sailorman ashore with a wealth of genu

ine humor.

A profusely illustrated new edition of “Many Cargoes" is being made ready for the holiday season. The drawings are in colors, and in black and white, by Kemble.

"A Checked Love Affair" was one of Mr. Paul Leicester Ford's last stories. It will be published this year by the Copp, Clark Company, who will give it a beautiful presentation with full-page illustrations in photogravure and border decorations.

McLeod and Allen have just issued a new book entitled "The Fortunes of Fifi," by Molly Elliot Seawell. It is a story of a charming young actress, poor and ambitious. She wins the aid of the Emperor, the friendship of the Pope, and the capital prize in the lottery.

A sprightlier, more winsome, captivating, lovable heroine, than Fifi was never put in to a book. Illustrated in color by de Thulstrup and is in one of the daintiest of holiday bindings. Published in cloth only, to retail at $1.25.



We have received from Messrs. W. Morley & Co., 6 Great Portland Street W., London, England, the following pieces of music: "Beyond" (song), with violin obligato, ad lib; words by Clifton Brougham; music by Edward St. Quentin. Price, 2s. net. Full orchestra in E flat, by Maurice Jacobi, 18. 6d. net; with cornet solo part, 3d. net. This has been sung with immense success by Miss Gertrude Macaulay, Mr. Herbert Grover, and many other prominent singers.



By FRED T. HODGSON, Architect


Each Volume Published since September, 1902

Every volume is a veritable gold mine of up-to-date information for the architect, contractor, carpenter, mechanic and apprentice, or anyone who would work with wood. Each volume has been issued since September, 1902, and must not be mistaken for Mr. Hodgson's former works, which were published some twenty years ago.

This set contains four handsome volumes treating on the following subjects: Carpenters' Geometry, Practical Examples in Modern Carpentry and Joiners' Work, Useful Tables and Information for Builders; 500 pages of new up-to-date examples on the practical uses of the Steel Square; Handrailing in three divisions; Stair Building in every method, etc.

This series of Fred. T. Hodgson's new works are to-day the approved and most helpful set of practical builders' "educators" published. They have been tried and found by architects, contractors, carpenters and builders to be efficient "aids" for advancement and thoroughly reliable for daily consultation as books of reference, covering as they do thousands of "self-help points" necessary for all workers of wood.

The books are positively up-to-date, and we most heartily recommend them to every one as the most valuable series of books for self-instruction published in the world on the subjects treated. Over 1000 Large Pages, with 100) Illustrations. Printed from New, Large, Open-face Type on a Superior Quality of Fine Wove Paper, Durably Bound in Cloth.

Sold either in

Sets or

Set Carpenter's and Builder's Library, 4 Volumes, Cloth, 1000 Pages, 1000 Illustrations, $4.00
Modern Carpentry, Cloth, 256 Pages, 250 Illustrations



Common Sense Hand-Railing, Cloth, 256 Pages, 240 Illustrations.




Practical Use of the Steel Square, Volume 1, Cloth, 280 Pages, 260 Illustrations...
Practical Use of the Steel Square, Volume 2, Cloth, 280 Pages, 260 Illustrations



Discounts to the Trade.





or THE MUSSON BOOK CO., Ltd., Representatives for the Canadian Trade


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His Bold Experiment. A Thrilling Realistic Novel. By Henry
Frank ...
The Theory of Human Progression and Natural Probability of a
Reign of Justice. By Patrick Edward Dove......
The Anarchists. A Picture of Civilization at the End of the
Nineteenth Century. By John Henry Mackay. Trans-
lated from the German..

The Quintessence of Ibsenism. By G. Bernard Shaw..75 cents
Natural Religion. By Rev. Theo. W. Haven, Ph.D.....$1.00
The Kingdom of the Unselfish, or the Empire of the Wise. By
John Lord Peck........

A remarkable book.-Edward Bellamy.
Intellectual Pursuits, or Culture by Self-Help. By Robert
A mine of good things pertaining to the intellectual life.--
Methodist Recorder.

