The Life of Sir Matthew Hale, Knt, Volumen20

At the Clarendon Press, 1806 - 315 páginas

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Página 43 - ... so he would not suffer him to go on. Whereupon his grace, for he was a duke, went away not a little dissatisfied, and complained of it to the King, as a rudeness that was not to be endured.
Página 42 - Not to interpose in any business whatsoever. 2. Not to take more than their known fees. 3. Not to give any undue precedence to causes. 4. Not to recommend counsel. XVIII. To be short and sparing at meals, that I may be the fitter for business.
Página 146 - ... was the saying of him in the panegyric : and you will find it so too, that are to succeed such a chief justice, of so indefatigable an industry, so invincible a patience, so exemplary an integrity, and so magnanimous a contempt of worldly things, without which no man can be truly great ; and to all this a man that was so...
Página 44 - ... which was confirmed by several gentlemen then present : but all would not do, for the lord chief baron had learned from Solomon, that " a gift perverteth the ways of judgment...
Página 10 - Serjeant which ought never to be forgotten. His father had a fair estate, which he intended to settle on his elder brother; but he being a vicious young man, and there appearing no hopes of his recovery, he settled it on him, that was his second son. Upon his death, his eldest son, finding that what he had before looked on as the...
Página 117 - Hale going that year the western circuit, it happened that as he was on the bench at the assizes, a most terrible storm fell out very unexpectedly, accompanied with such flashes of lightning, and claps of thunder, that the like will hardly fall out in an age; upon which a whisper or rumour ran through the crowd, that now was the world to end, and the day of judgment to begin...
Página 100 - ... given by our Saviour, of fasting, praying, and giving alms in secret, but from a particular distrust he had of himself; for he said he was afraid he should at some time or other, do some enormous thing, which if he were looked on as a very religious man, might cast a reproach on the profession of it, and give great advantages to impious men, to blaspheme the name of God.
Página 125 - If a young gentleman happened to be retained to argue a point in law, where he was on the contrary side, he would very often mend the objections when he came to repeat them, and always commend the gentleman if there were room for it, and one good word of his was of more advantage to a young man than all the favour of the court could be.
Página 12 - ... countenance to so much excess : and he vowed to God, that he would never again keep company in that manner, nor drink a health while he lived.
Página 7 - ... his studies, and from the gravity of his deportment, that was formerly eminent in him, far beyond his years ; set himself to many of the vanities incident to youth, but still preserved his purity, and a great probity of mind.

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