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tion, mandamus, certiorari, quo warranto, and all other writs process pow ers and commissions according to the common usage of courts of record of common law and equity jurisdiction, necessary to the full and complete jurisdiction of the parties and the causes; and to the full and complete administration of justice and to the carrying into effect of their judgments orders and decrees.

SEC. 10. All laws regulating the practice or proceedings or prescrib ing the powers and duties of the supreme and district courts of the territo ry of Wisconsin, or the judges thereof, in force on the thirteenth day of March A. D. 1848 not repugnant to the constitution of the state of Wisconsin, shall continue in force and apply to the supreme and circuit courts of this state until altered or repealed by the legislature: and all the rules of practice of said supreme and district courts of the territory of Wisconsin, shall continue valid and operative as far as the same may be applicable, until altered or amended by the supreme and circuit courts of this state re spectively.

SEC. 11. In case the judge of the circuit court shall be interested in any cause or causes pending in said court or shall have acted as attorney solicitor or counsel for either of the parties thereto, the said judge shall not have power to hear and determine such cause or causes except by consent in writing of the parties thereto; and upon motion the said judge shall order a change of venue to an adjoining district and the judge of said district shall hear and determine said cause or causes.

SEC. 12. Any circuit judge may hold court in any circuit other than that for which he was elected in case of the absence sickness or other disability of any one of the judges to hold the regular term or terms of court.

SEC. 13. All process or commissions heretofore issued in the name of the territory of Wisconsin or in the name of the United States by virtue of any law of the territory of Wisconsin or under the authority of the same; and all judgments decrees and orders heretofore made by any court judge or justice of the peace acting or by virtue of any law of the territory or of the United States shall have the same force and effect as if the territorial government had not been terminated: and all writs heretofore issued and made returnable at the terms of the district courts of the territory shall be deemed and considered as returnable at the terms fixed by this legislatureand until the election and qualification of the judges writs may be issued and tested in the name of the state of Wisconsin

SEC. 14. In all cases where persons who were masters in chancery at the time of the adoption of the constitufion have sold real estate by virtue of an order or decree of a court of chancery for that purpose since the adop tion of the constitution or the admission of this state into the Union; the sales shall be and are hereby declared to be as valid as if said constitution had not been adopted or state admitted and the sheriff of the proper county is hereby authorized and empowered to make and execute deeds to the purchasers; the same as the master might have done.

SEC. 15. In all cases where masters in chancery in pursuance of any decree or order of a court of chancery for that purpose made, have advertised real estate for sale and the sale not yet made it shall be lawful for the sheriff of the proper county to proceed upon the said advestisement and make such sale; and in all other cases where a decree in chancery authorizing a sale has been obtained it shall be lawful for the sheriff of the proper county to proceed and advertise and sell in the same manner as the master in chancery might have done, and proceed therein the same as the said master could have done if his said office had not been abolished.

SEC. 16. The first term of the supreme court shall be held at the capitol in Madison on the second Monday in January next, and thereafter on the second Monday in January in each year ›

SEC. 17. On each suit in the circuit court there shall be levied a tax of one dollar, which shall be paid to the clerk at the time of the commencement thereof, which tax so levied shall be paid into the treasury of the state and form a seperate fund to be applied to the payment of the salary of judges; said sum of one dollar shall be taxed in the bill of costs and res covered as other costs of suit.

SEC. 18. The judge of probate in each organized county or, the person who may hereafter have probate jurisdiction shall act as a court commis. sioner, and shall have power to administer oaths, take the acknowledgment of deeds, allow writs of attachment and certiorari, and in the absence of the judge from the county, writs of injunction, except upon causes where judgments have been obtained; and habeas corpus in bailable actions: he may determine upon the amount and sufficiency of bail: he may take all such testimony or depositions of witnesses to be used in cases in law and in equity as may be provided for by law or by rule or order of the court: he may state accounts between parties in cases refered to him by order of court and tax costs.

SEC. 19 The said judges shall each receive the sum of one thousand five dollars per annum payable quarterly.

Approved, June 29, 1848.


Speaker of the Assembly.

HENRY M. BILLINGS, President of the Senate pro tem.


