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Find the Heartless Person.

Do you wake up in the night with a feeling of suffocation and dread?

Do you get dizzy and out of breath on exertion or feel faint when you rise suddenly from a sitting posture?

Does your heart flutter and palpitate at times:

You don't believe it's Coffee, but that is easy to prove.

Quit the Coffee 10 days.

That removes the cause-the poisonous drug, Caffeine.

Then use well-made Postum.

That supplies the food elements required by Nature to rebuild a brokendown nervous system. The changed feeling settles all arguments.

These are incontrovertible facts.

Any physician can tell you this, but the best way to prove it is to quit Coffee and use well-made POSTUM for 10 days.

"There's a Reason for


Postum Cereal Co., Ltd., Battle Creek, Mich., U. S. A.

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For Biscuits that Melt in the Mouth

Armour's "Simon Pure" Leaf Lard is the shortening. There is no "soggy" cookery where it is rightly used. Isn't that a fact worth consider

ing? One cupful of poor shortening can spoil enough pastry to pay for a whole pail of "Simon Pure." Then think of the personal satisfaction and keen delight in getting biscuits and pastry so perfectly shortened that they literally melt in the mouth!

Armour's "Simon Pure" Leaf Lard is sold in government sealed tin pails (threes, fives and tens).


Armour's "VERIBEST" Meats comply abUnited States Meat Inspection and Pure nourishing and 100 per cent pure. More product of the ARMOUR Method-that good" but better than any food law requires,

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Veribest Beans may be used for making various soups, particularly Baked Bean Soup.

They may be used for a salad and served with Sliced Ox Tongue.

Baked Bean Sandwiches may be made of them and served hot or cold.

They may be cooked with various Veribest Deviled or Potted Meats in the chafing dish. Bean Croquettes may be served with any one of the Canned Veribest Sausages or Loaf Goods.

The Epicure's HAM

Tender, sweet, delicious ham that makes your mouth water," that's Armour's "Star" Ham. A better ham may be produced some day. Nothing is impossible. We'll do it if we can. But a better ham never has been produced, nor a ham so good as Armour's "Star." It's a special. Only selected hams are "Star" branded. They are then given a special mild cure. The result is delicacy of quality and flavor to be found only in Armour's "Star" Hams-"The Ham What Am."

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solutely with the standards fixed by the Food Laws they are clean, wholesome, than that, "VERIBEST" meats are the means "Top Notch Quality," not "just as not only "fit to eat" but "good to eat."




The brisket is considered the very best cut for corning. Canned Veribest Brisket Beef may be used in all the many ways corned beef is employed, hot or cold.

It may be used in all sorts of hashes, or chopped mixed with cream sauce and served on toast.

It may be chopped, mixed with tomato, celery or mushroom sauce, and bread crumbs and scalloped.

It may be cut in small pieces and with mashed potato made into a Cottage pie; or sliced and cooked with onions and tomatoes to make Beef Spanish.




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The Potted Ham may be used for making sandwiches, forcemeat, quenelles, etc

It may be used for stuffing tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, egg plant, onions, etc.

It may be used, mixed with bread crumbs or chestnuts, for the stuffing of turkey, grouse, chicken, and particularly quail and duck.

It may be used for making canapes and for stuffed eggs.

It may be most successfully used wherever a recipe calls for a finely minced, well seasoned meat, either alone or mixed with others.

Bacon At Its Best

Crisp, juicy, savory, appetizing and nourishing. It strengthens the arm while it satisfies the palate. A stimulant to the hunger which it appeases. Such is ARMOUR'S Star Bacon. Choice, evenly cured and thinly sliced, tender and juicy-with fat and lean evenly balanced-the kind that does not cook dry and stringy; every slice tastes like more. Doctors recommend Bacon because it is a valuable food and so easily digested Try Armour's Star Bacon put up in glass jars or tins; the Star Brand guarantees quality-marks the best Bacon on the market and Uniformity.

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