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This work is being prosecuted under acts making appropriations to provide for the expenses of the government of the District of Columbia. The act approved June 30, 1898, authorized and directed the Secretary of War to resume work on the Washington Aqueduct tunnel and its accessories and the Howard University reservoir, in accordance with the plans of the Board of experts as set forth in its report, dated January 17, 1896, and the work has been done in accordance with those plans.

The work accomplished during the year was as follows:

At the west-shaft gatehouse.-The brickwork of the superstructure was covered with Portland cement plaster, blocked off to represent stonework. The connection between the gatehouse and the reservoir was constructed. In building this connection 914 cubic yards of excavation were made, 3,725 brick, 14 cubic yards of cut stone, and 291 cubic yards of concrete were used. The inside walls and wood and iron work were painted. A fence was built around the gatehouse and the grounds were cleaned up.

At Foundry Branch shaft. The earth filling over concrete filling, amounting to about 260 cubic yards, was placed in the shaft. This completed the work of closing this shaft.

At Rock Creek shaft. The lining of the shaft and the 48-inch blowoff were completed, 283 cubic yards of concrete being used for the backing of castings. Six thousand five hundred brick were used to complete the brickwork of the pump pit. The walls and roof of the power house over the pump pit and shaft were completed, 120,000 brick being used in constructing walls. Twenty cubic yards of concrete were used in constructing foundations for the hoisting engine and crane, and a portion of the boiler-room floor. Considerable grading and filling was done around the power house. On December 3, 1901, when the tunnel was completely filled, the pressure (about 60 pounds) developed several breaks in the suction pipe of the pumping plant which was being placed at the shaft by the contractor. These breaks necessitated the pumping out of the tunnel and the insertion of a valve in the suction pipe between the tunnel and the breaks. This work delayed placing the tunnel in operation until January 8, 1902.

At Champlain avenue shaft.-The work of lining the shaft with brick backed by concrete was finished, 54 feet being completed during the year. Twenty thousand brick and 295 cubic yards of concrete were used. An iron casting 6 feet in diameter by 8 feet long, with a 48-inch tee and valve for connecting with the city supply, was placed on top of the shaft lining, and 64 cubic yards of concrete were used for the backing of the casting and the construction of the valve chamber. Sixtyseven cubic yards of concrete were used for the foundation for the compressor for the pumping plant. The foundation and walls of the power house were completed, 21 cubic yards of concrete and 50,200 brick being used. The roof of the power house was also completed. The drains were connected with the city sewers and water pipes with the city water supply.

Pipe lines.-The filling in over pipe lines across the reservoir was

completed, the filling required amounting to 2,340 cubic yards. The pipe lines through the dam for blow-off, drains, and city connections were completed in December, 1901. These lines consisted of one 48inch blow-off and one 8-inch drain, each 787 feet long, and three 48-inch supply pipes, each 553.5 feet long, the excavation amounting to 43,230 cubic yards.

Cleaning reservoir.-The bottom of the reservoir, which had been partially cleaned, was gone over thoroughly before filling, and 409 cubic yards of refuse, etc., were removed.

Revetment. To complete the paving of the slopes of the reservoir, 1,779 cubic yards of excavation were made, and 2,990 square yards of paving put in place. The paving was thoroughly chinked with broken stone for a width of 10 feet below the flow line.

Congressional spring. The work on the spring house was completed by bricking up the old door and covering this brickwork with Portland cement plaster.

Seventy-five-inch main.-A 48-inch valve was placed on one of the blank ends of the Y at the south end of the 75-inch main, and a valve chamber built over the valve. The 75-inch main was thoroughly cleaned in October, and the main filled from the 48-inch city supply main.

Power house at east shaft. The power house was completed, the work consisting of laying 35,588 brick in the walls, 16 cubic yards of concrete in the floor, connecting drains with the sewer, and water pipes with city high-service supply, and the construction of the roof by the contractor.

East-shaft gatehouse. This gatehouse has been completed with the exception of some cleaning, painting, plastering, and placing of stairway, window sash, and drains. The work performed consisted of laying 287,258 brick and 279 cubic yards of cut stone in the walls, placing 528 cubic yards of concrete in the walls and floors, setting gates and sluice valves, and the construction of the roof by the contractor. The grounds around the gatehouse were partially graded, 3,548 cubic yards of excavation being made. Of selected material 2,741 cubic yards were tamped in on the land side of the gatehouse walls. The puddle core along the front of the gatehouse, connecting with the puddle core of the dam, was completed. The excavation for puddle core was 956 cubic yards, and the puddle material placed was 948 cubic yards.

Pumping plants at shafts.-The air-lift plants at east shaft and Champlain avenue shaft were tested and accepted by the United States. The centrifugal pumping plant at Rock Creek is nearly completed, the contractor having been delayed from time to time by breaks in the plant from tests made during construction.

Filling the tunnel and the reservoir.-In October, 1901, the water was turned into the Washington City reservoir from the city mains, but from lack of pressure only rose to an elevation of 125 feet above datum. On November 25, 1901, the water was turned into the tunnel from the Georgetown distributing reservoir, and the Washington City reservoir was allowed to fill from flow from the tunnel. The water in the Washington City reservoir rose to 145.60 feet above datum, when, on December 3, 1901, a break occurred in the suction pipe of the pumping plant at Rock Creek shaft. Both reservoirs were then shut off from the tunnel and the break at Rock Creek repaired.

On January 6 and 7, 1902, the water was again turned into the tunnel, and on January 8, 1902, all connections between the tunnel, the reservoirs, and the city mains were opened and the new works placed in service.

Completion of work. To complete this work there now remains to be done the following: Iron fence around reservoir; outside fencing; making roads, walks, ditches, and drains around reservoir; grading and improving surrounding grounds at reservoir; gatekeeper's house at reservoir, house over west shaft, and fencing; fencing and cleaning at Foundry Branch shaft; watchman's house; fencing and grading at Rock Creek shaft; fencing, grading, and cleaning at Champlain avenue shaft; building small houses over the end of circulating conduit and spring house, and constructing outer slope of dam at reservoir. The sum of $67,240 was appropriated for this purpose in the District of Columbia act for the fiscal year 1903, and the work will be done during the coming year. This will complete the work, and no further estimates are submitted, the pay for the necessary watchmen and gatekeepers being included in the regular Washington Aqueduct estimates. Money statement.


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July 1, 1902, balance available

July 1, 1902, amount covered by uncompleted contracts...

Amount (estimated) required for completion of existing project ...

.$285,025.89 265, 002. 41

20, 023. 48 155. 12

19,868.36 19, 868. 36

67, 240.00

The following are the amounts and dates of appropriations for the work:

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*The total amount appropriated by this act was $594,421, one-half of which was a reappropriation of balances remaining from former appropriations.

Distribution of expenses Washington Aqueduct tunnel and Washington City reservoir.

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Distribution of expenses Washington Aqueduct tunnel and Washington City reservoir-Continued.

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