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Six Centuries of Work and Wages. By James E. Thorold
Rogers, M.P. Abridged, with charts and summary. By
W. D. P. Bliss. Introduction by Prof. R. T. Ely.

The Socialism of John Stuart Mill. The only collection of
Mill's writings on Socialism.

The Socialism and Unsocialism of Thomas Carlyle. A col-
lection of Carlyle's social writings; together with Joseph
Mazzini's famous essay protesting against Carlyle's views.
Vol. I.

The Socialism and Unsocialism of Thomas Carly le. Vol. II.
William Morris; Poet, Artist, Socialist. A selection from his
writings, together with a sketch of the man.
Edited by
Francis Watts Lee.

The Fabian Essays. American Edition, with Introduction
and Notes. By H. G. Wilshire.

The Economics of Herbert Spencer. By W. C. Owen.
The Communism of John Ruskin.

The Pioneers of American Socialism. By Charles Sotheran.
News from Nowhere. By William Morris.
Suggestions on Government. By Samuel E. Moffett.
The Economics of Socialism. By H. M. Hyndman.


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Picture Postcards" (song), by George Ess. Postcards reproduced by special permission from original postcards by Messrs. Raphael Tuck & Sons. Price, 2s. net.

"Guns to the Front" (March), by Hermann Finch, dedicated to Maurice Jacobi, Esq. Price, 4s.; full orchestra, 1s. 6d. net; septette, 1s. net; military band, 2s. 8d net; brass band, 2s. net, extra parts, 2d. net.

"In the Woodland Swing," by C. W. Krogmann, Op. 35. No. 12. English fingering may also be had with foreign fingering. Price, 1s. Boston and New York, The B. F. Wood Music Co.; London, W. Morley & Co.

Cox & Co. are offering to the trade some very tempting pieces of music to be sold at ten cents. Their latest number of "The Home Album Series" is full of music of good quality.




"In Arcady," by Hamilton Mabie. This latest book is a valuable addition to the many popular books written by this clever writer. It is gotten up in holiday attire, the cover being in full gilt and white, with the cloth as a background. Every page is decorated by Charles L. Hinton, with numerous full-page illustrations by Will H. Low. We are pleased to announce that this book will be eagerly sought by customers as a Christmas gift. If orders booked by the trade months ahead, so as to secure this among their holiday books, count for anything, we can truly say that it is a safe investment, and will cause the buyer to shake hands with himself for his judicious buying. Price, $2.00 net.

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Of all the prettily designed, handsomely illustrated and useful books placed on the market this fall, "When Malindy Sings takes one of the most prominent places. The cover-design is one of the prettiest conceptions of the bookbinder's art. The interior decorations on each page are entirely new and original, and coupled with the numerous photogravures, which are taken direct from nature, all printed on heavy half-tone paper, make this book a valuable one, outside of the contents, which is a volume of dialect peems told in Mr. Paul Lawrence Dunbar's own peculiar style. The photos are taken by the Hampton Camera Club, and when their name appears in conjunction with any book published we can rest assured that we are getting full value for our outlay. The many modern devices used nowadays in illustrating books brings the reader direct to the spot without necessitating the tedium of a railway journey. Productions by the camera are always historically correct. Price, $1.50 net.

WM. BRIGGS' BOOK NEWS. The Canadian trade should find in Dr. Morgan's "Types of Canadian Women" a popular gift-book for the approaching. Christmas. The typography and binding are really superb, a revelation of the efficiency of the art of book-making in Canada. The biographical data, the text of his book, is in Dr. Morgan's best style, and he is the prince of Canadian biographers. In his sketches of the three hundred and fifty women of note-heroines, philanthropists

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artists, authors, dramatists, journalists, women of rank, women distinguished in various walks of life-there is a collection of not only interesting, but very valuable material. The book is in size and appearance extra good value for the price, five dollars.

