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Roger Smalley gent

*Thurstane Maudesley gent mort

*Johne Clayton gent

Kyrster Marsden gent de ffenyscoles mortuus

*Johne Cowburne gent mort

Edwarde Mawdysley

*John Gelebronde 17 April 1590o

*Myles Aspinoll

*Nycholas Haworthe

Richard Lawe the xii of September 1590o

*Xtopher Lawe the ii of September 15880

Thomas Whytalghe

*Johne Hodgsone

*George Ashton

*Adame Bolton de Broke House

Roger Nowell Esquier

Lawrence Aspmoll

John Baron of the mylne

*Myles Marsden

Here follows a note by William ffarington, of a later date than most of the names of 1586.

Jho Talbot ar. son and heyre of George Talbot of Salesbury is elected the second of September 1588 to suply the plase of his late grandfather Jho-Talbot esquyre in respecte of the benevolence of vili xiiis iiiid of his said grandfather bestowed towards the stocke of the said schole, And in respecte of the benevolence of his twenty pffounds to be bestowed towards the mayntenance of the said schole, provided alwayes that the choyce of the said Jho=Talbot being an infante is not to be made any example hereafter in choyce of any infante

Edwarde Walmesley of Banester Halle gent, 11o Aprilis ao Eliz regine xxxiii

Roberte Walmysley gent

Roger Gelibrand of Samesburie gent.

Thomas Soothworthe of . . . .

xxx Sep. 1591.

Entries to which is appended are by a later hand, in which mortuus' also is written. The asterisk, a cross in the original, usually denotes that such a governor was dead at the time when the additions were made.

10 Sept. 1586.


Memorandum that the xth daye of September 1586 it was agreed by the governours of the free Schole of Blackburne that whosoever shall have the use of the some of xxli of parcel of the stocke of the saide Schole in lone shall paye after the rate of xls for the lone of the same in one yeare & enter into bonde by oblygation to the governors in the some of xlli with two suffycient sureties with hime for the repayment of the same at the yeare's ende and that eytche of the said sureties shalbe Inhabyters and householders w'hin the sayd p'ysh and being eytche householders of xls by yeare or other wyse worthe xlli in goods and that for everye xxli so put forthe there shalbe a severall obligation mayde in forme as is aforesayde and that every suche oblygation shalbe renewed with such lyke suertyes at the end of everye yeare and the sayde p'ties to gyve as of a yeares warninge to the governors when he will repaye the sayde xxli stocke backe agayne that there maye be no tyme loste otherwyse to renewe his bonde and to be charged with the lone of it for another yeare and yf he will not renewe his sayde bonde then the former bonde to be put in sute and advantage thereof to be taken & Imployed to the use of the said Schole.

John Radclyff, Thomas Walmsley, Edward Osbald[eston], Wm. ffarington, Robert Hesketh, Roger Nowell, Rychard Levesey, Edward Welshe, Welshe, Thomas Holden, Thomas Holden, Rychard Parker, Thomas Astley, Nicholas Haworth, George Assheton.


xvii Septembris, Ao xxviii [regni] regine Eliz.

It is agreed by the governors of the ffree grammar schoole of quene Elizabeth in blackburne that the Some of ffortye pounds p'cell of the money levyed for the bying of armor in the parysh of blackburne shall be payed to Mr. Banastre of Altham & he to pay the same over upon the sight hereof to George Assheton & Thomas Hayworth they delyveringe first the letters patents of the Corporacion of the schole to

Mr. Rycharde Lyvesey and he to make a note thereof, & the same note to be delyvered to Mr. Banastre upon the payment of the said XLli.

John Radclyff

Edward Osbaldeston

John Grymshawe

Edward Braddyll

Thomas Walmsley

The following was copied by Dr. J. W. Whittaker, vicar of Blackburn, before 1854. The original has not been found.


A note of all suche charges as haythe ben spent and layde owt by George Ashton and Thomas Haworth concerning the free Schole of Quene Elsebeth in Blackburne from the begining of the Sute being at Harteford Tearme Anno Elyz. 23 till this present being the 5th of August Ano Elz. 28.

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Imprimis, paid by George Ashton for two
privie seales at the first entrance of the Sute
Soma xxijs
Item, the sayde George was absent at two
severall Tearmes in prosecuting the sayde
Sute fyftye days -
Soma liijs iiijd
Item, the sayde George & Thomas Haworthe
dyd sett forward on Tewsdaye the xvth of
June 1585 To mydsommer Tearme and came
home on Saterdaye the xxiijth of Julye being
absent xxxix dayes rated after xxd the daye
Soma vjli xs
Item, layde owte at the same Tearme for a
copye of the answere and the replycation
with our Attorney's fees and one for the
procuringe of a letter from the privie


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Item, the sayde George and Thomas dyd sett
forwarde to Mychelmas Tearme on Tewsdaye
the 12 of October and came home on
Saturday the 17 of December being absent
in the whole lx and vj dayes rated after xxd
the daye
Soma xjli
Item, layde owt at the same Tearme for Coun-
sellors fees to Mr. S[olicitor]
Item, to the messenger of the duchye for
somoninge the assistants and to our
Attorney with other fees in the Cowrt xiijs 4d
Item, gyven in Rewarde at the same Tearme
for the procuringe of two several Letters
from the Privie Cownsell To Mr. Chancellor
thassisstante of the duchye in favoure of
our Sute
Item, mo spent by hus from our coming home
till my goinge upp againe To Candellmas
Tearme in goinge into Yorkeshyre to Mr.
Savill for the drawinge of a Supplication to
Thearle of Darbye and in goinge to Lathom
to procure my Lordes Letter to the Privie
Cownsell in all
Item, the said Thomas Haworthe did sett
forwarde with Thomas Parkenson of
Slaydburne towards Candelmas Tearme on
Sondaye the 15th of Januarye 1585 and
returned home agayne on Saterdaye the 5th
of Marche being absent in the whole xlix
dayes rated after xxd the daye Soma iiijli xxd
Item, more payde by me at this Tearme for
the charges of the sayde Thomas Parkenson
in going upp to London and whylest he dyd
staye there being xix days and that I dyd
gyve hime in his purse to brynge hym home

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Item, layde owte at this Tearme in the Warde for the procuring of newe Letters from my Lorde Treasurer to Mr. Sollyster and to others in favoure of the Sute

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Item, payde for the Takinge forthe of our
decree, in all -
Item, spent after my coming home in going
to bothe the Assyses at Lancaster and other
places to laboure the Governors to mete in
[Easter] week

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Item, the sayde Thomas Haworthe dyd sett
forward to Midsommer Tearme last on
Fryddaye the iijth daye of June 1586 & came
home agayne on Thursdaye the 7th of Julye
being absent on the whole xxxv dayes rated
after xxd the daye
Soma lviijs iijd

Item, payde by me at this Tearme for one
Warrant under Seale which wee haydd for
the Receving of lxli at the hand of Mr.
Hersey generall Receyver of the duchye

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