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New translation by WILLIAM F. FLEMING including The Notes of THOS. SMOLLETT, Revised and Modernized. A Critique and Biography by THE RT. HON. JOHN MORLEY, M.P.

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The set of Voltaire's works illustrating the reproduction of many of the rare and beautifully bound books of the Courts of Europe, made by the St. Hubert Guild of Art Craftsmen, which has been presented to the National Museum in response to my request of December 20th, has arrived safely.

I beg to assure you that the Museum greatly appreciates this generous gift from the Guild and arrangements will at once be made to place the bindings on exhibition in the Division of Graphic Arts, where they will be available for inspection by all who are interested. Very respectfully yours, (signed)


Assistant Secretary,
in charge of National Museum.


We also want to acquaint you with our Rare and Artistic Book Plate Department. We will therefore send you absolutely FREE fifteen beautiful examples designed by M. HOGEBOOM. These, we know, will both interest and delight you. Mail coupon today.

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Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers


Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers


Fifteen Crown

Octavo Volumes in

Handsome Bindings


A Good Laugh Every Day in the Year

Do you want in your library the most entertaining work and at the same time the greatest literature the world has produced? The Library of The World's Wit and Humor is now fresh from the presses. For several years an international board of editors has been searching the Literature of all countries and all times for the undying contributions of Wit, Wisdom and Humor from HOMER AND ARISTOPHANES TO MARK TWAIN. 1015 selections from the writers who have done most to enliven the human race — not only American, British, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, Russian, but Chinese, Japanese, and ancient classical wit and humor as well.

THE NOTABLE BOARD OF EDITORS. That this great collection is the final and classic anthology in this field is guaranteed by the names of the editors: JOEL CHANDLER HARRIS (Uncle Remus), American; ANDREW LANG, British; BRANDER MATTHEWS, Continental Europe; WILLIAM HAYES WARD, Greek, Roman and Oriental; LIONEL STRACHEY, Managing Editor.

If you ever want to prepare an after-dinner

Enrich Your Library. talk, or a speech, or club paper, the Library of

the World's Wit and Humor is the one great reference work in this field. For an hour's entertainment it offers wit and humor to every taste and mood-from 300 of the world's greatest entertainers. For young people it is a godsend. a way of leading them to read great literature instead of trash, because it is the kind of great literature that delights them. These 15 handsome volumes are such as sell in high

Our Special Offer. class subscription sets at $2 each, or $30 for the set.

The subscribers of the Review of Reviews are taking these sets in such quantities that we are able to manufacture in large editions that save nearly half the ordinary cost of such a work.

Mail this Coupon and we will send, express prepaid, the entire

15 volumes, fresh from the printer and

binder. If you like the books, send us $2 a month for nine months, or $1
payments for a longer period if you prefer. If you do not like them,
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Reviews (price $3) for one year.

The Review of Reviews Co.

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ship one set

of The World's

Wit and Humor for my approval. If I like it I will make payments according to your special offer.

Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers

For this directory the Review of Reviews will accept announcements of books for education:-instruction books on all subjects for use in schools and colleges or for home study, works on history, science, literature, travel and exploration, art, economics, and, in fact, any book the reading or studying of which will impart wholesome knowledge to man, woman, or child.



By HENRY P. EMERSON, Superintendent of Education, Buffalo, New York, and IDA C. BENDER, Supervisor of Primary Grades, Buffalo, New York

The books of this Series aim to give the pupil the ability to express his own thought and to understand the thoughts of others; to obtain a clear insight into the structure of the English sentence; to teach him to be effective in the use of language, and to have an appreciation of its higher uses in literature.

Every lesson and outline in the Modern English Course have been put to repeated tests in the grades of a large city system of schools. The result is workable books, teachable and simple in method. They secure definite results.


Interest of student at once aroused by references to home life, child activities, school associations, familiar scenes in nature, the family, community, love of country and flag.

The picture studies, reproduced in half-tone after celebrated artists, rivet attention.

Folk lore, fable, fairy tale, imaginary journeys, letters to children in other lands, are used to broaden the interest and stimulate the imagination.

The Appendix gives over one hundred and twenty classified books of interest to all grades.
This is a unique text-book. You ought to know it.


The explanations are simple, lucid and easily understood.
The arrangement of topics is logical.

The language work holds the attention.

The definitions are short, clear and concise.

The review questions are grouped at convenient intervals.

The correction of common errors of speech receives special attention.

The composition work is exceedingly practical and suggestive. It arouses interest, stimulates thought and develops originality.

Book One: 12mo, Cloth, ix-238 pages, $0.35 net

Book Two: 12mo, Cloth, xiv-396 pages, $0.60 net
Correspondence cordially invited.


