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eral insurance agency at Albany, N. Y. -B. Weaver is treasurer of the George A. Weaver Co. Agricultural Warehouse, hardware, etc., Newport, R. I.


A. J. GARCEAU, Sec.,

112 Water St., Room 601, Boston. The Class will meet as usual on Commencement Day, June 30, in Holworthy 9, in the forenoon. Come early. If nothing prevents, the annual outing of the Faithful will take place immediately after the annual lunch given by the Harvard Club of Boston on Tuesday, June 29. This lunch is given by the Club to its members and visiting graduates, and will be held in the Parker House. George N. Lamb is a member of the Philippine Harvard Club. -J. A. Parker was abroad during April and May. — Francis Rogers has contributed greatly to the success of the Harvard Club meetings in New York and New Jersey by his singing and leading of the glee club.-C. S. Hopkinson has painted another portrait of President Eliot.-F. G. Caffey is a member of the law firm of Clarke, Breckinridge & Caffey, 32 Nassau St., New York. Rev. F. B. Noyes has been granted a degree of A.B. as of 1891 by the Faculty of Harvard College; he is a clergyman and has a church in Scituate; an honorable mention in philosophy accompanied his degree. Asst. Prof. W. F. Harris has resigned from the Greek department of Harvard to devote his whole time to literary work. He assisted in the production of the Agamemnon of Eschylus in the Stadium in June, 1906, and is a member of the executive committee of the Archaeological Institute of America.


Rev. M. O. Simons made a long journey to the Pacific Coast last winter as a Billings Lecturer of the American Uni'arian Association. He saw many of

the men of the Class during his visit. He is the minister of the Church of the Unity in Cleveland, O.-L. E. Marple is in business in the Downs Building, 709 Second Ave., Seattle, Wash., and deals in various forms of investment securities. -W. M. Randol and J. R. Finlay have also been on a visit to the Pacific coast this winter. - Governor Post of Porto Rico is still at San Juan. - Howells & Stokes of the Class have submitted plans, etc., for a proposed new court house in New York City. - A. D. Hill has been appointed District Attorney of Suffolk County, Mass.-A. L. Norton will spend the spring at Wiesbaden, Germany; address, Leberberg 9, where he requests his friends to write him. — E. S. Mack gave an address before the Wisconsin State Bar Assoc. of Milwaukee on "Standards for Rate Regulation by Commission.”


PROF. A. R. BENNER, Sec., Andover.

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The Class will meet as usual in Hollis 24 at noon on Commencement Day. — The Chicago Association of Harvard, '92, was organized at a dinner held in that city on April 2, 1909. M. D. Follansbee was elected president, and Kay Wood, 3924 Michigan Ave., secretary. The next dinner of the Chicago Association will be held at the University Club, on Oct. 16, 1909, at 7 P. M. Classmates are requested to prepare themselves accordingly. J. O. Porter is manager of Oak Hall, 95-105 Washington St., Boston. Dr. A. R. Perry is a special agent in the Department of Commerce and Labor, Washington, D. C. — H. Percival Dodge, at present minister to Salvador, has been appointed minister to Morocco. -F. L. Kennedy has been reappointed assistant professor at Harvard.


