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Richard Shutleworth esquire.

John Talbott esquire sonne & heire apparentt of Sir John

Talbott Knight.

Radcliffe Ashton esquire.

John Bradill esquire.

Richard Haworth of Grese Inn esquire.

Nicholas Grymshaye esquire.

Thomas Walmisley de Couldcotts gent.

John Clayton gent.

Thomas Gelibrond gent.

Richard Parker gent.

John Crosse gent.

Richard Osbaldeston gent.

Richard Walmisley gent.

Adam Bolton Clerk vicar of Blackburne.

James Whithalge gent.

John Haworth gent.

Edward Gelibrond gent.
Thomas Maire gent.

Adam Morte gent.

John Brocke gent.

John Talbott de Carr gent.
William Seller gent.

[blocks in formation]

1602. Septimo Aprilis anno regni Elizabeth Regine etc. xliiijo.

Bonds deliuered into the Chest of the Schole the day aforesaid.

Item primis an obligacion by Henry Ward & others of xijli for the payment of vjli.

Item an obligacion by John Soothworth & others of xvli for the payment of vijli xiijs iiijd.

Which two bonds weare taken for the money before lying in the Ushers hands.

Item an obligacion by Elen Osbaldeston Widowe of xlli for the payment of xxli which bond is deliuered in by Mr. Gelibrond at the same tyme and that the mony dve for the forbearanse of the same was payd vnto the Usher of the sayd Scolle the xxixth of September 1604 & so quite for the forberranse of the same.

Item there remaynes in George Boulton his hand xxxs which he haith putt in bond for Richard Law hath promysed that he shall enter into bowndes for the same withowte delaye.

Item an obligacion by Henry Mawdisley and John Gelibrond of xxli for payment of xli.

Item an other by Richard Houghton of xxti marks for payment of vijli xiijs iiijd.

Item an other by John Elswicke and others for xijli for payment of six pounds.

Item there remaynes in Mr. Risheton the Ushers hands xxiijs iiijd whoe hath not putt in bound for the same.

[blocks in formation]

Memorandum that the some of Fytie powndes parcell of a greater some given to the use of the said Free Gramer Scoole by the last Will and Teastament of Mr. John Astley is the xxiijth daie of Aprill 1606 deliuered into the handes of William Rishton of Muche Harwood gent. and George

Lyvesaye of Rishton yeoman to be repaide upon theire bounde to thuse of the said Scoole, to the hands of the Governors of the same, at and upon the Feast daie of Sct. Michaell tharchangell next.

[blocks in formation]

1603 xxix die September anno regni regis Jacobi primo. The names of the Governors whiche be Lyving this daye.

Sir Thomas Gerrard Knight.

Lord Gerrard Bromley.

Sir Thomas Walmysley Knighte the Kings Maiesties Justice of the Comon place, mort.

Sir Richard Houghton.

Sir William Fletewood.

*Sir Thomas Langton, mortuus.

Sir Thomas Holecrofte miles.
Ranulphe Barton ar.

+Radcliffe Asshton ar.

Thomas Sothworthe ar.

*John Osbaldeston ar., mort.

Roberte Heskethe.

Raufe Assheton ar.

Sir Richard Molinex. Sir Thomas Walmisley. John Osbaldeston Esq.

†Richard Sherburne Junior de Stonihurst.

William Faryngton ar., mort.

John Talbott of Sailbury ar.

John Talbott of Bashall ar., mort.

*Edward Walmysley ar., mort.

Thomas Walmysley Junior ar.

*John Sothworthe ar.

Edward Osbaldeston ar.

+Edward Braddill ar., mort. 1607.

[blocks in formation]

†John Parker, mort. 1607.

George Talbott.

Edward Welshe.

Edward Gelibrond.

*John Cowburne, mort.

Rychard Waley.

Lawrence Ainsworthe. †John Morres.

+ John Braddell Esquire.
+Richard Parker gent.
+ John Clayton.
†John Brocke.

+William Seller.

Lawrence Haworthe.

Lawrence Salisburye.

Henry Mawdisley 1607.†

*John Hulton,mort.

George Holden younger mort.

John Gelibrond.

Richard Lawe.

*Lawrence Aspmall, mort.

+Richard Harwood.

John Baron, mort.

*Miles Marsden, mort.

+ Peter Haworthe.

James Asteley. + Peter Edge. George Bolton.

Henry Feilden. +Gyles Bolton. Lawrence Gorton. Giles Ainsworth. +Henrie Ffeilden.

George Lyvesay of Whitebirk.

James Whitehalghe yf he will so doe, solvit.

Governors elected the xxixth of September 1604, viz. *Nicolas Grimshawe ar. xxs in playce of Lawrence Aspemolle. *Mr. Thomas Barton ar. xs in place of Sir Thomas Langton. *John Haworth of Blackburn gent. ar. vs in place of Mr. Edward Walmesley ar.

*Lawrence Yates of Cole pits in place of John Osbaldeston Esquier xs, mort.

Thurstan Fogg in place of Lawrence Yates xs solvit.
Thomas Gelibrand in place of Miles Marsden xs.

Thomas Aspmall, solvit.

John Hulton.

Ellis Edge in place of... solvit.

John Gelybrand.

John Ainsworth.

Italics denote a later hand.

* Denotes name crossed out at a later date. t Denotes interlined entry by a later hand.

xo die Septembis 1605.

Memorandum that a copie of the Will of John Asteley late of Lytle Massingham in the Countie of Norffolk decessed was sente Inclosed in a lettere directed to the Right honorable Sir Thomas Walmysley Knight one of his Maiesties Justices of Comon pleas, and one of the gouernors of the ffree gramer scole of queene Elizabethe in Blakeburne I saye sente from Roberte Kenyon, Clarke, parson of Harpley in the Countye of Norffolk, In hec verba :

In the name of God Amen, I John Asteley of Lyttle Massingham in the County of Norffolk, beinge of good and

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