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A recent "Knoll Paper" on "The Children of the Church" has brought us the following response. We are glad to receive it and to give it to our readers, because it furnishes a concrete illustration of one way in which the Church can fulfill its unfulfilled duty of ministering to its children.

As the welfare of children, materially and spiritually, has always been of interest to me, your "Knoll Paper" on "The Children of the Church," in the issue of The Outlook for January 16, struck a sympathetic chord, and I agree with you that as a general rule the children are not given the consideration due them in the average church. However, there is an exception to this rule in our little city of Glens Falls, Christ Church (Methodist Episcopal), whose pastor is the Rev. Charles O. Judkins. In addition to our Bible school [held every Sunday afternoon], Dr. Judkins holds two special church services for the children each week: junior church at 6:30 Sunday evenings for young people from the ages of twelve to twenty, and child's church for the little ones from eight to twelve, which meets each Thursday afternoon at 4:15. At each of these services there is preached a specially prepared sermon. Many young people outside of Christ Church take advantage of the junior church, which proves its value and shows that it is appreciated.

As to our Bible school, we have a very well-equipped building for the purpose, with separate class-rooms for each class of the senior and intermediate departments, these rooms being provided with tables and chairs; and forty minutes is given to the study of the lesson. We also have a primary department and a kindergarten, which latter is in charge of a regularly trained kindergarten teacher. We have a graded school governed by a grading commission, and we are using the Constructive Bible Studies as outlined by the University of Chicago Press. Great care is taken by the grading commission in the selection of teachers, with the result that we have an efficient body of men and women for the work. One of the rules provides men teachers for the boys and women for the girls.

Dr. Judkins not only realizes the need of special church services for the children, but also feels the need of a better knowledge of the Bible among the adults; and, with that end in view, he has a men's class and a women's class for the modern critical constructive study of the Bible, on different evenings of each week. The attendance at the men's classes averages ninety and at the women's over a hundred. We are peculiarly blessed in having for our clergyman a man with a vision. L. CAROLINE MAYER.

Glens Falls, New York.


On the question of women voting as to school committees, no reform was gained in Boston, despite the fact that most of the reform or good government nominees were elected-men only voting for these. Taking this into account with the New York suffrage and Tammany victory, would not the natural inference be that the question be left to single States at least, if not to the women themselves?


Worcester, Massachusetts.

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Are You An Investor?

During the past year the Financial Editor of The Outlook has helped hundreds of Outlook readers to solve intelligently their particular investment problems. Perhaps you are contemplating a shifting of your present holdings or have fresh funds to invest. In either case we shall be glad to give you specific information on any securities in which you may be interested. This service is entirely free to Outlook readers. THE OUTLOOK FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York


This year YOU must pay an Income Tax

Don't feel that the new income tax does not apply to you-you may be pretty sure it does.

Single persons with incomes of $83.33 or more a month ($1,000 or more a year) and married persons with incomes of $166.66 or more a month ($2,000 or more a year) must file a statement of this income with the Government. It is only the income above $1,000 and $2,000 which is taxed.

This statement must be filed on a form which the Internal Revenue Representative in your community has. To locate him, ask your employer, the Postmaster, or any Banker.

Get the necessary form at once. Your statement must be filed before March first and you must not neglect it for two


First it is your patriotic duty in helping to win the war.

Second: there are severe penalties to be visited upon you if you do.

This announcement is published by The Outlook to help the Government collect these taxes— and thus aid in winning the war.

Winter Sports

Each season adds many to the list of winter sports enthusiasts. For lovers of skiing, snow-shoeing, tobogganing, skating, and the like, the list of resorts to choose from, where these sports may be found, grows yearly and now includes Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado; Yosemite National Park in California; Mount Hood in Oregon; and resorts in New England, Pennsylvania, and Canada. We shall be glad to send Outlook readers information about these resorts without charge.