S. F. BATCHELDER, Sec., 720 Tremont Bldg., Boston. About 35 members of the "New England Association" of the Class dined at the B. A. A. on April 26. The speakers from the Class were Lieut.-Gov. Frothingham and G. Collamore. W. F. Garcelon spoke on the athletic program now under way, and P. D. Haughton on the football situation. All were listened to with the greatest attention and interest, and with frequent "bursts of applause." Before the dinner there was a short business meeting, at which a somewhat more permanent shape was given to the organization than it has so far enjoyed. The following officers were elected: Pres., G. R. Fearing; vice-pres., R. G. Dodge; steward, L. B. Thacher.-F. Allen, M.D., is studying in Vienna; address, care Brown, Shipley & Co., 123 Pall Mall, London, Eng. — M. Bartlett, D.D., Dean of the Cathedral of Manila, P. I., writes; "Tell Moorfield Storey and Fiske Warren that I am crazy or else they are. We are doing a good clean job out here that never can be done without somebody's help. Hart told us when he came through that he did n't think there was a place where Harvard men could do a better chore than here. We are going to keep the Crimson at the front from the time Forbes becomes Governor-General this spring. I'm glad '93 is in on this - the farthest East. We've formed a Harvard Club, of which I'm V. P."-H. H. Cook is "special agent for the Bureau of Corporations, Department of Commerce & Labor, engaged in investigating the Iron & Steel Industry and the U. S. Steel Corporation; present address, Cosmos Club, Washington, D. C."

Joseph William Carr died of heart disease at Orono, Maine, on March 4, 1909. He was born Jan. 15, 1870, at

Hampstead, N. H., son of Ebenezer Johnson and Sarah Elizabeth (Bradshaw) Carr. He fitted at Phillips Exeter and entered Harvard with '94, joining '93 in his Senior year. He then studied Germanic Philology, etc., in the Graduate School. From 1894 to 1897 he. taught at Morristown, N. J. The next two years he spent at Leipsic, and took his Ph.D. there in 1899. He was instructor in German at Harvard for a year, and then took charge of the same department at West Virginia University. In 1901 he went to the University of Arkansas, where he became chairman of the department of English and modern languages. This position he resigned in 1906, to accept the professorship of Germanic Languages in the University of Maine. He was president of the American Dialect Society and editor of American Dialect Notes. As a scholar he was brilliant, of rapid acquirement and retentive memory. His personality was highly individualized, of peculiar and distinctive charm, though in some respects extremely reserved. On Dec. 20, 1900, he married Florence Ange Hollister of New York City, who with four children survives him. H. G. Fay has left the High School at Nashua, N. H., and should now be addressed at 119 Oxford St., Cambridge. -L. Hand has just been confirmed in his appointment, April 1, by Pres. Taft as U. S. District Judge for the Southern District of New York. - A. C. Johnson, after leaving the National Bread Co., was with the Etna Indemnity Co. in New York City for about two years as superintendent of the Burglary Insurance Department. In February, 1908, he took the same position with the Mass. Bonding and Insurance Co. of Boston, and is now assistant secretary; residence, Hingham.-H. I. Sewall writes from Naguabo, Porto Rico: "Our classmates

of the roll-top desk and the swivel chair imagine that the life of a sugar planter consists of swinging in a long hammock and sipping iced rum. While on the job, however, we are in the saddle and have little need for further exercise. It is not hot. We have the telegraph, the telephone, the typewriter, and the motor-car. Two hours and a half through beautiful mountains by a road that will stand as a lasting monument to its Spanish engineers bring us to San Juan, with its narrow paved streets, blue and pink buildings, and general air of having been brought overnight from the Italian end of the Riviera.” - Walter Harriman Wickes, heretofore reported "lost," died of tuberculosis at Rutland, Aug. 28, 1907. He was born March 10, 1871, at New York City, the son of James Henry and Adelia Eva (Cathell) Wickes. He fitted at Wilson and Kellogg's and entered Harvard with the Class of '92. In 1890-91 he was a member of '93, after which he left college. He took up engineering, and spent several years in Paris, where he assisted in running the underground road. In 1900 he returned to this country and settled in New York City. Soon afterward he had a severe attack of pneumonia, from which he never fully recovered. He was twice married.-W. O. Farnsworth's address is 103 Orchard St., West Somerville.


