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Carborundum Sharpening Stones do more work

and better

work and cleaner

work than any


sharpening stones on earth. Put a keen sharp edge on

a tool

Razor Hone-by Mail, $1.00.


do it so easily and quickly that there is really no ex

cuse for trifling with a dull edge on anything

from your razor to your scythe. If your dealer doesn't have Carborundum Stones send direct.

Scythe and Grass Hook Stone- by Mail, 25c.

Machinists' Special Pocket Stone-by Mail, 35c.

The Carborundum Co.

Niagara Falls, N. Y.

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HE demands of modern engineering make the steel of a few years ago entirely inadequate for the requirements of today.


The strains and stresses and vibratory shocks that a locomotive, capable of whirling a heavy express train along at a hundred-mile-an-hour gait must withstand, were undreamed of by the steel makers of a generation ago.

The high grade steel of today must have not only great elastic strength, but it must be able to withstand sudden and unexpected shocks, it must not deteriorate under vibrationit must be practically unbreakable.

The steels of yesterday could not meet these require


They were strong and lasting under a steady load, but were apt to go to pieces under vibration or unexpected stress.

As a result, mysterious accidents have occurred, rails have broken-vital parts of a locomotive have given way-automobiles have let down in the most unexpected placesmany lives have been lost-much property has been damaged.

The steel has been at fault. It has stood up all right under severest static tests in the shop but has not had the vibratory resistance necessary to meet the demands of actual use.

Something better was needed, and Vanadium has come along to supply the need. Vanadium has been known as a valuable alloy in steel making for many years, but the known supply has been so limited

that its use has been experimental and

academic rather than practical, and it is

only within the last year or so that an C .1 twist-showing diutility- Elastic 'imit of stee' 115,pounds her si in. adequate supply of Vanadium has been discovered.

The American Vanadium Company has opened up the only big deposit of pure vanadium ore that has ever been found.

It is located at the top of the Andes Mountains, 16,000 feet above the sea level and there is enough of it actually in sight to supply the steel making industry of America for the next fifty years.

An extensive reduction plant has been erected at Pittsburgh, Pa.



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-The Alloy that makes


Cold hammer-bend

same steel as show.
on opposite page.

Elaborate practical trials have been made in the use of the alloy under all conditions and for all purposes, and almost miraculous results have been secured.

The best chrome and nickel steels have been exceeded immeasurably in elastic limit and vibratory resistance. In fact, even in the best alloy steels the strength is greatly increased by the addition of vanadium in proper proportions, and a steel is produced that will not only carry a greater load than any other steel has ever carried, but will carry it under the most drastic conditions of actual use-A steel that will not disinte grate or deteriorate under vibration that is practically unbreakable under a steady load, or under unexpected or continuous shocks and stresses-that will meet every demand that can be made upon it by modern engineering.

It can readily be understood what all this means to the railroad man, the automobile manufacturer, the ship-builder or to the millions of American citizens whose lives depend upon the safety of the vehicles in which they travel.

The American Vanadium Company is now prepared to furnish an absolutely pure and workable brand of Ferro-Vanadium in any quantity that may be desired, and to guarantee the permanency of the supply.

Information will be furnished cheerfully to anyone who is interested in the making or use of steel, as to just what Vanadium may be expected to do under stated conditions.

Mr. J. Kent Smith, chief metallurgist of the American Vanadium Company, has spent the last seven years of his life in the study of Vanadium as applied to Steel Making, and is prepared to give definite information as to the relative behavior of Vanadium, Chrome, Nickel, Manganese and other steels along almost any line of actual use.


Vanadium steel axle drop forged in two heats-from same steel as shown above.

An interesting booklet on Vanadium and its uses has
been prepared and will be sent to all who ask for it.



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We let these em

inent critics tell you the value of these new books

"There are many of us who hesitate at a long poem, but who find both rest and inspiration from the briefer utterances of the great poets, and yet who have never had the opportunity or the leisure to cull from the world's literature the briefer poems best worthy to be cherished as friends or even studied as the utterances of the poet-prophets. To such this series will serve a useful purpose, and many, I hope, will join me In thanking you for giving the series

to the world."'

LYMAN ABBOTT, "The Outlook"

"I have tried Dr. Van Dyke's 'Little Masterpieces of Poetry' on a girl of fif teen, an experienced matron, and an old man; and all three found it a delightful collection. I infer that it is going to be a very serviceable anthology; and I am sure that the wide sale of such a collection is an encouraging sign. It is a real pleasure to have the little volumes always at hand." CHARLES W. ELIOT Harvard University

"Permit me to thank you for the 'Little Masterpieces of Poetry,' which seems to be about the most valuable merchandise ever put up in small packages."


"I know of no more complete and delightful selection of the best in poetry than that which you offer the public in these charming volumes 'Masterpieces of Poetry.'"'

; MINNIE MADDERN FISKE "The work is a skilful condensation of many volumes and has a value of its own. A library one can put in one's dress-suit case, and is a good thing to have."







Six Charming Volumes

The Review of Reviews

for 2 years


in stamps. The bal ance may be sent, 50e a month for 12 months.


as chief editor, has been making for the past two
years a collection of the

Little Masterpieces of Poetry



THE work is now ready, in a set of six delightful volumes, to take their place with the other "Little Masterpieces" series, of which the sale has now reached more than a million volumes.

The books contain at least a half more than the other volumes of this series, the plates have been made by De Vinne, and in every way the set makes a most handsome appearance.

Dr. Van Dyke and his staff have searched thousands of volumes, -in fact, the whole field of American and English poetry,-to find just those particular poems that you want and that every household ought to have at hand just where father, mother, or children can easily get at the most beautiful productions of the master artists without wading through great libraries of books to pick them out.

A Treasure for Everyone

Americans, who do not have time as a rule to read poetry, generally will find the Masterpieces a godsend in enabling them to get in the easiest possible way some glimpse and knowledge of the most perfect poems of our language, knowledge that would otherwise escape them in their busy life.


Send only 50 cents in stamps. A set of the books will be
shipped for your approval at once, and your subscription for
the REVIEW OF REVIEWS will be entered. If you like the
set after examination, you make further payments of 50
cents a month for 12 months for the REVIEW OF RE-
VIEWS for two years (regular price $6.00) and the full
set of six volumes. If you do not like this new li-
brary, you may return it at our expense, and no
obligation will be incurred.



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R. R. Send the new Library of Poetry which you are offering with the REVIEW OF REVIEWS. If I like the above books, I will make payments to complete the special-offer price. Herewith find first payment of 50 cents.

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