A letter from an American soldier in France speaks appreciatively of the good things received at Christmas from the home folks: "One fellow got four mince pies; others fruit cake, etc. I myself have received two packages now, one with cigarettes, candy, socks, jam, handkerchiefs, and lots of things a sight for sore eyes over here. To-day I got a can of candy-fudge in it, real nut fudge. That was a good treat, too. The night before Christmas I went down by the river and slept in a bed for the first time since August. We built a fire in the fireplace and toasted crackers, ate nuts, dates, candy, etc. Christmas Day they gave us a fine dinner at the mess..

I am not making any special plans, but just looking for the chance to get back to that little family, which has increased by one since my departure-another little girl.... We think if we could get enough of the U. S. boys over here it would not take long to end this war."

How do you pronounce cantonment? Some people call it can-tonment, some canton-ment, and some can-toon-ment. The first is preferred by the Century Dictionary, the second by the Oxford English Dictionary, and the third by the Standard Dictionary. The last-named authority, however, has an advisory committee of eminent orthoepists, to whom words of disputed pronunciation are submitted, and a large majority of these have voted in favor of can-ton-ment. Can-toon-ment is said to be the favorite pronunciation in India. An old spelling of the word is " cantoonment.'

Cleanliness is near to self-veneration as well as to godliness. A trained nurse tells in a recent book an incident illustrative of this fact. A neglected boy of nineteen had met with an accident and come to the hospital. The nurse had thoroughly washed and combed his hair and subjected hands and nails to cleansing and manicuring to which they were entire strangers. The boy was delighted. He felt his hair and looked at his hands a hundred times a day. When some friends came in to see him, he exclaimed, like a child with a new toy, "Look at me hair! Look at me hands! Ain't it great!"

The English Government, according to the "Railway Age," has granted another war bonus to railway workers the fifth since the beginning of the war. The new bonus amounts to six shillings a week, bringing the total increase since February, 1915, to twenty-one shillings a week (about $5.25).

"James Murray, a seaman on Commodore Perry's flagship on the voyage that opened Japan to the world, died yesterday at his home in Brooklyn." So passed away the fourth "last survivor of the Perry expedition who has come to the attention of this department since the publication in The Outlook of January 2 of the portrait of William H. Hardy, who at the time was supposed to be the only surviving member of the famous expedition. That trip to Japan seems to have had a remarkable influence in conferring longevity upon the fortunate sailors who accompanied Commodore Perry.

Tolstoy and Turgenev, famous Russian novelists, were contemporaries and friends, but on one occasion they had a serious falling out. As gathered from a recent biography, this is the story of their quarrel:

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By the Way (Continued) The two famous novelists met at a friend's house. Turgenev spoke enthusiastically of his young daughter's new English governess, mentioning that she required the child to mend old, ragged clothes to give to the poor. "Do you consider that good?" demanded Tolstoy. "1 certainly do," replied Turgenev; "it makes the charity worker realize every-day needs." "And I think that a welldressed girl with filthy, malodorous rags in her hands is acting an insincere farce," commented Tolstoy. "I ask you not to say that," exclaimed Turgenev, hotly. "Why should I not say what I am convinced is true?" retorted Tolstoy. "If you say that again I will box your ears!" Turgenev cried, white with rage, and rushed from the room. A duel was narrowly averted. Afterwards these famous men became reconciled, and on his death-bed Turgenev wrote an affecting note to Tolstoy, addressing him as "the great writer of our Russian land."

A Cleveland man, according to the "Plain Dealer," tried to name his children so that they should not have nicknames. The eldest was named William, the next Willard, and then came Wilbert, Wilfred, and Wilmont. "Now everybody will have to speak the full names of each of these boys in order to distinguish them," said the ingenious father. "They are all big boys now," concludes the "Plain Dealer," " and they are respectively known as Billy, Skinny, Butch, Chuck, and Kid."

A provincial British paper prints the following tribute to the activity of Government clerks in these times, with an added sarcasm as to their supposed idleness in former days:

In a stroll through town by night one may see in certain streets many men doing clerical work behind blindless windows. They are the overtimers of the Government departments, some of which have extended to extra houses. The spectacle may satisfy the persons who used to complain that despite all the schemes for relieving the unemployed nothing seemed to be done for young men in Government offices.

