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Until recently there was no such interesting method of teaching filing. Lectures on filing theory constituted the only method used.

Library Bureau has introduced into many schools miniature practice outfits for the study of filing. Each student is furnished with actual replicas of filing systems used in business. She files and unfiles actual correspondence-alphabetically, geographically, numerically and by subject. She makes classifications and cross-references-exactly as if she were already at work in an office.

Over a hundred important schools are already enthusiastic users of this method. Our free booklet "A new method of teaching filing" gives a concise outline of the method and illustrates its application. We will gladly send you a free copyjust mail the coupon below.

Library Bureau

An Encyclopedia for Grades and High

School should do more than attract
and entertain

The World Book

Organized Knowledge in
Story and Picture


10 Volumes

has built a reputation for accuracy, completeness and simplicity. Usefulness is stamped on every page. It has been tested and given first choice. by discriminating school and library authorities everywhere.

"THE WORLD BOOK is the one to be recommended for a first purchase."-Iowa Library Quarterly.

"THE WORLD BOOK is a real encyclopedia in purpose, style and arrangement. The information is accurate and the style serious and dignified."Carl B. Roden, Librarian Chicago Public Library.

"In so far as my experience goes THE WORLD BOOK is the most valuable reference work on the market for the school library, for the teacher, and for the pupils of the elementary and secondary schools."-E. George Payne in Journal of N. E. A., Sept., 1923.

"So many questions like this led me to make a careful examination of the books being offered and to conclude that THE WORLD BOOK is not only far ahead of any of these, but in a class of its own, as the only publication that leads directly into the full-sized encyclopedia, forms the habit of consulting one freely and with pleasant expectation, and gives a child the knack of getting at the facts in grown-up books later on."-Literary Review.

A Free Sample of WORLD BOOK Service. Send for a copy of the December "Service Bulletin." One like it is sent free each month with every set of THE WORLD BOOK ordered.

Founded 1876

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86 E. Randolph St., Chicago, Ill. GENTLEMEN :

Please send me, without obligation on my part, a free copy of the December Service Bulletin, also specimen pages of THE WORLD BOOK with special terms to schools and teachers.



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The ordinary window shade without Shade Adjusters

You, Who Are Responsible for the Welfare
of the Children Coming Under Your Care

Consider the lighting conditions brought out by these pictures. Note the
child on the left is straining her eyes while the other is studying in comfort;
which is making the better progress?

scientific lines to keep out the sun's glare and equalize the sun's light
in the classroom, thereby relieving the eye strain and improving the
light for studying. With this adjuster you may also lower your win-
dows from the top for ventilation.

Easy to Install on the Shades You Are Now Using-Simple to Operate
Now installed in several Government Departments, public schools, and
the home of the National Education Association.

Write us NOW,-about the window shading problems in YOUR OWN CLASS-
ROOM and send $2.00 for a sample adjuster with full directions for installation.



OLUMBUS discovered America. But who dis


covered Geoffrey F. Morgan? Several years ago his work was brought to the attention of the Redpath Bureau by a host of enthusiasts. School men, professional men, church men and club women said he should be on the Redpath list. He was placed under contract. Now he is a thoroughly established lecturer in the great lyceum and Chautauqua movement. For terms and dates address nearest office. MANAGEMENT REDPATH BUREAUS

The ordinary window shade with
Bassett Window Shade Adjusters

Home and Community Life

By GERTRUDE HARTMAN, Author of "The Child and His School." Outlines briefly the modern conception of the elementary course of study, from the viewpoint that the school should interpret to the child the world he lives in, gives concrete suggestions for the organization of a curriculum and full references in developing such a course of study. $3.00, postage extra, at any bookstore, or from E. P. DUTTON & COMPANY 681 5th Avenue New York



Fire Alarm and Signal Systems

What one Fire Chief Found

Newspaper Clipping-"Chief Arthur Kimball of the Revere fire department yesterday charged that the Revere school board failed to heed his warning regarding fire hazards in some of the schools of that city.


