Corporate Governance, Finance and the Technological Advantage of Nations

Routledge, 2008 - 310 páginas

Winner of the 2010 Myrdal Prize

There is much debate regarding which countries’ economies have the best economic systems to encourage economic growth and technological change. This book is a major contribution to this discussion, connecting the fields of corporate governance and finance with the field of innovation and technology and analysing the ways in which countries’ systems of corporate governance affect firms’ ability to meet the technological challenges of different sectors.

Tylecote and Visintin combine incisive analysis with empirical studies systems of corporate governance in the US, Europe, East Asia and China, demonstrating how these systems vary and how the demands on those who control and finance industry are changing. The authors argue that while certain types of system have worked for particular sectors, the technological revolution through which we are passing demands innovation in corporate governance and finance. Indeed, this book goes some way in challenging accepted views of best practise in corporate governance and finance, showing how structures and rules intended to advance ‘shareholder value’ may undermine it by inhibiting technological change.

This book will be very interesting reading for students and researchers engaged with corporate governance and national business systems, as well as those interested in systems of innovation.

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Acerca del autor (2008)

Andrew Tylecote is a Professor of the Economics and Management of Technological Change at the University of Sheffield. Francesca Visintin is Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Udine.

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