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How Big Business" gets the most out of the Coal Pile

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For the devices and maintenance materials which have conserved industrial coal piles can often be applied, in some measure at least, to smaller coal-saving problems.

For instance, the covering of heat-carrying pipes or surfaces with scientifically designed insulation is saving America's manufacturers millions of dollars' worth of heat each year-coal power that would otherwise be wasted.

Of equal importance, the loss from wear, friction and leakage has been cut to a minimum through the use of specialized "packing" devices and materials that are known to every engineer as maintenance materials - necessities to efficient plant operation.

It is a source of great satisfaction to us to

have supplied America's plants with both
heat insulations and maintenance materials
-to have been for 25 years one of the
champions for coal saving-to feel that our
commercial efforts to further the cause of
power-plant economy, have in a large sense
helped in national conservation.

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This, from the author's preface, indicates that the new novel by the editor of Life is more on the lines of "Amos Judd," The Pines of Lory" and "The Last American" than like his more recent novel, "Pandora's Box." It is the somewhat romantic narrative of a woman and a reckless lover, whose control of waves of thought brings about exciting and significant happenings.


is the title (that was the nickname given the hero because of his unusual eyes).


Net $1.50


Send Your Child to a Camp

This Summer

Modern parents are beginning to realize how important is the function of properly supervised outdoor exercise in the development of the adolescent child. Especially after the long school year, when all emphasis has been placed on mental training, the relaxation which comes from vigorous outdoor life is necessary. The summer camp solves the problem of the right kind of vacation for your child, and the great increase in the number of summer camps year by year shows how rapidly parents are recognizing their importance.

We have a complete file of summer camp literature and will be glad to assist you in selecting the most suitable camp for your child. This service is offered without charge to Outlook readers.


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The PrattTeachers Agency

70 Fifth Avenue, New York

Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools, Advises parents about schools. Wm. O. Pratt, Mgr.


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St. John's Riverside Hospital Training School for Nurses


Registered in New York State, offers a 3 years' course-a general training to refined, educated women. Require ments one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.

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Just Out. A New Song Book. Sample copy will demonstrate its value. Examination Copy Board 25c. Cloth 35c The Biglow and Main Co., New York-Chicago

College Course in Book Form

It's no longer necessary to go to college in order to obtain a liberal education. You can now educate yourself at home-in your spare time! One hour a day spent with The Foundation Library will soon give you a good knowledge of History, Civics, Geography, Physics, Astronomy, Natural History, Art, Literature, Music, Science, and Mechanics-every subject a well-educated person understands.

Only 50c a week buys this

50c a Week magnificent library. And,

if you act quickly, you can get it at half the regular price. 11 volumes, handsomely bound in genuine buckram; 6,000 pages (6 by 9 inches), and hundreds of full-page illustrations, color plates, etc.

7 Days' Trial Your name and ad

in the coupon brings the eleven books to you for seven days' trial. Coupon explains offer, which is open to every person within the boun daries of the U. S. and Canada. Act now! Rising paper costs will compel an advance in price when the present stock is exhausted.

MAIL THIS COUPONJAmerican Technical Society, Dept. F2432, Chicago, U. S. A.

Please send set of The Foundation Library for seven days' examination, shipping charges collect. I will send $2.00 within sever days and $2.00 a month thereafter until I have paid $24.80 regular price $50.00, or return the books at your expense. Title not to pass until fully paid.



New York City



This is to express my disappointment and regret at reading the current issue of your valued publication.

During the last Presidential campaign I carefully read your criticisms of the President. I was not always in sympathy with what you said, but I wanted the truth. And I still want it from folks who are in a position to give it to me.

Criticism is still right, provided there are good grounds for it. But what of the critic's grounds in the present case? Is The Outlook to be classed as "incompetent because it did not know that we have half a million men in France? Chagrined as I am over your "Knocker's Issue," I would not want The Outlook to be suppressed as incompetent because it did not know some things, nor yet because it spoke without knowledge.