George Borrow, author of the well-known book "The Bible in Spain," which was the result of his work as a colporter for an English Bible Society, was in his youth a connoisseur in pugilistic lore and in the annals of crime. A set of books sold at auction in New York recently, "Celebrated Trials and Remarkable Cases of Criminal Jurisprudence," was his first work and was compiled by him when trying to make his way in London as a young writer. Borrow was industrious; he got together the entire six volumes of this work, consisting of 3,600 pages, and put it through the press, in less than a year.

Under the heading "The Modern Village Blacksmith" the New York "Sun" publishes a parody that brings Longfellow up to date. The first two stanzas read:

Under a spreading canopy

The Village "Shoffy" stands.
The "Shoff" a mighty man is he,
With large and itching hands,
And his plethoric pocketbook

Is wrapped with rubber bands.

His hair is short, and black, and slick.

His clothes are spic and span.

In his garage are satellites

Who graft whate'er they can,
But little is there left when he

Gets through with any man.

Among "Public Notices" in a New York City paper is this timely appeal:

MY COAL DEALER OUT OF BUSINESS. Can dealer furnish ton every fortnight? Address

- etc. 1

"You Germans have only one will, and that is My will; there is only one law, and that is My law; only one Master in this Country. That is I, and who opposes Me I shall crush to pieces."- Emperor Wilhelm II, King of Prussia.

A Survey of International Relations Between the United States and Germany

August 1st, 1914-April 6th, 1917

(Based on Official Documents)


Doctor of Jurisprudence of the University of Heidelberg; President of the American Institute of International Law; Major and Judge Advocate, United States Reserves.

This volume gives a complete exhibition of the German point of view as set forth by Frederick the Great, and by leading German writers to this day.

Quotations from Bismarck, the advocate of the policy of "Blood and. Iron," who contemptuously called treaties "Scraps of Paper," Lasson, Treitschke, Hegel, Von Moltke, Von Bernhardi and many others show how, for over 100 years, the leaders of German thought have fostered and developed the War Spirit.

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It contains the whole History of the War in so far as it affects the United States; every step up to the actual Declaration of War by this Country is fully treated. Especially interesting are such vital topics as:

The German Spy System-Submarine Warfare-The Lusitania Case-Sale of Munitions of War-The Freedom of the Seas-Reprisals, Retaliation and Necessity-President Wilson's Reply to the Pope, August 27, 1917-Declaration of War Against Austria, etc., etc.

.. Masterful, scholarly work. . . . No writer has ever contrasted with more force the viewpoint of the Prussian autocrat with the principles of the American democrat. One is a better and prouder American for having read this book.-Philadelphia Press.

Royal 8vo (10x7), cloth, 506 pages.... Net $5.00
At all Booksellers or from the Publishers

Oxford University Press American Branch, 35 West 32d St., N. Y.

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I Can Brighten Your Life!

What would it be worth to have health-untiring energy, buoyant spirits, perfect figure, clear com plexion and the right reight for one of your stature?

Think how it would brighten your life; enable you to work without fa tigue; how your capacity for enjoyment would be multiplied; and what charm it would add to your personality!

This is my life work. 1 have done these very things for 80,000 other women, many of whom were weak, frail, depressed and discouraged. I have made them oh, so well Leading physicians dorse my methods. Their wives and daughters are my pupils. Treatment in your own home-private and confidential.


Does it sound" too good to be true?" Tell me your difficulties and I will tell you, without cost, how you can overcome them without drugs; without great expense or delay. I have had a wonderful experience and I want to tell you about it.

Susanna Cocroft

Dept. 8 624 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, Ill.

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Advertising rates are: Hotels and Resorts, Apartments, Camps, Tours and Travel, Real Estate, Live Stock and Poultry, fifty cents per agate line, four columns to the page. Not less than four lines accepted. In calculating space required for an advertisement, count an average of six words to the line unless display type is desired.

