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gence, and in mutual goodwill.

There is no agitation any where, save that of OPINION, which of itself strongly denotes that the natural wants of man are tolerably satisfied. Amidst all this, it is pleasing to think our own country keeps the foremost place. One of the noblest indications of moral and intellectual worth, is the love of justice and humanity, and of this we are about to afford a splendid example. It has long been the boast of the Christian over the heathen world, that it was the first to establish asylums for indigence and misfortune. The second, and not less brilliant triumph of modern over Greek and Roman civilization, will be the extinction of slavery, by the emancipation of the African race.

I am,

My dear Sir,
Truly yours,

London, June 12, 1833.



Wages can only be settled by Competition of Workmen---
Wages of Farm Servants and in Factories---Distinction
between skilled and unskilled Labour--Standard of Living---
High Wages not a source of Idleness and Vice---Necessity
of Relaxation---Effects of Arts, Trades, and Professions, on
Health --Danger of low Diet and degrading Habits---Con-
trast of a Potato and Wheat-fed Population---Opinions of
M'Culloch and Adam Smith--- Government not less than
Society interested in the wellbeing of the Working


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