E. K. RAND, Sec.,

107 Lakeview Ave., Cambridge. The following are the plans for the Quindecennial: Thursday, June 24. The Class will attend in a body the baseball game with Yale, at Cambridge. Details as to tickets will be published later when the Committee knows what arrangements can be made, but the Class will enter the grounds and sit together. Fri

day, June 25. Class Day. In the afternoon the Class will march in a body to the Stadium. In the evening, headquarters in the Yard will be reserved for the Class. Saturday Afternoon, June 26. The members of the Class and their wives and families have been invited by Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Williams to their home in Wellesley for an informal afternoon in the country. Monday, June 28. The Class will go by yacht to the Nahant Club for the day. There tennis, baseball, bathing, other sports and refreshments will be provided. Dinner at the Point Shirley Club. Tuesday, June 29. The Classes of '94 and '99 will meet jointly and severally at the Brookline Country Club. There will be inter-class competitions. In the evening the regular Quindecennial dinner will be held at the Hotel Somerset, Commonwealth Ave., Boston. E. K. Rand will serve as toastmaster. Wednesday, June 30. Commencement. A room in the Yard will be reserved for the Class as usual, and a class photograph taken, with and without hats. N. B. Strictly informal dress will be the rule on all occasions.- C. Abbe, Jr., is assistant editor of the Monthly Weather Review, U. S. Weather Bureau, Washington, D. C.—W. F. Boos is on the staff of the Mass. General Hospital; also engaged in the private practice of medicine.-W. H. Cary is in the real estate business; address, 200 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. — F. A. Dorman is practising medicine at 133 East 57th St., New York, N. Y.-H. C. Fox is a member of the firm of Fox Bros. & Co., hardware and machinery manufacturers, 126–130 Lafayette St., New York, N. Y.-L. Friedman is secretary of the Friedman-Shelby Shoe Co., St. Louis, Mo.-F. E. Frothingham is in the bond investment business with Perry, Coffin & Burr, of Boston. - E. Goldmark is a member of the legal firm

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of Leventritt, Cook & Nathan, New York, N. Y.-E. T. Houghton is a partner of the firm of Houghton & Houghton, attorneys-at-law, 1305 Merchants' Exchange Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. M. S. Hyman is practising law at 280 Broadway, New York, N. Y.A. I. Stix is treasurer of the FriedmanShelby Shoe Co., St. Louis, Mo.-W. T. Stuchell is pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church, Rahway, N. J.-C. D. Varney is practising law at South Berwick, Me.-J. A. Widtsoe is president of the Agricultural College of Utah, Logan, Utah.-E. K. Rand has been appointed Professor of Latin at Harvard.


A. H. NEWMAN, Sec.,

60 State St., Boston.

Hollis 20 will be open to the Class on Commencement Day. The Class Committee is making arrangements for the annual subscription dinner which takes place Commencement week. As this will be the last annual dinner before our 15th anniversary, it is expected by the Committee that many will be present. Circulars announcing the date and complete details of the dinner will be sent to each member of the Class.- A. W. Cooley, who has been in New Mexico for the past year on account of ill health, has been appointed by President Taft an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of New Mexico. Philip Nichols, assistant corporation counsel for the City of Boston for the past 11 years, became associated with Samuel H. Hudson in the general practice of the law on March 1, 1909; his offices are 434-438 Tremont Bldg., Boston.-F. O. Poole is a member of the Board of Education of Mount Ver


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N. Y. - Oscar Quick's address is 4 John St., Jamaica, N. Y.-G. L. Smith has opened an office for the practice of architecture at 22 Congress St.,

Boston.-W. B. Wolffe's address is 135 Broadway, New York, N. Y.


J. J. HAYES, Sec.,

112 Water St., Boston.

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The Class will meet on Commencement Day on the ground floor of Stoughton in Room 20. This is a change from last year. In accordance with the custom started two years ago there will be an informal annual dinner the latter part of June, notices concerning which you will receive in due time. - Stoughton Bell has become a member of the firm of Putnam & Putnam, counselors at law, office, 60 State St., Boston.-S. P. Delaney is dean of All Saint's Cathedral, Milwaukee, Wis. J. P. Cotton has opened an office for the general practice of law at 166 Broadway, New York.-H. W. Dutch is principal of the Montclair, N. J., High School. - R. C. Archibald is instructor in mathematics at Brown University; next year he has leave of absence and will be at the Sorbonne, Paris. Addresses: J. F. Lynch, 2 Rector St., New York; E. P. Sands, 3010 Budlong Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.; Charles Bullard, 5 Upland Road, Cambridge; Thomas Motley, 33 Congress St., Boston.