"Want" advertisements, under the various headings, "Board and Rooms," "Help Wanted," etc., ten cents for each word or initial, including the address for each insertion. The first word of each "Want" advertisement is set in capital letters without additional charge. Other words may be set in capitals, if desired, at double rates. If answers are to be addressed in care of The Outlook, twenty-five cents is charged for the box number named in the advertisement. Replies will be forwarded by us to the advertiser and bill for postage rendered. Special headings appropriate to the department may be arranged for on application.

Orders and copy for Classified Advertisements must be received with remittance ten days before the Wednesday on which it is intended the advertisement shall first appear. Address: ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT, THE OUTLOOK, 381 FOURTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CITY

Tours and Travel


Health Resorts

Hotels and Resorts



Litchfield Co., Conn.

The foothills of the Berkshires. A restful place for tired people. Good food and a comfortable home. 2 hours from New York. $14 a week and up. Booklet A.

Mrs. J. E. CASTLE, Proprietor.

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The science of conducting a hotel properly
is at its highest when it is least apparent.
This is exemplified by the cultured,
livable atmosphere of the Hotel Bossert.
Send for illustrated booklet "B"

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Companions and Domestic Helpers

MATRONS, governesses, mothers' helpers, cafeteria managers, dietitians. Miss Richards, Providence. Bostor. office, 16 Jackson Hall, Trinity Court, Thursdays, 11 to 1.

TEACHERS needed now, and for positions opening September, 1918. Address THE INTERSTATE TEACHERS' AGENCY. Macheca Building, New Orleans, La.

WANTED-Gentlewoman to care for boy five, girl three, and help with baby year old. Happy disposition, experience in physical care, and careful direction in play required. Wages $60 month. 5,635, Outlook.

REFINED Christian home, city advantages, reasonable wages, light duties, to willing country girl. Mackay, 863 President St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

DIETITIAN wanted. A large State institution in the Rocky Mountain region needs an experienced dietitian. Liberal salary paid and maintenance allowed. Give age, education, experience, and references. 5,634, Outlook.

Teachers and Governesses WANTED-Competent teachers for public and private schools and colleges. Send for bulletin Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N.Y. CALIFORNIA needs teachers with graduate study. Consult Boynton-Esterly Teachers' Agency, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cal.

WANTED-Governess for two little girls, five years and seven years old. French conversation necessary. 5,631, Outlook.

HOPKINS' Educational Agency, 507 Fifth Ave. Governesses, nurses, housekeepers, matrons, dietitians, companions, secretaries, teachers; families, schools, institutions.


Business Situations MANAGER-Hotel or club. Woman of refinement and tact, of unusual executive ability. Highest order catering, planning charge of the care of two and three thousand people per month. Excellent reasons forchanging. Very best references. 5,632, Outlook.

Tuberculous Patients LAKE SUNAPEE, N. H. entertainments, etc. At present have entire


receive best of board and care at
Liberty, N. Y. Rates $18.00 up. Booklet.

Dr. Reeves' Sanitarium

A Private Home for chronic, nervous, and
mental patients. Also elderly people requiring
care. Harriet E. Reeves, M.D., Melrose, Mass.

THE BETHESDA White Plains,

N.. Y.

A sanitarium for convalescence, treatment and
rest. Large, sunny rooms. Graduate nurses.
Address for terms, Alice Gates Bugbee, M.D.

Kenosha, Wisconsin Woodlawn Sanitarium Epileptics

Finest Health Resort and Sanitarium on Lake Mich., in 100-acre park. Moderate rates. Booklet.


HOTEL JUDSON 53 Washington Square adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms with and without bath. Rates $2.50 per day, including meals. Special rates for two weeks or more. Location very central. Convenient to all elevated and street car lines.

Hotel Le Marquis

31st Street & Fifth Avenue New York

Combines every convenience and home comfort, and commends itself to people of refinement wishing to live on American Plan and be within easy reach of social and dramatic centers.