So many enquiries have been received from various parts of the United States for Prof. Dean's work on "Canadian Dairying” that the publisher, William Briggs, has decided to arrange for an American edition of the work.

The cable dispatches recently quoted from a letter in the "Morning Post" from its special correspondent in Canada, refer to Mr. Hickman, author of "The Sacrifice of the Shannon," as "the Canadian Kipling."

Arthur Stringer's story, "The Silver Poppy," has met with instant popularity. The American publishers have scarcely been able to meet the demand, while the calls from the trade in Canada necessitated getting on successive lots by express from New York before the Canadian edition could be got ready.

A story-said to be a very charming one -entitled "In Music's Thrall," by Lilla Nease, a Canadian lady, is in course of issue by William Briggs.

The Rev. F. Frost, who for some thirty years has labored as Church of England missionary to the Indians on the reserve at Garden River, has written a book of "Sketches of Indian Life," in which he has embodied a store of the redman's traditions and folk-lore gathered during his long term of ministry. With this material is included many of his own adventures and other experiences in the northern country.

Rev. John Maclean, Ph.D., editor of the Halifax "Wesleyan," is at work on a "History of Indian Missions" carried on by the Methodist Church in Canada. Dr. Maclean was for several years a missionary among the Indians of the Canadian Northwest, and is the author of a number of works on Indian life and customs.



Interest Tables, at 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 per cent. per annum, by Napoleon Matte. 5th edition. Price, $3.00.

Three Per Cent. Interest Tables, by the same author. On fine toned paper and strongly bound. Price, $3.00.

Interest Tables and Book of Days combined, at 3, 3, 4, 5, 5, 6, 7 and 8 per cent. per annum, by Charles M. C. Hughes. Price, $5.00.

Savings Bank Interest Tables, at 2, 3 and 34 per cent. (each on separate card), on the basis of one month being 1-12th part of a year, by Charles M C. Hughes. Price, $1.00.

Hughes' Interest Tables, at 6 and 7 per cent. per annum (on the basis of 365 days to the year), at 1 2, 3 and 4 months and days of grace. For use in discounting and renewing promissory notes, by Charles M. C. Hughes. On folded card. Price, $1. Hughes' Supplementary Interest Tables, comprising a Special Interest Table for Daily Balances, showing interest for one thousand days on any amount from $1 to $10,000, or from £1 to £10,000, at per cent. to 3 per cent. inclusive. Also a table showing interest for one thousand days at 5 per cent., by means of which (in connec tion with Comparative Tables) interest for or e thousand days can be obtained at any rate from

per cent. to 10 per cent. inclusive, and Comparative Interest Tables, etc., by Charles M. C. Hughes. Price, $2.00 net.

Buchan's Sterling Exchange Tables, advancing by 8ths and 16ths, with other useful tables. 2nd edition. Price, $4.00.

Buchan's Sterling Equivalents and Exchange Tables. Price, $4.00.

Canadian Customs Tariff, revised to date, with list of Ports, Foreign Tables, Extracts from the Customs Act, etc, Fcap. 8vo, limp cloth, 50 cents.



Wm. Barber & Bros.




Rev. J. A. R. Dickson, Ph.D., who for twenty-four years has filled the pastorate of the Central Presbyterian Church in Galt, Book, News, and Colored has placed with William Briggs for publication a history of that church from its inception in 1856 to the present time.

A new volume of verse by Miss Wetherald, entitled "The Radiant Road," will shortly appear.




Canadian Bookseller



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Canadian Bookseller amination. A little accommodation of this

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A CHRISTMAS GREETING. This is the season of the year when the spirit of good-will seems to be in the air, and man wishes man as he meets him The Compliments of the Season. Even editors

are not exempt from the contagion, and so we wish all readers and patrons of the CANADIAN BOOKSELLER the season's greetings, and hope that the spirit of the Christmas time may be with them. To one and all we wish the good old English wish-A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

are sure,

A SEASONABLE HINT. May we be permitted to give a hint to our readers which if taken will, we prove profitable alike to the buyer and seller of books at the holiday season. Have all your books marked plainly with the sale price, so that it will not be necessary to bother the clerk asking the price of this or that.

