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The Review of Reviews



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WITH the help of the ANNUAL INDEX, the student or writer can easily ascertain in what Periodicals he can read articles on almost any subject; and, as the more recent Magazines and Reviews are to be found in the newer as well as the old Public Libraries, these mines of current thought need no longer remain unexplored on the shelves with such a handy Key, issued at a price within the means of all.

The ANNUAL INDEX is universally admitted to be the best work in its line ever published, and “an absolutely indispensable work of reference" for Librarians, Booksellers, Journalists, Clergymen, and all Contributors to the Literature of our time.

The First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth Volumes, covering the years 1890, 1891, 1893, and 1894, are still to be had at 5s. each; or 5s. 6d. post free.

The Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Volumes, being greatly enlarged and elaborated, are issued at IOS. nett.

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Abyssinia and the Soudan, 552

Africa (see also Egypt and the Soudan) :

The Future of Africa, 231

The Fashoda Incident, see under Egypt and the Soudan
Abyssinia and the Soudan, 552

France on the Niger, 88

The Anglo-French Agreement, 1833, (with map), 310-311

Italy and Tripoli, 310-311

West African Problems, 232

Uncle Sam's Foothold in Liberia, 348

Death of Rev. John Mackenzie, 312
The South African Mystery, 148
Kruger, Rhodes, and Chamberlain, 89
Mr. Rhodes as the Natives' Friend, 251

The Rule of the Chartered Company, 149

Meeting of the Chartered Company, 415-416

Trouble in the Transvaal, 15

President Kruger's Concessions to the Uitlanders, 312

The Utlanders' Grievances and Appeal to the Queen, 458, 549

Sir Alfred Milner's Policy in the Transvaal, 518, 537, 538

The Tanganyika Railway, 56

The Cape to Cairo Telegraph, 311-312

Agriculture (see also Land):

The Farmer's Year, by Rider Haggard, 52, 148, 342, 465, 561

Labourers' Allotments, 255

The British School for Lady Farmers, 563

Aguinaldo, Emilio, (with portrait), 144, 557

The Alaskan Boundary, 519

Klondike and the Yukon Region, see Yukon Region

America, see United States

"American Revolution," by Sir George Trevelyan, 180

American People: Why Americans like to live in England, 470

Anglo-American Commission, 214, 519, 551

Arabia: France and Muscat, 213

Architectural Review reviewed, 295

Arena reviewed, 565

Argonaut Submarine Boat), 67, 360

The Army Estimates, 210

Peace and Disarmament, the Tsar's Rescript, etc., see under Peace and

The Red Cross Movement, 159

The Horrors of War, see under War

The Miseries of Militarism, 339

Youth and Command in War, 352

Alcohol in War, 564

To march stooping, not erect, 468

Art, see Chavannes (P. de), Meissonier (J. L. E.), Morris Wm, Storey

(G. A.), Tissot (J. J.), Verestchagin (V.)

Art Journal reviewed, 360

Art Journal Jubilee Series reviewed, 501

Art in the Magazines, 94, 193, 259, 262, 235, 378, 46), 501, 598

Artist reviewed, 295

Asquith, H. H., 12

Athletic Women, 355, 562

Atlantic Monthly reviewed, 134, 138, 161, 262, 261, 278, 363, 475, 549, 566,

Australasia, see Australia, New Zealand


Australian Federation, 115

The N. S. W. Federal Council, 523, 524

Gold in Western Australia, 467

James Tyson, Cattle King, 156

The Native Tribes of Central Australia, 349, 457

The Austro-Hungarian Ausgleich, 17

Austria and Its Mission, 151

Bacteria in Tobacco, 554

Balfour, Arthur J.,

On Our Public Institutions, 12


On the Irish University Question, 113

On the Tsar's Peace Rescript, etc., 327

Baltic to Black Sea Canal, 138, 553

Beaconsfield, Earl of, 51

Beet v. Cane Sugar, 348
Beethoven and Wagner, 254
Belgians, Queen of, 564

Belgium: Housing of the Poor, 257

Beresford, Lord Charles,

"The Break-up of China," by Lord Charles Beresford, 590

On the Powers and China, 214

Bible and Biblical Criticism: Prof. Harnack and the New Testament, 245

Bibliographical Notes, 63

Bildt, Baron de, Character Sketch, 531

Billot, Alfred, 151

Bismarck, Prince, 50, 560

Black Sea to Baltic Canal, 138, 553

Blackwood's Magazine reviewed, 51, 78, 134, 153, 178, 247, 325, 373, 469, 476,


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The Chinese Emperor and His Surroundings, 466

Rev. Gilbert Reid and His Work, 414-5

China in Decay, 86

The Chinese Problem, 340

Lord Charles Beresford's Mission, 214

Lord Salisbury's Policy, 340

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