Proceedings of the Annual Session of the Bar Association of Tennessee

The Association, 1927
Charter, constitution and by-laws, 1881, contained in the 1883 proceedings.

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Página 157 - Committee on the establishment of a Permanent Organization for the Improvement of the Law.
Página 57 - Such rules shall not take effect until they have been reported to Congress by the Chief Justice at or after the beginning of a regular session thereof...
Página 67 - Every procedure which would offer a possible temptation to the average man as a judge to forget the burden of proof required to convict the defendant, or which might lead him not to hold the balance nice, clear and true between the State and the accused, denies the latter due process of law.
Página 66 - And in this there is no inconsistency, for while the meaning of constitutional guaranties never varies, the scope of their application must expand or contract to meet the new and different conditions which are constantly coming within the field of their operation. In a changing world, it is impossible that it should be otherwise.
Página 58 - If for any taxable year beginning after December 31, 1920, It appears upon the production of evidence satisfactory to the Commissioner that any taxpayer has sustained a net loss, the amount thereof shall be deducted from the net Income of the taxpayer for the succeeding taxable year...
Página 131 - Its object shall be to advance the science of jurisprudence, promote the administration of justice and uniformity of legislation throughout the Union, uphold the honor of the profession of the law, and encourage cordial intercourse among the members of the American Bar.
Página 93 - The Court of Appeal shall have power to draw inferences of fact, and to give any judgment, and make any order, which ought to have been given or made, and to make such further or other order as the case may require.
Página 57 - Deductions otherwise allowed by law not attributable to the operation of a trade or business regularly carried on by the taxpayer...
Página 72 - Committee are of opinion that the matters therein alleged are of sufficient importance, they shall cause a copy of the complaint, together with a notice of not less than five days of the time and...
Página 180 - This Constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of three-fourths of the members present at any Annual Meeting, but no such change shall be made at any meeting at which less than thirty members are present. . CONSTRUCTION. Article XI. — The word "State," whenever used in this Constitution, shall be deemed to be equivalent to State, Territory, and the District of Columbia.

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