W. L. GARRISON, JR., Sec.,

60 State St., Boston. J. Dean has become a partner in the firm of Wm. A. Read & Co., bankers, with offices at 25 Nassau St., New York City, and 10 Congress St., Boston. The stock exchange seat in Boston has been transferred to his name. -W. Partridge has accepted a position as general superintendent of the Springfield Railway & Light Companies, at Springfield, Ill., having resigned as assistant chief engineer of the Public Service Corporation of

New Jersey.-F. Hendrick has sent the Secretary a copy of an address delivered before the National Society of Patriotic Women of America, entitled, "The Contribution of American Women to the Work of Lincoln." - The Commencement Day lunch will be served as usual at 28 Stoughton. The annual Class Dinner will be announced in due course by the Class Committee. This occasion is now an annual fixture, and it is hoped that members of the Class who plan to visit Cambridge during Commencement week will endeavor to include this meeting in their program.


B. H. HAYES, Sec., Andover.

The usual Commencement Day spread will be held in 23 Holworthy. - Eliot Wadsworth is among the list of candidates nominated for the Board of Overseers.-C. N. Jackson, Ph.D., has been appointed an instructor in Greek and Latin for one year from Sept. 1, 1909. Fullerton Waldo is on the editorial staff of the Philadelphia Public Ledger, and is also assistant secretary of the National Municipal League. — Dr. A. B. Emmons, 2d, has returned from Germany, where he has been studying surgery, and has received an appointment at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md. Eliot Wadsworth is in charge of the financial department of Stone & Webster, Boston, and is also a director in the Boston Children's Aid Society and the Boston Provident Association. Dr. John Flint, U. S. Navy, who has been stationed in the Philippines for the past two years, returned to this country with the United States fleet.-C. C. Payson is vice-president of the American Furnishing Co., Boston.-L. L. Gillespie has been made vice-president of the recent merger of the Equitable Trust Co.

and the Bowling Green Trust Co., under the name of the Equitable Trust Co., New York City.-J. R. McVey and E. L. Logan are president and vice-president of the New England Automatic Shoe Shining Co.



50 State St., Boston. The Class will this year celebrate its decennial anniversary, all arrangements for which have been published in several issues of the Decennial. We hope there will be a very large attendance on Commencement Day. We shall have the use of Rooms 15 and 16, Holworthy, where the usual luncheon will be served. Owing to the fact that the Class of 1884, celebrating its 25th anniversary, had no suitable place for the Commencement Day spread, we surrendered to them the reservation of Holden Chapel, which has heretofore been reserved for the decennial Class, on condition that it hereafter be reserved for the 25-year Class, as we felt that that Class could be of more use to the College than the 10-year Class. — J. C. Dennis is a lawyer in Tacoma, Wash.-H. D. Montgomery is with Curtis & Sanger, stock and note brokers, 38 Wall St., New York City. - Walter J. Desmond is a member of the Board of Public Works, Long Beach, Calif. -Artemus Ward, Jr., can be reached at 24 E. 11th St., New York City. — J. C. Howe is vice-president of the American Trust Co., Boston. E. B. Brown is at 545 W. 148th St., New York City.-M. B. Birge is with the Boston American, Summer St., Boston. — F. D. Cochrane is with the Cochrane Chemical Co., 55 Kilby St., Boston. — A. J. Ritchie is the founder of the Rabun Gap Industrial School, Rabun Gap, Ga., and is still there.-I. H. Derby is at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

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