How often a customer is lost because he doesn't want to ask a clerk who is busy the price of a book which, if it came within his means, he would buy. Another hint; if you can possibly afford the space have a corner with a chair or so, where one can at his ease look over some books which attract

sort will lead to many sales.


Referring to the editorial on the Depart

mental Stores in our November issue, a friend related to us the following incident, exemplifying our remark regarding the lack of knowledge of books on the part of the average departmental clerk. He had occasion to go into one of these stores in search of a copy of Emerson's Essays. The clerk, a very affable personage with a most condescending manner, said they did not have a copy, but they had a splendid edition of "The Essays of Eliza." He had never heard of such a book, and visions of some new cooking experiments or a solution of the vexed servant girl question, led him to ask to see a copy. It was produced and proved to be the well-known "Essays of Elia." Shades of Lamb alone prevented an explanation, and he walked forth, having gained a new light upon the departmental store problem.


From returns collected from many of the retail booksellers of Toronto, it appears that the best selling books of the month in the city are as follows:

1. "The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come."

2. " Wings of the Morning." 3. "The One Woman."

4. "The Heart of Rome."

5. "The Little Brother the Bear."

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No. 9

was on condition that the booksellers and stationers used the railroads throughout the year, and during the months of navigation gave no business to the boats, which usually charge lower rates than the railroads.

It was claimed by the railroads that this agreement had been broken by some individual firms, therefore the roads put in summer and winter commodity rates. The new rate is the winter rate. A special meeting of the wholesale booksellers and stationers' section of the Board of Trade was held yesterday afternoon to discuss the situation, but no definite action was taken.


There have been few more interesting literary events in Toronto than the dinner given by Mr. Geo. N. Morang the other night in commemoration of the issue of the first volumes of his "Makers of Canada." This volume is devoted to Lord Elgin, and was written by the late Sir John Bourinot. All who have read the book agree that it is as good a piece of work as Bourinot ever did. Mr. Morang's dinner was held in his publishing house, an Old World idea, which was admirably carried out in every detail. The handsomely decorated tables, the walls of the room lined with beautiful books, the tasteful menu card, and volume of the "Life of Elgin" before each guest, constituted ideal conditions for a literary dinner. Some interesting speeches were made during the evening, notably by Mr. B. E. Walker, by Chancellor Burwash, by Mr. James Hannay, of St. John, N.B., himself a firstrate literary workman; by Mr. T. G. Marquis, and by Dr. James Bain, the best friend of books and bookmakers which Canada possesses. There were good speeches, too, by Mr. Jas. L. Hughes, Mr. H. W. Auden, of Upper Canada College; Prof. George M. Wrong, Prof. Mavor, Mr. John Lewis, Mr. C. C. A. Jennings, Prof. Ramsay Wright, Rev. J. A. Macdonald, Mr. R. L. Patterson, Mr. Arnold Haultain, Mr. John C. Saul and Prof. Pelham Edgar. Prof. Edgar and Mr. Duncan Campbell Scott, of Ottawa, by the way, are the editors of the series, and no better guarantee of taste and scholarship could be desired. Mr. Scott's absence from the dinner was greatly regretted, but Prof. Edgar spoke well for himself and his colleague. This account may suggest that the speeches were very numerous, but they were all so brief and pointed that the company endured the oratory with excellent fortitude. Among other guests present were: Mr. Frederic Nicholls, Mr. Walter Barwick, K.C., Mr. H. C. Hammond, Mr. D. B. Hanna, Mr. A. R. Boswell, K.C., Mr. Dickson Patterson, Mr. W. J. Heaven and Mr. J. S. Willison, while letters of regret were read from Sir Wilfrid

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