The Times History of the War, Volumen5

The Times, 1915

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Página 282 - It is found in the answer to the question whether, in the circumstances of the case, this country, endowed as it is with influence and power, would quietly stand by and witness the perpetration of the direst crime that ever stained the pages of history, and thus become participators in the sin.
Página 54 - Since the tendency of thought of the last century was dominated essentially by humanitarian considerations, which not infrequently degenerated into senti[mentality and flabby emotion, there have not been wanting attempts to influence the development of the usages of war in a way which was in fundamental contradiction with the nature of war and its object.
Página 283 - To-day there are in Ireland two large bodies of Volunteers. One of them sprang into existence in the North. Another has sprung into existence in the South. I say to the Government that they may to-morrow withdraw every one of their troops from Ireland.
Página 254 - Applying this theory of equalization, a belligerent who lacks the necessary munitions to contend successfully on land ought to be permitted to purchase them from neutrals, while a belligerent with an abundance of war stores or with the power to produce them should be debarred from such traffic. Manifestly the idea of strict neutrality now advanced by the Imperial and Royal Government would involve a neutral nation in a mass of perplexities which would obscure the whole field of international obligation,...
Página 258 - It is my Impression that we can disorganize and hold up for months. If not entirely prevent, the manufacture of munitions in Bethlehem and the Middle West, which, in the opinion of the German Military Attache. Is of great Importance and amply outweighs the expenditure of money Involved.
Página 282 - This assurance is of course subject to the policy of His Majesty's Government receiving the support of Parliament, and must not be taken as binding His Majesty's Government to take any action until the above contingency...
Página 280 - Dear Mr. Asquith, — Lord Lansdowne and I feel it our duty to inform you that, in our opinion as well as in that of all the colleagues whom we have been able to consult, it would be fatal to the honour and security of the United Kingdom to hesitate in supporting France and Russia at the present juncture; and we offer our unhesitating support to the Government in any measures they may consider necessary for that object.
Página 171 - We have but one and only hate, We love as one, we hate as one We have one foe and one alone — England!
Página 171 - You will we hate with a lasting hate. We will never forego our hate, Hate by water and hate by land, Hate of the head and hate of the hand, Hate of the hammer and hate of the crown. Hate of seventy millions, choking down. We love as one, we hate as one, We have one foe, and one alone — ENGLAND...
Página 254 - In this connection it is pertinent to direct the attention of the Imperial and Royal Government to the fact that Austria-Hungary and Germany, particularly the latter, have during the years preceding the present European war produced a great surplus of arms and ammunition, which they sold throughout the world and especially to belligerents. Never during that period did either of them suggest or apply the principle now advocated by the Imperial and Royal Government.

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