The Problem of the Elementary
School Principal

Light of the Testing Movement


would have a direct connection
with the fire headquarters.
school board will meet tomor-

He declared that there were not enough exits at the high-school building and no fire escapes on many of the other schools. There should be This condition confronts many sprinkler systems in all the schools, he said, and the Fire School Boards. Ample fire proAlarm System should be artection should be provided and ranged so that each school the best of equipment installed.

Today, The Holtzer-Cabot Electric Co. are and for many years have been leading manufacturers of Fire Alarm, Protective and Signaling Systems.

Write for brochure, "Signal Systems for Schools."

The Holtzer-Cabot Electric Co.

HOME OFFICE AND FACTORY: 125 Amory Street, Boston, Mass.

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I. The Contributions of Measurement to Teaching
II. Achievement Testing in the Elementary School
III. Classifications and Reorganizations Involving
Test Results

IV. The Effects of Classifications Involving Test

V. The Teaching of Reading
VI. Remedial Work in Reading
VII. The Teaching of Language
VIII. Remedial Work in Arithmetic

IX. An Evaluation of After-Testing Work
X. The Platoon School

Make checks payable to COURTLAND V. DAVIS, Treas. Only a limited number remain in stock. The supply of the First Yearbook was exhausted within six months after publication. Write at once.


Mention THE JOURNAL when writing our advertisers.

Washington, D. C.

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Do You Know What It Means

to Be Free

From Worry?

Human life would be greatly lengthened were it not for worry about the future.

Half the illness in this life is caused by worry over things that could be prevented, and half the recoveries are postponed by the same cause.

Worry means lowered vitality, premature old age, reduced efficiency. Freedom from worry means just the reverse, and as a result, greatly increases professional success.

Of all workers, it is most important that the Teacher be free from worry.

Like Sin and Disease, worry should be banished from the world, and would be, if everyone co-operated for mutual benefit and relief, in some way similar to that by which the T. C. U. has banished worry for Teachers.

Just fill out, cut off and mail the coupon on the right. We shall then mail you full particulars of how we protect Teachers. Please do it today.

TEACHERS CASUALTY UNDERWRITERS 554 T. C. U. Building Lincoln, Nebraska

Cut off and Mail
This Worry-Chasing Coupon

It commits you to no action. It implies nothing except that you would be interested in reading our Proposition to Teachers. It will be followed by no personal solicitation.


To the T. C. U. 554 T. C. U. Bldg., Lincoln, Nebraska

I am interested in knowing about your Protective Benefits. Send me the whole story and booklet of testimonals.



(This coupon places the sender under no obligation.).

Mention THE JOURNAL when writing our advertisers.


Eighteen full-page drawings by Hanson Booth

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An American Viewpoint Society Publication

More Than Any Other Book


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Up-todate. Includes



tion and Coolidge Adminis


Maps prepared



of Professor




Will Give a Living Picture of United States
History to Our Younger Citizens

HIS remarkable work, by America's greatest living historian, drives home by pen and picture to the young American, the newcomer, and the would-be citizen the real significance of our country. No subject should be made more alive than the history of the United States, yet how dismally does the encyclopedic treatment of the formal school book fail! The dry-as-dust texts may suffice for the teacher who sees in the history lesson only the recounting of events, dates, and names, but for the teacher who would have her pupils catch something of the real spirit of America only "We and Our History" will do.

The proportions of "We and Our History" are unusual. One-half the space has been deliberately given to the period since 1865 because the issues of the last 60 years include the vital questions of the present. The book deals with the life and hopes and ambitions of the plain Americans-the life of the people as shown by their conquest of the continent, their inventions, their schools, and their patriotism. Special attention has been paid to the personnel of the American people-now the most important question in the growth of the Republic. Due space has been given to the still unsolved problems of capital and labor, employment and trusts, and the efforts of the American people, through their national and state governments, to protect the weak and control the strong. The author's analysis of the Constitution of the United States is the culmination of a life's study. This chapter alone makes the book an invaluable feature to both teachers and students.

