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HUS in alternate uproar and sad peace

Amazed were those Titans utterly.

O leave them, Muse! O leave them to their


For thou art weak to sing such tumults dire :

A solitary sorrow best befits

Thy lips, and antheming a lonely grief.

Leave them, O Muse! for thou anon wilt find
Many a fallen old Divinity

Wandering in vain about bewilder'd shores.
Meantime touch piously the Delphic harp,
And not a wind of heaven but will breathe



IC miseras paces alternaque jurgia passi
Terrigenæ cæco consternabantur in antro.

At tu quæ tantos cantare infirma tumultus,
Hoc fuge, Musa, malum, et moestis loca linque querelis.
Solus enim tua labra dolor, vocemque modestam

Singula fata decent, privi sine teste labores.

Tu fuge, Musa, locum; veterum nam multa Deorum
Lapsa polo, temere incertis errantia terris,
Mox interjecto deprendes Numina visu.
Interea jam fila pia Parnassia dextra

Percute; nulla poli non auxiliabitur aura,


In aid soft warble from the Dorian flute;
For lo! 'tis for the Father of all verse.
Flush everything that hath a vermeil hue,
Let the rose glow intense and warm the air,
And let the clouds of even and of morn
Float in voluptuous fleeces o'er the hills;
Let the red wine within the goblet boil,
Cold as a bubbling well; let faint-lipp'd shells,
On sands, or in great deeps, vermilion turn
Through all their labyrinths; and let the maid
Blush keenly, as with some warm kiss surpris'd.
Chief island of the embower'd Cyclades,
Rejoice, O Delos, with thine olives green,
And poplars, and lawn-shading palms, and beech
In which the Zephyr breathes the loudest song,
And hazels thick, dark-stemm'd beneath the shade :
Apollo is once more the golden theme!

Where was he when the Giant of the Sun
Stood bright amid the sorrow of his peers?
Together had he left his mother fair
And his twin-sister sleeping in their bower,
And in the morning twilight wander'd forth
Beside the osiers of a rivulet,



Doridis et blandæ strepitum variabit avenæ ;
Carminis omnigeni quoniam laudabitur auctor.
Ardeat en quicquid minio nitet, et rosa luces
Læta vomat nimias, et mulceat æthera flammis ;
Solis et occasu glomeratæ, Solis et ortu,
Velleribus teneris verrant juga frondea nubes:
Purpureusque latex spuma cratera coronet,
Frigore quo bullant fontes ; et pallida labra
Concharum, maris in ripa, seu mersa profundis
Æquoribus, flexus rubeant pudibunda per omnes ;
Et flagret, prærepta pavens ut ad oscula, virgo.
Gaudeat et Delos, prælata virentibus olim
Insula Cycladibus, pallentes inter olivas,
Populeumque nemus, saltusque umbrantia longe
Palmarum folia, et fagos quibus instrepit hymnus
Altisonus Zephyrum, et densis coryleta latebris:
Aurea materies iterum mihi laudis Apollo!
Ah! ubinam puer ille, gigas cum sideris ignei
Constitit in medio procerum marcore coruscus ?
Ille simul pulcram matrem pulcramque gemellam
Liquerat in thalamis; lucisque crepuscula nactus
Flumineæ juxta procurrit vimina ripæ,



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