Othermindedness: The Emergence of Network Culture

University of Michigan Press, 2001 - 252 páginas
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Michael Joyce's new collection continues to examine the connections between the poles of art and instruction, writing and teaching in the form of what Joyce has called theoretical narratives, pieces that are both narratives of theory and texts in which theory often takes the form of narrative. His concerns include hypertext and interactive fiction, the geography of cyberspace, and interactive film, and Joyce here searches out the emergence of network culture in spaces ranging from the shifting nature of the library to MOOs and other virtual spaces to life along a river.

While in this collection Joyce continues to be one of our most lyrical, wide-ranging, and informed cultural critics and theorists of new media, his essays exhibit an evolving distrust of unconsidered claims for newness in the midst of what Joyce calls "the blizzard of the next," as well as a recurrent insistence upon grounding our experience of the emergence of network culture in the body.

Michael Joyce is Associate Professor of English, Vassar College. He is author of a number of hypertext fictions on the web and on disk, most notably Afternoon: A Story.

His previous books are Of Two Minds: Hypertext Pedagogy and Poetics and Moral Tale and Meditations: Technological Parables and Refractions.

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Othermindedness The Emergence of Network Culture
Screendoor A Meditation on the Outsider
RePlacing the Author A Book in the Ruins
MOO or Mistakenness
New Stories for New Readers
The Lingering Errantness of Place or Library as Library
Beyond Next before You Once Again Repossessing and Renewing Electronic Culture
Songs of Thy Selves Persistence Momentariness Recurrence and the MOO
Nonce upon Some Times Rereading Hypertext Fiction
On Boundfulness The Space of Hypertext Bodies
Forms of Future
Paris Again or Prague Who Will Save Lit from Com?
My Father the Father of Hypertext and the Steno Whose Impulses Were Interrupted by a Machine Vannevar Bush and the War against Memory a Th...
Portrait of the Artist as a Search Engine Entry
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