Room and bath $3.50 per day with meals, or
$2.00 per day without meals.

Booklet gladly sent upon

A high-class place combining facilities of a
sanitarium with comforts and freedom of a
private home. Established 1907. 8 miles from
Boston. Individual treatment. Booklet.

DR. HAMMOND, West Newton, Mass.


Beautiful, quiet, restful and homelike. Over
26 years of successful work. Thorough, re-
liable, dependable and ethical. Every com-
fort and convenience. Accommodations of
superior quality. Disorder of the nervous sys-
tem a specialty. Fred. W. Seward, Sr., M.D.,
Fred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D., Goshen, N. Y.


Newfoundland, New Jersey

A quiet, restful health resort among the hills
of northern New Jersey. Large sunny porch;
dry, exhilarating air. All forms of hydrother-
apy and massage under medical supervision.
Believing that there is a curable physical basis
for most chronic ailments, we seek the under-
lying cause through a scientific study of each
individual case. Booklet sent on application.

Charming Summer Homes and Cottages, fur-
nished, for rent and for sale. Write for book-
lets. Sargent & Co., New London, N. H.
Headquarters Lake Sunapee Real Estate



in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

For a small sum,

COMPETENT typist wishes to do manuscript copying or typing of other descrip tion at her own residence. Address Miss Olga Norcross, 371 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

YOUNG woman of executive and organizing ability and experience desires position after March 15. Fully equipped also for secretarial duties. Seeks position where she may carry responsibility, and, in close co-operation, have chance to exercise initiative. Locality no con$150 monthly. 5,640, Outlook.


A Country Day School of Forty Boys sideration. Cannot consider salary less than

which has made a name for itself as a much
needed institution in its community. An
unusually strong backing from its patrons.
A young school capable of great develop-
ment. Possession at end of present school
year. Details to principals only. Address
SCHOOL, P. O. Box 1,592, Philadelphia, Pa.


Professional Situations WANTED-Principal for boarding and day school for girls. No better opportunity in the country, but no place for failures. Candidate must have had definitely successful experience in similar position elsewhere. She must be cultured, wise socially, tactful and generally practical. Address, stating experience and qualifications, 5,630, Outlook.

Business Situations RAILROAD traffic inspectors wanted. $125 a month and expenses to start; short hours; travel; three months' home study under guarantee; we arrange for position. No age limit. Ask for booklet L 16. Frontier Prep. School, Buffalo, N. Y.

SECRETARY-bookkeeper wanted in a boarding school near New York and Philadelphia. Steady position. State qualifications and experience. 5,625, Outlook.

SECRETARY, resident, wanted by girls' boarding school in Philadelphia. Must be stenographer and double entry bookkeeper. Alternate office and travel. Send photograph;

state salary. 5,633, Outlook.

ASSOCIATE, farming, orchard. College woman. R- F. D. 77, Route 3, Charlottesville, Va.

Companions and Domestic Helpers
REFINED woman wishes position in apart-
ment as housekeeper where servant is kept.
References. 5,628, Outlook.

COMPANION-housekeeper, Virginian. Good manager. With large or small means. 5,639, Outlook.

WANTED-Position. Refined, educated woman. Companion, assist children with evening lessons. Assist lip-reader with exercises. 5,637, Outlook.

WANTED. by young woman, position as governess or companion. References. 5,636, Outlook.

GENTLEWOMAN, energetic, versatile, and thoroughly experienced in household management, desires position, housekeeper or useful companion, where personal interest would be appreciated. 5,638, Outlook.

Teachers and Governesses POSITION as teacher of drawing or commercial colorist by woman of long experience. capable of supervising. 5,606, Outlook. GOVERNESS, teaching German and English in all branches; physical culture. Highest references. 5,642, Outlook.


THE Red Cross needs nurses. The Cooley Dickinson Hospital. Northampton, Mass., can hospital, excellently managed. Corps of extrain you. Send for information. A small perienced graduate nurses direct training school. University extension work for our school in Smith College Laboratory.

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