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Article 1. This Society shall be known as "The Wisconsin State Horticultural Society" and its location shall be at the city of Madison, Dane county, Wisconsin, where its principal office shall be maintained. Article 2. The object of this Society shall be the advancement of the art and science of horticulture throughout the state.

Article 3. This Society is formed without capital stock. Article 4. This Society shall consist of life members, annual members, honorary life members, and honorary annual members. Wives of such members shall be entitled to the privileges of full membership. The fees for membership shall be fixed by the Executive Committee.

Honorary annual members may, by vote, be elected and invited to participate in the proceedings of the Society. Honorary life members shall be elected by vote of the Society, and shall be distinguished for special merit in horticultural and kindred sciences, or shall confer some particular benefit upon the Society.

Article 5. The general officers of the Society shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and an Executive Committee, consisting of the foregoing officers and one additional member from each congressional district, a majority of whom shall constitute a quorum at any of its meetings.

The officers aforesaid, except the Secretary, shall be elected, by ballot, at the annual meeting, and shall hold office for one year thereafter and until their respective successors are elected. The Secretary shall be appointed by the Executive Committee at its annual meeting after the election of officers and shall hold office for one year thereafter or until his successor is appointed.

Article 6. The principal duties of the general officers shall be as follows:

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society and of the Executive Committee, shall exercise a general supervision and control of the business and affairs of the Society, and shall sign all leases, deeds and instruments for the transfer, conveyance or assignment of the corporate property, and all contracts, papers and instruments necessary or convenient in the transaction of the business of the Society, and when necessary, acknowledge the same.

The Vice President shall act as President in case of the absence, disability or removal of the President.

The Secretary shall conduct the general correspondence of the Society and keep a record of the business and of the proceedings at all meetings of the Society and of the Executive Committee; he shall keep, safely and systematically, all books, records, papers and documents belonging or pertaining to the Society or the business thereof; he shall countersign all deeds, leases and conveyances, and, when necessary, acknowledge the same.

The Treasurer shall receive and safely keep all moneys, notes, securities and property of the Society, which may come into his hands and shall pay out or dispose of the same only upon such terms and conditions as the Executive Committee may direct or the by-laws provide. He shall keep a correct account of all moneys received and disbursed and shall render such account of the same as shall be required by the Executive Committee or prescribed in the by-laws. And he shall execute a bond to the Society, in such sum, and with such sureties, as the Executive Committee shall approve, conditioned upon the faithful performance of his duties, and for the payment and delivery to his successor of all the moneys and property of the Society in his hands or under his control; which bond when approved shall be filed with the Secretary.

The said officers shall perform such other or additional duties as may be required and any of the duties and powers of said officers. may be performed or exercised, as far as is lawful, by such other officers, persons or committees as the Executive Committee may provide.

Article 7. The members of the Executive Committee from the several congressional districts shall be chosen by the delegates of their respective county or local societies present at the annual meeting of this Society, or in case of the absence of delegates from such societies or in case of failure to elect, such members shall be chosen from among the members of this Society present from such districts. But if any district is not represented the vacancy shall be filled by vote of the members of this Society present at the annual meeting.

Article 8. The term "county and local horticultural societies" shall include any organization that shall have for its object the advancement of the interests of its members in the growing or sale of horticul tural crops: provided that such society acts by authority of a regularly adopted constitution and makes an annual report to the Secretary of the state society.

Article 9. The Society shall hold its annual meeting for the election of officers, exhibition of fruits, and discussions, in the city of Madison,

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Wisconsin. Other meetings shall be held at such time and place as the Executive Committee may direct.

Article 10. Only persons holding memberships according to the regulations of the Society shall be members of it.

Article 11. This Constitution, with the accompanying by-laws, may be amended, at any regular meeting of this Society by a twothirds vote of the members present; provided that such amendment is presented in writing.


Article 1.-Membership.

Sec. 1. The Secretary shall decide upon all applications for membership in accordance with the Constitution and By-laws of the Society.

Sec. 2. Any member maliciously or intentionally injuring or working in opposition to the Society or its purposes in promoting horticulture may upon return of his membership fee be summarily expelled. Article II.-Meetings.

Sec. 1. The Executive Committee may fix the time and place for holding the annual meeting of the Society, if the last meeting thereof failed to do so and may call such meeting by giving at least thirty days' notice to each member. Such notice shall be given by the Secretary, by mailing the same, postage prepaid, to each member at his last known address.

Sec. 2. Notice of a special meeting shall be mailed to each member at his last known address by the Secretary at least six days before such meeting is to be held. Such notice shall state the business to be transacted and the date, hour and place of meeting, and no business other than that stated in the notice shall be considered at such meeting.

Article III.-Duties of Officers-The President.

Sec. 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society and of the Executive Committee; he shall, with the advice of the Secretary, call all meetings of the Society if the Executive Committee fail so to do; he shall appoint the delegates to the meetings of the other State Horticultural Societies; he shall have a general supervision of the business and affairs of the Society, and he shall deliver an annual address upon some subject connected with horticulture.

Sec. 2. He shall sign and acknowledge all leases, deeds, and instruments for the conveyance or transfer of the Society's property; and all other contracts, papers and instruments necessary or convenient in transacting its business.

Sec. 3. He shall sign all orders drawn on the treasurer for the payment of bills, accounts and claims audited by the Board of Managers and none other.

[blocks in formation]

Sec. 4. In case of the absence from any cause of both the President and Vice President the members present, if a quorum, shall elect one of their number temporary president.

Article IV. The Secretary.

Sec. 1. The Secretary shall attend to all the correspondence of the Society, he shall keep a correct and complete record of the business and of the proceedings at all meetings of the members and of the Executive Committee.

Sec. 2. He shall superintend the publication of the Reports of the Transactions of the Society and publish or cause to be published such special bulletins on timely and appropriate subjects and such special reports of the condition and results of experimental work in the Trial Orchards and Trial Stations as the Board of Managers may direct.

Sec. 3. He shall present a detailed report of the affairs of the Society at its annual meeting. He shall endeavor to secure reports from the various committees, and from local societies, of the condition and progress of horticulture throughout the state and report the same to the Society. It shall be his duty to make a report to the Governor of the State of the transactions of the Society according to the provisions of the statutes for state reports.

Sec. 4. He shall be superintendent of all Trial Orchards and Trial Stations. In that capacity he shall supervise the planting and cultivation of, and exercise general control over the same, subject to the directions of the Trial Orchard Committee.

Sec. 5. He shall engross in the general record book of the Society a true copy of the Constitution, Rules and By-Laws, and all amen 1ments thereto and all resolutions of the Society and of the Executive Committee.

Sec. 6. He shall keep a record book in which shall be entered the names of all members of the Society from its organization, the place of residence, time of acquiring membership, and time of cessation of


Sec. 7. He shall notify all persons elected to office within ten days thereafter, if such persons were not present at the election.

Sec. 8. He shall keep a book in which a correct list of the property of the Society shall be entered. He shall draw all orders, checks, etc., ordered by the Executive Committee or Board of Managers and countersign the same when signed by the President.

Sec. 9. He shall keep a stub or record of all orders, checks, etc., drawn and delivered, showing the date and amount thereof and to whom and for what purpose the same was issued.

Sec. 10. He shall receive all fees for membership, give proper receipts for the same, and unless otherwise directed by the Executive Committee, shall pay the money to the Treasurer, taking his receipt therefor.

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