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Never before, within the history of fine car riage building, has it been possible to secure so many vehicles expressly designed to meet conditions. incident to life on the country estate.

As the largest maker of horse-drawn vehicles in the world,



Queen Body Basket Phaeton.

devotes every known facility to the production of
distinctive types which perfectly serve their special purposes.

This has resulted in vehicles presented for your consideration this season which are unapproached for smartness of design, for comfort and faultless construction.


All-curtain Station Wagon.

The three timely vehicles shown are but examples of the extensive line produced by STUDEBAKER for the perfect equipment of the country stable. Your attention is directed to the STUDEBAKER repositories, where they may be seen, together with a complete showing of the celebrated STUDEBAKER harness and accessories, recognized as representative in every detail of STUDEBAKER quality.


Studebaker Bros. Mfg. Co.

South Bend, Ind.


NEW YORK CITY.-Studebaker Bros. Co. of New York, Broadway and 48th st., and

36 Warren Street.

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Cut-under Basket Phaeton.

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H. H. FRANKLIN MFG. CO., Syracuse, N. Y. Member Association Licensed Automobile Manufacturers


Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers

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