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This edition of the City Ordinances has been revised under circumstances which rendered necessary their adoption by the city government. Since the last revision (by DAVID GRAHAM, Esq., in the year 1845,) the Constitution of the State has been remodeled, and provisions have been introduced which annulled the operation of many of the ordinances of the city previously existing ; several State laws have also been passed which affected the powers of the municipal government and established regulations to which it was necessary to make the ordinances conform. In addition to these circumstances, three amended charters were passed (those of 1849, 1853 and 1857,) to meet the requirements of which the ordinances were, in some degree, altered at those successive periods ; but by their conflicting provisions, additional complications ensued in the body of the ordinances.

Appreciating the necessity of a careful performance of the duties intrusted to him, the undersigned did not rely entirely upon himself in the preparation of this revision, and to his attorney, JOHN PAULDING, Esq., he deems it due to acknowledge services entirely satisfactory. An analysis of the charters and all the recent State laws was made with a view to a more certain detection of conflicting provisions, and several of the departments were re-organized by the Common Council. When the ordinances were prepared, they were from time to time submitted to the Common


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