AN ACT to provide for revising the statate laws of this state. The people of the State of Wisconsin, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

SEC. 1. At such time and place and in such manner as shall be agreed upon by joint resolution of the senate and assembly, there shall be three commissioners chosen whose duty it shall be and they are hereby authorized to collate and revise all such pub'ic acts of the legislature of this state which shall be in force at the close of the present session as are general and permanent in their nature: and in the performance of such duty, they shall carefully collect and reduce into one act, the different acts and parts of acts which from similarity of subject ought in their judgment to be so arranged and consolidated: distributing the same under such titles, divis ions, and sections as they shall think proper, and omitting all such acts and parts of acts before passed as shall have been repealed or have expired by their own limitation or be repugnant to the present constitution of this state; and in every other respect they shall complete the said revision in such a manner as to them shall seem most useful and proper to render the said acts more plain and easy to be understood; and they shall lay before the legislature the acts so revised and arranged by them at the next session to be re-enacted if the legislature shall so determine.

SRC. 2. When the said acts shall be so presented to the legislature for re-enactment the said commissioners shall also suggest to the legislature, Such contradictions omissions or imperfections as may appear in the acts so revised and the mode in which the same may be reconciled supplied or amended, and may also designate such acts or parts of acts, if any, as intheir judgment ought to be repealed with their reasons for advising such repeal and may also recommend the passage of such new acts or parts of acts as in their judgment may appear necessary.


SEC. 3. After the laws so revised as aforesaid shall have been submitted and a proved of by the legislature, the said commissioners shall under the direction of such legislature prepare the same for the press, and shall also prepare for pub ication with the said laws, the constitution of the Uni-ted States of America and the constitution of this state: and that the said commissioners shall make an index of the matters contained in the said


SEC. 4. The commissioners shall be entit'ed to three dolars per day for each day while engaged in said work, as may be certified to by said commissioners.

SEC. 5. In case the commissioners herein provided for or either of them sha'l refuse to act in the premises, or shall die resign or remove from the state before the completion of the duties assigned to them, it shall be the duty of the person administering the government of this state to appoint others or another in their or his stead who shall have the like powers as aforesaid, and be entit ed to a compensation which shall be proportionab y equal to that which is a lowed by this act to the persons before named.

SEC. 6. The commissioners in the execution of their duties shall have free access to any pub ic records papers or books of this state, and be permitted to examine the same without fee or reward; the commissioners sha I meet on the fourth Monday of July next (inst) at the capito in the vi age of Madison and enter upon the duties of their office, and may adjourn from time to time as they may think proper.


SEC. 7 The commissioners may employ a e erk at an expense of not exceeding two do lars per day to be allowed to such c erk on the certificate of said commissioners; and shall be furnished by the superintendent of pub lic property with all needful stationery Fights and fue whi e in the discharge of their duties col ective y as such board of revisors...

SEC. 8. The powers and of said commissioners shall expire when the revised laws as aforesaid shall be pub`ished.


Speaker of the Assembly. HENBY M. BILLINGS, President of the Senate pro tem.

Approved, July 13, 1848.


AN ACT to Incorporate the Village of Port Washington. The People of the State of Wisconsin, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as to lows:

SECTION 1. All that district of country included in fractional section number twenty-eight in township number eleven, north of range number twenty-two east of the first principal meridian in the county of Washington, shall be hereafter known and distinguished by the name of the village of Port Washington, and the inhabitants residing or who may hereafter reside within said limits are hereby constituted a body corporate, by the name of "The President and Trustees of the Village of Port Washington" and by that name they and their successors forever hereafter shall and may have perpetual succession and shall be persons in law capable of suing and being sued pleading and being impleaded answering and being answered unto, defending and being defended in all courts and places and in all suits what


SEC. 2. It shall be lawful for the inhabitants of said village qualified to vote at any general election to meet at the school house in said village on the fourth Tuesday of July instant at two o'clock P. M. and choose viva voee two judges of election and one clerk who together shall form the election board and elect by ballot a president (who shall be ex officio a 1rastee) four trustees, three assessors a clerk and a treasurer.

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