64-66 Fifth Avenue, New York City



Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers


What Is Business English?

Do you know?
Let me tell you.

It is the kind of English a business man uses when he talks to a customer so simply, clearly, and forcibly that he gets an order.

Every good business letter should be written in this kind of conversational English, never using a phrase or word which a man would not use in talking, nor yet a word or phrase which any well educated person would criticize in print.

The Cody System of "Letters that Pull" has taught business men to cut out all those conventional stereotyped phrases so common in letter writing but never used in conversation; has taught them that grammar is simple clearness and logical accuracy of expression; and has helped them to deal with human nature by written language so as to bring thousands of dollars to their desk.

What One Business Man Says of the Cody'System

MARSHALL FIELD & COMPANY, Chicago, February 4, 1907.
I am glad to endorse again Sherwin Cody's system of letter writing. It is as if a father took his son aside and put
him next to the game. Cody is a practical business man, and has dealt so long with practical men that his writings get right
down to brass tacks. If you were going to start a new salesman in your business you could take him aside and tell him in
an informal way lots of things you probably wouldn't write out. In short you would give him standpoint. Now that is what
Cody does more than any other writer I ever read he gives you standpoint. Although I pass for a capable letter writer I
take off my hat to Cody.
Yours truly,
WALDO P. WARREN, Adv. Manager.

In reply to à letter asking the question: "To what extent have you found Sherwin Cody's
course beneficial, and in what way?"

The Cody System for Schools. Every high school, every business college, every private academy should teach all its pupils how to write a correctly spelled, correctly arranged and worded, and effective business or social letter, and so make them worth 25 per cent, more to themselves (as M. W. Savage, Pres. Internat. Stock Food Co., says they would be to him.)

Word-Study for Schools. By far the most practical book ever written to teach Spelling, Pronunciation, Meanings of Words, and Use of the Dictionary in high schools, business colleges, etc. 35c.

Business English Composition.


simile business letters to be answered and a wonderfully fascinating method of teaching all phases of business and social letter composition. 50c. With Typewriting Instructor, 60c.

Short Term Grammar Drill. Did you ever make correct writers and speakers of your pupils by teaching them formal grammar?

Should not the high school help the student to reduce his knowledge of grammar to a little rule of thumb that will enable him to test the correctness of any sentence instantly?

And at the same time give him a most efficient drill in correcting his common errors?

Sherwin Cody's new grammar for schools teaches the whole theory of grammar in a simple form any student can grasp, and illustrates each principle by a thorough drill on those points on which errors are likely to be made. And the whole subject may be covered in one to three months.

Crisp, simple, direct. Your notion of simplifying grammar is worthy of the widest publicity."-E. BENJ. ANDREWS, Chancellor Univ. of Neb. 35c. This entire series, $1.


BELOIT, Ohio, April 8, 1907. Gentlemen: I thank you for the Word-Study and the Letter Writer, Have delayed reply to your questions in order to put them to the actual test in class work. Was able to do this with a class which desired a review. After such test I believe that neither can be equaled.

Your Word-Study should be in the hands of every secondary school to remedy the uniformly poor spelling found therein. The new education" has failed to provide sufficiently for spelling and I know of no method which will teach this important branch under the changed conditions and keep spelling from becoming a lost art, as well as Sherwin Cody's Word-Study.


As to the Letter Writer, I will say that it is the only work on the subject that I ever found which came up to my It teaches business letter writing in a practical, business-like way that certainly appeals to reason as the ONLY method for practical business needs. Very ruly yours, (Signed) GEO. P. HOFFMAN, Principal Beloit High School.


Sherwin Cody has proved himself by his Great English Poets, Best English Essays, Greatest Short Stories, etc. (used and heartily approved by the leading universities), to be a remarkable chooser and editor of good literature, he is so practical, so interesting, and so judicious. His new series

The Nutshell Library of the World's Best Literature

Is the ideal introduction to standard literature for the boy or girl in the common school, and an almost perfect nucleus for a permanent library in the home.

BIG BOOKS make GOOD FURNITURE, but you must buy LITTLE BOOKS to READ. Each volume has a fascinating familiar personal study of the author, and an unusually good portrait in two colors.

Edited with suggestions by PROF. EDWARD DOWDEN, PROF. RICHARD MOULTON, DR. E. BENJ. ANDREWS, and many others.

Special School Price this month $3 per set of 12 Volumes

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R. R.

6, 07. SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, Chicago.

Please send me,

C. O. D., subject to 3 days' examination, your Nutshell Library at $3 and School Text Series at $1, all charges paid.

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