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[blocks in formation]

To see your flag-bird flap his vans

Where I, to heart's desire,

Perched him!" The Chief's eye flashed;

his plans

Soared up again like fire.

The Chief's eye flashed; but presently

Softened itself, as sheathes

A film the mother eagle's eye

When her bruised eaglet breathes :

"You're wounded!"


"Nay," his soldier's

Touched to the quick, he said,

"I'm killed, Sire!" And, his Chief beside,

Smiling, the boy fell dead.

[graphic][merged small]


EIGH-HO!" yawned one day King

"Distance all value enhances !

When a man's busy, why, leisure
Strikes him as wonderful pleasure.
Faith, and at leisure once is he?
Straightway he wants to be busy.
Here we've got peace; and aghast I'm
Caught thinking war the true pastime !
Is there a reason in metre?

Give us your speech, master Peter!"
I who, if mortal dare say so,

Ne'er am at loss with my Naso,

"Sire," I replied, "joys prove cloudlets :

Men are the merest Ixions,"

Here the King whistled aloud, "Let's


Heigh-ho... go look at our lions!"

Such are the sorrowful chances

If you talk fine to King Francis.
And so, to the courtyard proceeding,
Our company, Francis was leading,
Increased by new followers tenfold
Before he arrived at the penfold;
Lords, ladies, like clouds which bedizen
At sunset the western horizon.

And Sir De Lorge pressed mid the foremost
With the dame he professed to adore most,—
O, what a face! One by fits eyed
Her, and the horrible pitside;

For the penfold surrounded a hollow
Which led where the eye scarce dared follow,
And shelved to the chamber secluded
Where Bluebeard, the great lion, brooded.
The King hailed his keeper, an Arab
As glossy and black as a scarab,

And bade him make sport and at once stir

Up and out of his den the old monster.

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