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Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers

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A MORAL THIEF IS NOT A LEGAL THIEF in the eyes of the law, and by that token many a man is at home when his rightful place is in jail. But the question is: Shall we, the buying public, help this sort of man along?

A man, by dint of thought and work, invents an article of food, of wearing apparel, or for domestic use. He carries out his conception; he gets it ready for the market; he recognizes the requirements of the law of the land and patents his article ; he invests large sums of money in letting the people know about it, and he makes a success. That is, thousands buy the result of the thought of his brain, the investment of his money and his honest legitimate methods.

Along comes a man who has no brain wherewith to conceive except to trade upon the other man's success, and "Uneeda Biscuit" becomes "Uwanta Biscuit"; "Jap-a-Lac" becomes "Jac-a-Lac"; "Cottolene" becomes "Cottoleo" "Pears' Soap" becomes "Peers' Soap," and so on. All these imitations are purely and palpably intended to mislead the public, to confuse the buyer.

Now this imitator does not need to invent; he has no call to invest capital; he goes on the wave of popular support created by the man who legitimately launched the result of his honest thought. Such a parasite not only lives on the brain and capital of another, but he also directly hopes to get an undeserved livelihood by playing upon the credulity of the public. He is a coward, as is proved by the fact that he imitates. His article is never so good as that which he imitates, for the same moral twist that plays upon a man will play upon the quality of the article. As a matter of fact, he has no need to think of the quality of his article, for he relies for his sales on his misleading label: hence, quality, to him, is of slight importance, and therein lies the fraud against the consuming public.

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Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers

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If in your city, country or seashore home you . have a small room that has seemed to have floor space too limited to conveniently accommodate an upright piano, our new Style 415 will interest you and probably solve the problem. In our opinion no upright piano has ever been made containing 7 octaves (same as concert grand) that takes up so little floor space and has such a large volume of tone, and that will stand in tune and resist wear and climatic changes up to the standard of this piano. The possession of our Style 415 assures a perpetual illustration of piano economy and satisfaction. Should a small grand be preferred, our Princess Grand will interest you.

Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers

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