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New Format a Great Pedagogical Advance

In We and Our History, hundreds of illustrations arranged in motion picture sequence parallel the text and furnish a complete picturization of the theme. See the reduced facsimile pages opposite.

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"Your books are as far ahead," says one educator, "of the other texts as the problem method is in advance of the 'question and answer' system of class-room teaching." "Pictures are time-savers," says another; "they represent to the eye what it would take much longer to tell to the ear. We say 'in one ear and out the other,' but we do not say 'in one eye and out the other.' Of "We and Our Government," another educator has written: "Until seeing what this book represents in the way particularly of illustrative features, I should scarcely have believed such an accomplishment as a possibility." Other Books in the Series

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Viewpoint Society, Inc.

61 West 48th St. New York

Joseph French Johnson, D. S. C., LL. D. Dean and Professor
of Political Economy and Finance, New York University.
"We and Our Work" makes the "dismal
science" a most fascinating 'study. "We and
Our Work" is not merely a rewrite of a col-
lege text book. Written by a foremost
authority, it handles the subject in a
which appeals to
the high
school student and in language which
high school students can understand. ticulars.
Practical and sound in theory.



61 West 48th Street

I am interested in the following books of the American Viewpoint Society, Inc.: "We and Our "We and our Work," and "We and Our History." Please send me full par


New York City



Mention THE JOURNAL when writing our advertisers.

N. E. 13


Save a life

Christmas WHILE you are giv

ing, give health. There are thousands of sufferers from tuberculosis, forgotten by all the world except the Tuberculosis Association. It needs your support to carry on its lifesaving work. You help when you buy Christmas Seals-the Liberty Bonds in the war upon consumption.

Buy Christmas Seals! Buy as many as you can. The Great White Plague can be stamped out entirely. Christmas Seals are saving many lives. Buy Christmas Seals, and save a life for Christmas.

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Please Watch

The results of this new way
of teeth cleaning

There is a better way of teeth cleaning which millions are now employing. Leading dentists the world over now. advise it. Careful people of some 50 nations use it every day.

It is bringing a new dental era. You should know it and the young should know it. Let us show you what it


Film-the great problem

Film on teeth has been a great dental problem-that viscous film you feel. Much of it clings and stays. Soon it becomes discolored, then forms dingy coats. That is why teeth lose luster.

Film also holds food substance which ferments and forms acid. It holds the acid in contact with the teeth to cause decay. Germs breed by millions in it. They cause many serious troubles, local and internal.

Dental science, in its fight on film, has found two effective methods. One disintegrates the film at all stages of formation. One removes it without harmful scouring.

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The results were proved by many careful tests. Then a new-type tooth paste was created to apply these methods daily. The name is Pepsodent. All the world over that tooth paste is bringing a new dental era to homes.

No soap-no chalk

These investigations also proved that tooth pastes based on soap and chalk brought undesired effects. They reduced the alkalinity of the saliva. That is there to neutralize mouth acids. They reduced the starch digestant in the saliva. That is there to digest starch deposits on teeth.

Pepsodent omits all soap, all chalk. It is made to multiply the alkalinity of the saliva, and to multiply its starch digestant. Thus every use gives manifold power to these great tooth-protecting agents in the mouth.

Watch it 10 days

Send the coupon for a 10-Day tube. Note how clean the teeth feel after using. Mark the absence of the viscous film. See how teeth become whiter as the film-coats disappear.

A few days will convince you that this method does what nothing else has done. And you will advise all your friends to use it. Cut out coupon now.

10-Day Tube Free 1368

Dept. 524, 1104 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Mail 10-day tube of Pepsodent to

Only one tube to a family.

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