The German of the military class sincerely believes that democracy is impossible as a permanent form of government. He is doubtless pointing out to-day that the American people with their "impossible rights" have forced the Administration to divulge important military secrets.

Outlook, you have repeatedly said that we must meet Germany on her own grounds. You are right. Not that we must suppress criticism by the use of a firing squad, but that we must voluntarily relinquish it for the duration of the war, at least in cases where there is a probability that we are not in possession of all the facts.

Outlook, I read you carefully every week, and have done so for years. You have been very helpful to me. I value your weekly visits so highly that I am still hoping you may some day get rid of some vestigial prejudices such as I believe lie behind your recent pet with the Administration.

Prejudice is the enemy of democracy.

Wesley Methodist Church, South,
Greenville, Texas, February 2, 1918.



I have just read your article on AlsaceLorraine, in which you discuss the proposal of the German Government "to leave the disposition of Alsace-Lorraine to a plebiscite of inhabitants." I agree your conclusion, but not with all your argument. At the time the provinces of Alsace and Lorraine were taken by Germany from France they were a part of the territory of the French Republic, and could not of their own motion, without the consent of the French Republic, transfer their allegiance to Germany. When Germany took possession of the provinces, she did not consult the inhabitants. There is no reason in conscience or law why France should consult the inhabitants of Alsace and Lorraine as to whether she shall resume sovereignty over territory wrongfully and without consideration taken from her by Germany. The Southern States of the United States seceded from the Union and organized a Southern Confederacy. The United States Government denied the right of the Southern States to secede, and, after the defeat of the army of the Confederacy, resumed its sovereignty over the Southern States without consulting the inhabitants. Why should not the French Republic follow the example of the United States?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.




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T is seldom that you find enamel furniture so individual, so smart as this attractive suite from Berkey & Gay.

The interlacing ovals and graceful curves are a most interesting conception. In dark green, in blue, or in yellow, with an enlivening touch of other colors, this suite makes a charming, gay little room where any woman would feel youthful and light of heart.

One of the pleasantest bits of news about this delightful suite is-it is not expensive. You would not feel extravagant if you could enjoy its loveliness for only a few years. However, like every Berkey & Gay piece, this furniture is so excellently made that it may be treasured for a lifetime, for generations even.

The best furniture shops have Berkey & Gay Furniture. If you have any difficulty in finding this furniture, write to us and we will gladly tell you where you can see our new styles. Berkey & Gay Furniture Company, 184 Monroe Ave., Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Important to Subscribers

When you notify The Outlook of a change in your address, both the old and the new address should be given. Kindly write, if possible, two weeks before the change is to take effect.

It is fun to wake up in the morning when you find yourself in a dainty and beautiful bed like this one


Joy Blackberry, St. Regis
Raspberry, Van Fleet Hybrid
Strawberries, Ideal and Caco
Grapes, Everybody's Currant,
Van Fleet Gooseberry

Our Catalog No. 1 tells all about them and describes also all "the good old varieties" of small fruits. In it are also offered a full line of Superior Roses, Fruit Trees, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Vines, the best Nut Trees, Hedge Plants and Garden Roots. Send for it today. It is FREE. Prices low. Our plants are raised under most favorable conditions, and cared for by efficient nurserymen. Their ability in dig ging and packing our stock is unsurpassed, and insures delivery to you in perfect condition. 40th year 200 acres. J. T. LOVETT, Inc., Box 289, Little Silver, N. J.





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WEALTH is not the only road to the beautiful.
Appreciation comes first.

You may not be able to afford a Raphael or a Corot
but you can begin to collect fine silverware, and if it is
Gorham Sterling Silverware

it need not be costly to be beautiful, for The Gorham
Company excels in creating artistic silverware whether
the cost be little or much.

Moreover, you can assemble

Gorham Sterling Silverware

a piece at a time even in the most inexpensive de-
signs, enriching your home permanently, and stimula
ting your artistic faculties to further acquisitions of
companion pieces.

Gorham Sterling Silverware

is sold by leading jewelers everywhere
and bears this trade-mark

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