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As answer possible to give.

What says the body when they spring Some monstrous torture-engine's whole Strength on it? No more says the soul.

Till out strode Gismond; then I knew
That I was saved. I never met
His face before, but, at first view,

I felt quite sure that God had set
Himself to Satan; who would spend
A minute's mistrust on the end?

He strode to Gauthier, in his throat
Gave him the lie, then struck his mouth
With one back-handed blow that wrote

In blood men's verdict there. North, South, East, West, I looked. The lie was dead, And damned, and truth stood up instead.

This glads me most, that I enjoyed

The heart of the joy, with my content

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In watching Gismond unalloyed
By any doubt of the event:
God took that on him, I was bid
Watch Gismond for my part: I did.

Did I not watch him while he let

His armorer just brace his greaves, Rivet his hauberk, on the fret

The while! His foot


my memory

No least stamp out, nor how anon
He pulled his ringing gauntlets on.

And e'en before the trumpet's sound
Was finished, prone lay the false Knight,
Prone as his lie upon the ground:

Gismond flew at him, used no sleight
Of the sword, but open-breasted drove,
Cleaving till out the truth he clove.

Which done, he dragged him to my feet

And said, "Here die, but end thy breath

In full confession, lest thou fleet

From my first, to God's second death! Say hast thou lied?" And "I have lied To God and her," he said, and died.

Then Gismond, kneeling to me, asked

- What safe my heart holds, though no


Could I repeat now, if I tasked

My powers forever, to a third

Dear even as you are. Pass the rest
Until I sank upon his breast.

Over my head his arm he flung

Against the world; and scarce I felt

His sword, that dripped by me and swung, A little shifted in its belt,

For he began to say the while

How South our home lay many a mile.

So mid the shouting multitude

We two walked forth to nevermore

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